EXCLUSIVE: Bob’s 1967 Plymouth Barracuda HO Ragtop

Seller Description: 3rd owner, lost interest in this project. This is one rare fish, only 187 produced factory muscle car. Matching motor & chassis numbers. 4 speed. Motor ran when removed from vehicle. Only interested buyers please.

Bob’s Barracuda looks to be a big project, but these convertibles are rather rare, especially ones equipped with 4 speeds and high performance engines. He doesn’t say which engine this car has, but if it really is an HO it should have a 325 horsepower 383 V8. I don’t know about you, but that sure sounds like fun to me! Hopefully, he can clarify as to which engine this Barracuda has, as it would be a great project to undertake if it really is a big block car. I want to thank him for listing with us and I hope we find a good home for it! And if you have a project that you’ve lost interest in and want to go to a good home, please consider listing it here on Barn Finds!

Asking Price: $3,000 OBO
Location: Germantown, Wisconsin
Mileage: 36,000
Title Status: Clean

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  1. mrBl0nde

    more pics please

  2. jdjonesdr

    Lost interest is right.

  3. 68 custom

    if you have a rebody then that seems like a great deal!

  4. Dave Member

    That’s one rusty fish.

  5. KevinW

    Why pull the motor if it runs?

  6. sofa king fast

    I assume that stands for Highly Oxidized?

  7. edh

    Definitely a Wisconsin car.

  8. dgrass

    I love it! Good luck with the sale, this will be one sexy fish when it gets done!

  9. Fred W.

    I’m not a Mopar guy, but aren’t patch panels a lot harder to find for this year ‘Cuda than a Mustang or GTO?

    • dave

      How many panels do you want?

  10. flmikey

    This is the bargain of the month, if it’s
    an actual HO with the original engine…surprised Graveyard Carz isn’t all over this one….

    • dave

      No such thing as an HO in the 2nd gen Barracuda.

  11. Jose G Carreon Jr.

    If it was a Hemi car it would been long gone, my guess it’s a 273 motor.

  12. sofa king fast

    Does that mean its a “Formula S’?
    in 1967 that was a more performance oriented package….

  13. rustylink

    not a lot of meat left on that bone….GLWS!

  14. Nova Scotian

    Nice desirable car. Why does an old car have to get to this state? Especially one that is good looking, desirable and convertible. WHY?😭

    Like 1
  15. Don H

    That pour fish is not a keeper ,through it back in the lake 🐟

    • grant

      “Poor” and “throw”? Sorry….

      • dgrass

        I didn’t even notice until you pointed things out.

        Thanks grant, one more “grammar” correction I wish I did “not see”.

  16. Jeffro

    Looks like a fish out of water.

  17. J Paul Member

    Considering how many BF posts and discussions touch on the lack of details and photos in online listings, I would hope something “exclusively” listed here would have more solid information than this. Is there confirmation of the engine type? Are there interior photos? What’s the other side look like? And so on.

    This would be a lovely car if fixed, but a few extra minutes of effort on this listing would benefit both the seller AND potential buyers.

  18. RNR

    It’s a ’67 with Formula S badges on the front fenders – if legit, it came with the Commando 273 4bbl motor. If it’s the motor it came with the car’s worth saving.

    • JunkFixer

      I was beginning to think no one else saw it. Yep, that’s a Formula S badge. If it’s original to the car, that means it’s not an HO and not a 383 car. Were it an HO car, there would be a “383” badge in this location – but we can only see one fender, and it may have come from a different car.

      Still, a Formula S ‘vert is a desireable ride. Will these rusty bones bring the ask? I’ll be watching.

      • dave

        Only badging for the 383 is in the hood inserts.

  19. Michael Cline

    Don’t think the 383 was available until 69. Earlier MODELS had 273. I had a 67 fast back 70-71. Recently purchased a 67 could. Easy switch to 340. from the 273. Both of mind were converted to 340.

    • dave

      383 started in 67 for Barracuda.
      Plymouth was out to win you over with many new and redesigned models in 1967, including the 1967 Barracuda. Redesigned on a new, longer wheelbase and offered with a choice of V8s, including two 273 cid V8s and a new 383 cid V8. The Slant Six engine was officially dropped. The fastback model was now joined by a notch-back and a convertible. The Formula S option package was still available and added a heavy duty suspension, tachometer, Wide-Oval tires, and special emblems and trim. As the pony car class became established and competition heated up, Plymouth began to revise the Barracuda’s engine options and the Barracuda began to become known as a true pony car. Engine options consisted of a 273 V8 with 180 hp, a 273 V8 with 235 hp and a 383 V8 with 280 hp.

      • bog

        Dave – I’m not a MoPar guy, but those “blessed” Wide-Ovals also came on my brand spankin’ new ’67 Fairlane GTA. They did NOT wear well on the Autobahn in Germany…I’ll tell you that. Our PX couldn’t even get them. 6 month back-order. So, I had to put on “other” tires to fit those rims to satisfy the MP “tire monitors”. Really changed the stance and handling of the car. Hated it. Finally put on correct tires when I got back stateside over two years later….

  20. Miguel

    That is funny. I had those same rims on my ’63 Fury for years.

    I have come to hate them.

  21. C Carl

    Realistic price for a cool Barracuda. This same car (V8/auto) for sale in Los Angeles CL for $7k. Looks like enough parts to make one car.

  22. scottymac

    Local guy bought a ’69 Formula S 340 fastback last summer, worse condition than this ‘vert. Then bought a slant six ’67-’69 coupe that had a lot of body work, but at least it was bondoed and painted. He transferred all the good stuff from the FB to the coupe, took him forever to flip it. There wasn’t much market for these cars when new, not much now.

  23. Andy

    36,000 miles, the motor has been pulled, and the body looks like that? Plus, only two pictures, basically the same shot from a slightly different angle… The skeptic in me says there’s more to the story than is being told…

  24. stillrunners lawrence Member

    It’s a north car you you you youtes…..383 was available in 1967 mid year….would have disk brakes….not that they would stop it on a full gallop say after a 390 stang….they were both cut a little compared to the 396 Camero with the GM fit all sub frame….yes GM did some home work…..

  25. oldsquid

    Anyone else notice that the car is buckling in the middle? Look closely at the photo, this thing is done, stick a fork in it.

  26. Loco Mikado

    I would be afraid to open the door. Probably why no interior pictures.

  27. dave

    Here was our 68 383 Formula S 4-speed convertible. 383-325

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