Expedited Shipping: 1955 Chevrolet Handyman Wagon

Delivered from the Western part of the USA, this ’55 Handyman wagon is currently set up as a hot rod “delivery.” Ready to drive with a V8 and a 4 speed, this wagon has great beginnings as a wagon project. For you mail delivery folks out there, this would certainly be a way to spice up your dull day to day deliveries! Offered for sale with the cool “U.S. Mail” signage, this speedy delivery can be yours for $8,000. Take a look at it here on ebay out of West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Racing from delivery to delivery will be easy with this 350 V8 mated to a 4 speed manual transmission. “Strong” with enough umph to jump off the line, this wagon may get a little scary when it comes to stopping for that next delivery with it’s manual brakes. I would like to see a power brake set up to round out its delivery abilities.

With the interior mostly gutted, you have plenty of space for multiple packages of varying sizes. It would seem that the only items remaining in this 2 door wagon is the dash, bench seat, and necessary door hardware. There seems to be evidence of moisture in the floors, but it is difficult to tell. Being a western car, it seems feasible that the rubber seals in this wagon could be dried up and cracked allowing water into this classic.

Clearly repainted at some point in time this wagon looks to have originally been black, and then changed to white. There are a few areas where body filler is present, almost as if someone had the intention of prepping the body for paint once again.  Surface rust can be seen in a few areas, but rot is not easily visible from then images. You can see body filler in the rockers, and in the quarter areas, and there is some missing white paint in the rockers as well that could possibly be rust. Beyond the filled dent in the passenger door and in the rear quarter, this wagon looks fairly straight. Certainly a rat rod of sorts, this ratty delivery could be a fun project (with power brakes), for someone who doesn’t have Nomad money, or simply wants a low maintenance classic. It is already white, so perhaps a FedEx, or US Postal service driver needs a fun delivery? Would you make this Handyman yours for the $8,000 opening bid?


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  1. D

    If I only had $8,000 and the time to go fetch it……

  2. Conivan

    Absolutely love the wheels. I was finally able to pick up a set of cragar deep dish 14s for my 67 impala. I was surprised by how expensive a set is going for. About 10 years ago you could buy them for a couple hundred for a really nice set.

  3. Steve R

    Only including six pictures of the car in the ad is ridiculous.

    Steve R

    • Steve H

      You got that right. Really $8K for that? I’d have to see more of it up close and personal before committing that kind of coin. I wouldn’t trust the seller as far as I can throw him, that rust looks worse than he claims. With no pics of the undercarriage, I’d pass.

  4. olddavid

    Saved one from the crusher in 1968. I had looked at Nomads and found that $5000 was way to rich for my blood! Welded the front horns and rear spring perches and installed a four link and the suspension was ready – we thought. Had a 327 with a tunnel ram and two Rochester Quads with long tube equal length headers, Hooker, I think. Installed a Crower and solids with specially treated pushrods. Put an electric fuel pump and also used the mechanical at the same time. Then the real fun – 4.56 rear end posi gears from what I cannot recall. I do recall popping the clutch and seeing the nose rise three feet while skewing down the track to the left. Recovered and ran a 12.08 at 114 the first time out. Ran it the rest of the summer, making $100’s in match races on country roads. Best car for the buck I ever owned – even if it was a three headed hydra owner group. Thanks for reminding an old man of a summer I could do no wrong. Also, remind me to tell you the story of BeBe and meeting her in Malibu, and ten great blank days.

    • xjerk

      Oh yyeah!

  5. Del

    What kind of 4 speed ?

    If it is an old Saganaw Chevy one, then it cannot gret out of its own way.

    Buyer B Ware

  6. Larry Lawrence

    I have a 69 4 door amc ambassador. I’m very dond of the “Blue Angel” and it’s in fairly good shape but want to trade it for a SST.

  7. Gus

    Bought a 56 HandyMan for $25 back in1968. Had a lot of fun in that rust bucket. Those were the good old days.

  8. Leman

    This car is not worth $8,000.00 as seen in these very inadequate pics.

  9. Brian

    I think this is worth every bit of $8000. Every part of this car is available aftermarket and not even expensive. Looks like a drive it while you work on it project. Fun car!

  10. Joe

    I would buy this 55 for 8 thousand. I have the feeling it will go for double of that.

  11. MRE2ME

    Always thought the 55’s looked pudgy compared to the other tri 5’s, but in wagon form this looks just right. GLWS.

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