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Exotic Creature: 1987 Jeep Cherokee Custom

031116 Barn Finds - 1987 Jeep 1

Do you own an exotic animal theme park? If so, here’s your ride! This 1987 Jeep Cherokee custom is listed here on Craigslist in Tucson, AZ. The seller is asking $1,200 or best offer for this wild animal. This a killer deal!

031116 Barn Finds - 1987 Jeep 5

The Jeep Cherokee was built in beautiful but decidedly non-exotic Toledo, Ohio. It was also built in China, Argentina, Venezuela, and Egypt. Is that exotic enough for you? I’m not sure what’s going on with the paint scheme here but when that wild design is added to a custom-cut Cherokee, it gives this ride an African theme park look to me. If the look of this Jeep alone isn’t exotic enough for you, this one is a rare 2WD Cherokee. However, unless you’re going to be driving through the snows of Kilimanjaro that should be more than enough grip for circling your compound.

031116 Barn Finds - 1987 Jeep 4

I’m taking a wild guess that these gray, leather seats aren’t original to this Jeelopy, but I could be wrong. The seller mentions that there’s a new headliner, maybe due do the fact that the back end has been removed. Speaking of that, they’re throwing in a $1,200 5th wheel hitch attachment so that you can pull your trailer full of (insert exotic animal species here) through town as you’re promoting your new business.

031116 Barn Finds - 1987 Jeep 3

This ride has a 190 hp, 4.0 engine from a 1997 Jeep under the hood and that should be enough grunt to pull this rig through the concrete jungle. There is a new alternator and a new muffler, too, so you don’t wake up the neighbors; they’ve called the authorities enough times about the roaring sounds coming from your fenced-in backyard.

031116 Barn Finds - 1987 Jeep 2

There is no mention of rust and the underside photos seem to confirm that it’s rock-solid. This is one exotic Jeep! It would make a heck of an advertising piece for your business, whatever that may be. You could tidy it up and repaint it a stock color, or keep it as is if you have a wild streak in you. For $1,200 it won’t break the bank and you would have the only one in town. Would you drive this exotic Cherokee, or is it too wild for you?






  1. Avatar photo Glen

    I can see a T-Rex chasing this thing, very Jurassic Park-ish.

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  2. Avatar photo grant

    Again, one has to ask why? It looks like a Mad Max truck with a cheesy paint job, and one has to wonder how much of any trailer you can tow with a 1/4 ton truck, much less a 5th wheel.

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  3. Avatar photo booya

    That’s unfortunate.

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  4. Avatar photo Art M.

    Why?, and why waste the space on this site? How is this, by any stretch of the imagination a barn find?

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    • Avatar photo grant

      It isnt. It’s just a destroyed old beater.

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    • Avatar photo MountainMan

      Lighten up!

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  5. Avatar photo grant

    Not meaning to be negative. Just sad that someone did this to a jeep….

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  6. Avatar photo Leon

    Maybe the 4.0 6 and some parts are worth the asking price

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  7. Avatar photo AMX Brian

    Plenty of Cherokees have been converted to an open back like this. Mostly for off-roading, but those Jeeps look way better. The trick is to move the rear hatch forward and weld it in, then put another hatch as a tailgate. People have also used Comanche parts to graft in, usually the back of the cab and window, but I have seen a Comanche bed used as well.

    There’s a reason why they stopped painting cars brown, but, honestly, the yellow covering up the conversion just makes this worse.

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  8. Avatar photo edh

    The paint is awful, but I really can’t get past the rear window.

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  9. Avatar photo rangeroger

    Art M., when you own this site, then you can say what is a waste of space. In the meantime, if you don’t like the post, bypass it.

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