EXCLUSIVE: 1991 Mercedes 350SD

Josh MortensenBy Josh Mortensen

This Mercedes isn’t exactly a barn find in the normal sense, but it is currently parked in reader Al M’s barn and he wants it gone. It’s a 1991 350SD that runs and drives well, but it’s taking up needed space in his barn. It has a clear title, is currently licensed as a classic, and is showing 161k miles. He’s asking $1,850 or best offer, so if your looking for a nice daily driver that’s both cheap to buy and to drive, be sure to make him an offer via the form below!

From Al – I purchased this 1991 Mercedes 350SD used on 07/30/07 from Centennial Imports in Pensacola, Florida. The mileage at the time of delivery was 135,290. It’s titled, licensed and insured in TN – license changed to Antique vehicle in 2016.

Car is in good shape, a pleasure to drive, friends call it our mafia car. The engine runs well and will deliver 26 mpg on trip, transmission shifts well and very smoothly at that. Vehicle serviced approximately every 3000 miles with a new battery installed at 161k miles.

Interior is excellent with power everything, seats, windows, steering, antenna, etc. It has an Alpine MP3 CD receiver, floor mats are in the trunk, the MB tool set is still in its roll, and the spare has matching aluminum rim. The tires are round, black and hold air. Not really a “barn find”, but I need it out of my barn.

This Mercedes looks to be in immaculate condition inside and out. It would make for a very nice highway cruiser or daily driver. The 350SD is a one year only model, of which Mercedes built just 2,066 of. It’s powered by the 3.5 liter turbo diesel inline 6 with approximately 130 horsepower and 230 ft. lbs. of torque. It won’t be a speed demon by any means, but you really can’t complain about 26 mpg in something this large and luxurious!

I want to thank Al for listing his Mercedes with us and I’m sure we can find a good home for it! And if you have a car taking up space in your barn that just needs to go, please consider listing it with us!

Asking Price: $1,850
Location: Buchanan, Tennessee
Title Status: Clean
Mileage: 162,994

Sorry, this one has SOLD!

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  1. Ralph

    I’ve really had much interest in these, but that seems like a good price for what looks like a nicely cared for car.

    The spread on these between junk and nice cars is really narrow, I’ve seen nice cars like this for $1800 and piles for $900.

    I almost bought a “last year” W126 420SEL for about $1000 last year, it was pretty clean. This car has the added benefit of being the end of the line of long production run, so it has all the refinements from the decade plus of W126 production.

    Much less complicated than it’s W140 successor.

  2. ShaunD

    Lovely old thing. I’m sure it’ll find a nice home.

  3. doug6423

    I’ve had two 300SD’s over the years. Sold one with 380k on the odometer and the other I sold had 420k miles on it. Timing chain every 100k and oil every 5k. Both were still going strong when I sold them. This seems like great price for a long lasting tank.

  4. Bob in Bexley Member

    Great highway mile burner, don’t focus on the HP.

  5. Dave Wright

    These were known as realtors cars…….plenty of room for clients, prestigious make and great fuel economy. Great cars.

  6. Pete in PA

    Fabulous cars, the 126 chassis (and also the 124). Probably the most carefully engineered and built Benzs ever. The price of these cars as new cars is staggering to me today. For reference my 1988 300TE (wagon) with only the 3rd row seating as an option stickered for $50k IN 1988 DOLLARS. Wow. These cars were for people who had *money* and lots of it.

    This looks like a great buy for someone doing long distance highway driving and it’s in a great color combo to boot.

  7. RoughDiamond

    This looks like a sweet deal. Back in the day, headlamp washers on a MB were meant for the rich.

  8. audifan

    I like it and would like to buy it. I sent a message to the seller asking him to get in touch with me. I have 2 W126s already. This would be a perfect addition.

  9. Valeriu

    Send him a message too, offered more than he is asking! Will see if is a deal or spam

  10. Jk

    I sent an email this morning too with a few questions. I hope to hear back. I have been looking at the w126 and this might be the one.

  11. Kristopher Ewing

    What a lovely W126. I’m hoping it can be garage mates with my 300SE.

  12. jesus bortoni

    I usually just lurk here, but I had to comment on how beautiful a car this is. Tires (Michelins), change the fluids and you’re on the road for 2500 bucks.
    If the engine blows down the road SBC it with a TH400 transmission and you’re still on the road for less than 20K.
    Hell of a deal, really. Perfect color combo, too.

    • audifan

      SBCs are for Chevys. They don’t belong in any European or Japanese car.

      • Brian

        No less than a 289 fits in a Bristol?

  13. David Miraglia

    good daily driver car

  14. Jeff Lavery Jeff Staff

    This is an exceptional deal. As per the comment about realtors liking them – yup, my Dad bought a W126 off-lease in 1991 (owned a residential brokerage). Big 420SEL. Plenty of room for carting around husbands and wives and even a kid or two.

    • pursang

      Owned? Or rented/leased?

  15. Valeriu Grebencea

    great example, but doubt is a real deal.

  16. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    This isn’t a scam. I just called Al and he entered his email address incorrectly. We have forwarded all 90 inquiries and he will start working through them today.

  17. Valeriu Grebencea

    Wow, 90 emails! mine probably was the 88th one, no way somebody will read it.

  18. Bear

    I guess my email was probably #99 or later.
    …so not much chance that I will get “the call” with a chance to buy.
    Too bad, as I would have liked to own/drive this beautiful car.

  19. audifan

    No response from the seller…..
    BarnFinds=Craigslist. Sad.

    Even with 90 emails, it would have taken less than an hour to send a “sorry, it’s sold” response.

    @BarnFinds: I consider this bad advertisement for your website.

  20. Vic R.
  21. Fran

    It is almost stupid to even open up the window when you see a car like this that for sale, only because you know it has been sold .


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