EXCLUSIVE: 1974 Triumph TR6

Josh MortensenBy Josh Mortensen

Sold new to R. Gilman from Puhler Pontiac/Triumph in Rochester NY in Sept. 1974. Mr. Gilman had it rustproofed at delivery and only kept it for about six months before it was purchased by Mr. Hammond, also from Rochester NY, who lovingly cared for it, and stored it in his heated garage, for the next 40 plus years, only driving it in fair weather. It then passed to me in the early spring of 2016, as a fully functioning classic.

It retains it’s original interior, roof, tonneau cover, and convertible top cover, all in good working order. during my ownership I replaced some wear items including rear brake shoes, cylinders and hardware. The rear suspension has been rebuilt, including rear springs, new shocks(not reman), shock links, and bushings. At this time four new Coker red line radials were installed, and an alignment was performed. It also has a new battery, recent service, and a valid NY state inspection. Also included in the sale is a new car cover.

If you are looking for a great drop top classic to drive this summer, you can’t get much better than a TR6. They offer good looks, solid handling, decent performance and plenty of interior space. Joe’s TR looks to be in nice shape overall and should make for the perfect nice weather driver! Heck, if you can find a hardtop for it, you could use it year around.

Joe is asking $17,500 for his Triumph, but he is willing to hear offers. The paint and body look great, as does the interior. With 57k miles on the odometer and the nice overall condition, I think his asking is more than reasonable. If you are interested in buying Joe’s TR6, be sure to contact him via the form below! Our thanks to him for listing it with us and if you happen to have a sweet classic that needs a new home, please consider listing it here on Barn Finds.

Asking Price: $17,500/Offer
Location: Albany, New York
Mileage: 57k
Title Status: Clean

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  1. Steve R

    Looks nice. I hope he gets his price, or close to it.

    Steve R

  2. joe

    Seller here-the mileage is 57,xxx, not 75k. Thanks

  3. Paul B

    Beautiful TR6. My favorite sports car I’ve never driven or owned. But I have ridden in one.

  4. David Miraglia

    always liked TR6’s. But out here in Brooklyn, no place to safely keep one

  5. Mike Mazoway

    It is Piehler Pontiac in Rochester. I usually do not comment on misspellings but the dealership is still in business.

    • Pa Tina

      “Piehler, Piehler The Pontiac Dealer”. Now selling a whole bunch of Jaguars and Range Rovers. I believe the third-generation Piehler is now running the show.

  6. Jeffro

    I’m a sucker for a yellow vehicle. Nice looking classic! Suggested to the wife that we would look good driving this. She said we need something “kid” friendly. I told her we’d be friendly and wave to the kids as we pulled out of driveway. I will not post her response. Good luck finding this beautiful car a new home.

    • Charles

      Funny Jeffro! Great line…… CJ

  7. Gene Parmesan

    Totally in love with the wild TR colors of this period and this one is no exception. Looks super clean. Best of luck selling!

  8. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    Nice Triumph! Good luck with the sale 🙂 We’ve recently had a Spitfire and three Heralds sell off the site, so it wouldn’t surprise me if you found a buyer pronto!

  9. Mike Cobb

    A very, very sweet car. It is so nice to see another well kept TR6 that isn’t a neglected rust bucket like some that have appeared over the time I have enjoyed the site. I appreciate mine even more … and know that she isn’t alone in the
    world of old but loved TR6s. If my read of the interior photo is correct, no OD … which is unfortunate, because OD enables the TR6 to be a very comfortable freeway cruiser. The asking price was interesting … a number I can throw at my wife when I make another contribution to keep my French Blue baby as close to new as possible. I really do enjoy the site.

    • Jeffro

      Nice car Mike.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Pretty car, Mike. As the resident Triumph lover on staff, or at least one of them, I’m always happy to see nice TR’s and Spitfires (and the other Triumphs as well!)

      • Mike Cobb

        Jamie —
        And, she is more than a pretty face. At 70,000 miles (now close to 80,000) i had the engine out and redone because of a worn cam (plugged oil line). The engine is now matched and balanced and she runs as sweet as she looks! A great top down weekend driver to complement my daily driver,
        a great 2012 Mustang. The sad state of so many Mustangs on your site make me appreciate mine even more … and make me very aware to keep it as nice as it is.

    • Mountainwoodie


  10. Lord Humungous

    Very good price for the low mileage and attention the owner has given it.
    I had a 73 in drivable condition for about 5 years. If you can do you own work or afford a good mechanic it is worth it.

  11. Mountainwoodie

    They ve gotten mighty pricey. On my bucket list and given my philosophy of buying the best example you can afford……..I gulp!

    In the summer of ’74 I built rock walls for a guy in the northeast who had a new BRG TR6 w/ OD I believe. I was mighty jealous…….driving as I was a ’59 squarebird…a perfect T bird in white with a red interior…………..bought for 250.00 ! I think I recall my boss saying his Triumph cost in the thousands……3500 maybe. A fortune to a peasant!

  12. bobby

    i had a ’71 TR-6, same color as this one and i believe same steering wheel as this one. Bought it from a stockbroker for a song and then sold it to my good buddy, when i bought my new ’73 2002. It had a fiberglass hardtop, same color as the car! It was an awesome car, but for an occasional electrical quirk and the magic carpet ride, that came with box unit construction. If hit lotto, i’d buy this car in a heartbeat! 🙂

  13. Howard A Member

    I’ve grown tired of asking,,,,


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