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Exotic Barn Find: 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS

Ferrari Barn Find

Everyone loves a good Ferrari barn find. There’s just something exciting about the sight of a high-dollar exotic covered in dust. This 308 has supposedly been sitting in this heated garage (“with cats”) for the past 15 years. It’s going to need to be serviced before it can run again and there’s some rust showing through the original paint. The seller claims that it only has 58,000 kilometers on the odometer though and they have documentation to prove it. Find it here on craigslist out of Montreal, Canada for $68,000. Thanks goes to Derek C for the tip! Can you tell what’s sitting next to it?

All Cleaned Up

Looks like a Countach, doesn’t it? Guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise though. The guy does have a Ferrari so why not a Lamborghini to keep it and the cats company? The Ferrari actually looks pretty good. Well, except for that rust. It’s a good thing the owner has decided to let it go now because there might not have been much left if they would have waited another 15 years.

Ferrari 308 Interior

Since this is a GTS, it has a targa top. This is also a pre-fuel-injected car so that might make it more desirable to some. I’d love to row through that gated shifter myself. This car is up in Canada, so the exchange rate might help out those parties interested down here. A currency calculator tells us that this would cost about $50k US. That’s a lot of money, but considering what we have seen some Porsche projects go for lately, it doesn’t seem too outrageous for a real prancing pony. What do you think?


  1. randy

    I think he’ll be hard pressed to get that money out of this “entry level” Ferrari.
    These were total dogs when compared to other exotics of the time.

    I much prefer the BMW M-1.

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    • dj

      Randy, Now you’re talking. I’d love to have an M-1. About as close as I came was an 1988 M6.

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  2. Chris

    Looks like a Countach next to it. Would love to get the history on that garage.

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  3. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Just grow a big mustache and get some of those short Magnum PI shorts, and it’s ’79 all over again.

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  4. hhaleblian

    A carbed 308 is on my short list. Gotta figure $20k min in mechanicals and that amount again in dressing it up for prom. Great color combo that I wouldn’t change.

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  5. randy

    Maybe the Countach will be for sale next.

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  6. Dolphin Member

    Right now $68K Canadian is under US$52K. My route would be to find a good driver 308 for a bit more than that and do without all the hassle and expense of doing the bodywork & paint and R&Ring the engine, brakes, and all the other things that need attention after sitting 15 years. I think it would cost less than this car once it has been made good again.

    This is an honest listing—not all sellers will tell you up front that those sodium filled valves are a ticking time bomb, and draw attention to the rust-thru. This car must have been driven in the salty slush that is a Montreal winter more than just a few times.

    Altho I would prefer a 308 GT/4, these 308 Targas are the most popular of the 308 models, and with the way they continue to appreciate ($100K-and up for one in top condition) you could probably do what’s necessary for this car and still get your money back down the road a few years after you’ve used it a bit, especially if it really has only about 35K miles, which it sounds like the seller can document.

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  7. hhaleblian

    Is the spoiler right for a 79? I think not. I don’t recall my 80 having such a thing.

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  8. Roger

    No, the deep front spoiler and roof spoiler are from a QV or 328. I suspect this car will go to Europe where the early Weber carb’ed cars are over CAD$100k.
    Randy, M1’s are now $600k-1mio!

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    • Drew

      Thats a solid amount of wrong.
      Front spoiler is from the euro models.

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  9. Charles H.

    Randy and DJ…..I saw a BMW M-1 for sale for $965,000

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  10. cory

    Wow. Snooze you loose. I remember looking at an identical one of these for around 18k just 10 years ago. Hard to believe what the values have done.

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  11. Charles H.

    They used to be called the poor mans Ferrari, but wow not any more!, prices have been skyrocketing lately, and are expected to keep going up.

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  12. Jim C

    This is not an entry level or “poor man’s” Ferrari. I am the former owner of one, and I can also tell you that this will fetch those dollars and maybe more, and in addition the fact that it isn’t red w/a tan interior is a big selling point.

    Anyway, no such thing as a cheap Ferrari so good luck to the buyer, but really these are fantastic cars to own and drive, very reliable and pretty fast considering. If you keep them serviced they’ll go over 100K miles no problem and not miss a beat.

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    • randy

      People with extra cash on hand are investing in cars hoping to retain some of their wealth, there are only so many cars worth the money, now the “investors” are grasping at any and all cars with a “name” behind them. There will be a time when it will be obvious that the emperor has no clothes. I worked at many exotic car repair facilities, and these cars were the scourge, along with 356’s, 912’s, and many others I cannot currently recall. Eventually the music stops, some of these investors will not have a chair. I’d love to have one, but these prices are ridiculous.

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  13. Jeff Staff

    Hard to believe there is a dusty Countach waiting to be unearthed somewhere..

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    • KO

      There’s a dusty Countach in a garage near me in SLC. Keeping my eye on that one.

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      • Jeff Staff

        Please let us know when you scoop it up. ;-)

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  14. Charles H.

    I, by no means meant that this was a cheap Ferrari, but for a long time these and the Mondial models were a lot more affordable, relative to other models.

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  15. Roger

    I contacted the seller and the Countach is on a boat to Europe already! He said he has three people interested so may get more than the asking price. Kicking myself for turning down a carbed GTB last year for $45k. :-(

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  16. James

    Which would you rather drive around in, this or a new Corvette? Which one will be worth more 5, 10 or 20 years from now? They cost about the same.

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