EXCLUSIVE: One Family 1952 Dodge Coronet

Seller Description: This car is a one family car. It was bought brand new by my father for my grandfather. It has always been garaged. It needs a new motor and does not run. Everything is original except the tires. I have the original 1952 title and a Bill of Sale in my name but Georgia does not title vehicles this old. It is registered in my name in Georgia. This car is looking for someone to love it and get it back on the road!

Thanks Candace for listing this Dodge with us! It’s going to need some work, but looks like an awesome find. Finding a motor and getting it back on the road shouldn’t be too difficult. Heck, you might even be able to get the original engine running again. Hopefully we can find a good home for it with someone who will love and revive it! Please use the form below to contact Candace or make an offer. If you have a collector car that you are thinking about selling, please consider listing it here on Barn Finds!

Location: Loganville, Georgia
Title Status: Clean
Mileage: 54,349
VIN: D42229939
Asking Price: $4,500

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  1. RoselandPete

    Since everything is original except the tires, I guess that means the battery is also original which might explain why it won’t start.

    • Candace

      Cute! Wish it were that simple!

  2. kman


    • Candace

      First time I have eve posted a car for sale. What other pictures would you want to see?

      • Steve H

        Well we would love to see the engine bay for starters… how about the seats, front and rear. The trunk is always good, the condition of the floorboards, etc. Picture yourself buying the car, what would you want to see?

        These are neat cars. I once owned a very similar ’52 Plymouth Cranbrook sedan. Slate gray or was it slate blue? Dependable to a fault, I drove it as a daily back in the mid 70’s. Never broke down once. I hope you get a reasonable price for your cool old Dodge. More pics will help sell it for sure.

  3. Speedo

    It does have the original, or very old, “bullseye” headlights.

  4. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    I never realized the Ram horns went back that far. That’s some interior to boot!

  5. rando

    WOW! When I was shortly out of high school (85, 86?) I was able to buy a 52 WAYFARER for $500 – looks identical to this. This is a sad story to me. It wasn’t running. It had been, but it had been hit and the owner had put a 273 out of a Formula S Barracuda in it, along with the rest of the driveline. The drivetrain was in place. No exhaust system – they hadn’t got around to that. They had bought a box of tubing from JCWhitney(?) as a “build your own headers” set. OEM manifolds would not clear the steering column. I got those fabbed up. THe motor wasn’t locked, so I turned it over by hand often – it was stiff though. I had to store the car under my grandmother’s carport. It didn’t have a starter and wasn’t converted to 12v yet. So I also took upon the task of rewiring with a fuse block from an 80s Monte Carlo I think. I got the engine room wired and some of the other wires ran and everything was in working order.

    All the trim was with it, except one headlight ring and the two windshield panes. The front sheetmetal had been replaced where it got hit. Body was SOLID and only surface rust. Had about a 3″ hole in the driver’s floor. The interior had been done in tuck & roll vinyl. Headliner was in place.

    I went back to college and didn’t visit the car as often as I would have liked. But I did get a starter and the wiring to work towards starting it. So I had a Mopar starter laying around. Put it in place and got everything ready and….nothing. Starter would click but not turn. I tried for hours to get something going but nothing would work. SO I left disheartened. I didn’t know all I do now… at some point, I needed a starter for my Dart and went over and scaven ged the starter and bolted it to the dart and.,… NOTHING. So the starter was bad and not anything I did.

    I really lost heart though and didn’t visit the car much. Eventually Grandma got tired of it being there – I think her neighbors were telling her it needed to go. One guy in particular was a real asshat about it to me. It was not a nice neghborhood, so not like I was ruining property values and I kept all the parts in the basement beside the carport. It was stored neatly, no grass growing up or anything.

    At some point after college, the new wife needed a new(er) car in or around late 91 or 92, so as part of the trade, the ’52 went to the dealer, who was a car enthusiast and gave me hope that someone would get it going. Dealer put it in field beside his house. tarped it up. Last time I asked him, he said he gave it back to the original owner I got it from (small town). That guy took it to crusher maybe. He is weird and that would be a symbolic thing for him to have done.

    But yeah, I owned a near twin to this one, green even, on the firewall. Sad that I was not able to get it going. Would have been a great cruiser. I still have the ram’s head from the hood and the 68 Plymouth dog dish caps that were on it when I got it.

    I still long for a car to play with. I learned many valuable lessons, the biggest being to not take on a project of any sort that you can’t finish. Car repair, house repair, whatever. IF I ever have the chance again, my project will be running or very close to it, so I can get it driveable fairly quick and not lose focus or desire. With that said, I could almost see me and this car together…

  6. Bruce Fischer

    That’s a sad story.Bruce.

  7. Tom

    Glad to see the vitriol is behind us (I hope). For most of us, the love of cars surpasses political and bigoted interests, and like most, this is one of many sites I follow, and I love the camaraderie and joy we share in expressing our interest in this hobby that makes us Car Guys…Happy days!

    • St. Ramone de V8

      Well said, Tom!

  8. Brain

    If I didnt have something already and closer and cheaper and had more room

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