Expiration Date: 1971 Chevrolet Camaro

Some classics out there survive, but just barely. Sadly that is the situation with this split bumper Camaro. Despite its good looks, this one has been outside way too long. Although suffering with some concerning rust, this Camaro is a factory 4 speed car. This rusty muscle machine is offered for a buy it now price of $9,800. Check it out here on ebay out of Akron, Ohio.

Looking under the hood you wouldn’t necessarily think this Bow-Tie was as rusty as it actually is. There is not much rust to be seen in the engine bay, but there is some present. Originally equipped with a 4 speed manual gear box and a 350 V8, at some point in this cars history someone added an automatic transmission. Currently non operable due to the automatic, the seller has the original 4 speed in the trunk of the car. It is unclear if it the engine is original to the car or not, but it does start up and run just fine.

Checking out the interior certainly starts to give the idea to the true condition of this Camaro, as the floors have large holes, and one could easily “Fred Flintstone” stop this Chevy. The seats are heavily mated and stained, but the dash and door panels seem to be in okay condition. The factory carpet is still in place but has been cut or torn from the rusty areas.

There is no hiding that the exterior of this Camaro is rough. Rot has taken over the quarters, rockers, upper fender, “B” pillar, rear window and trunk floor. Sadly this Camaro looks more like a parts car than anything, and even at that it looks like you would be buying just a frame and drive-train. With plenty of rust and a not so purchase inspiring price, what would be something worthwhile to do with this Camaro?

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  1. Oingo

    This is in exactly the type of condition that would preclude anybody interested in restoring from buying it sight unseen for anything other than pocket money.

  2. Rock On

    If the body and floors are that far gone, then the frame can’t be too far behind.

  3. Jeepster

    This is a Camaro with the rally sport option instead of the standard type front.

    There are plenty of standard Camaros out there with the wrong bumpers, folks call ” split bumper”.

    • ACZ

      Absolutely! There is no such thing as a “split bumper”. There is a standard car with the one piece front bumper and the Rally Sport with the bumperettes and the center Endura section. You can bolt the Rally Sport bumperettes on a standard Camaro but none ever came out Norwood like that.

  4. irocrob

    That is about 9000 more than I would ever spend. Junk in my eyes

  5. Kevin

    this price makes me sad

  6. Jared

    It weighs about 1 ton so its worthe about 400 max

  7. Squanto

    This pitiful example makes it clear to me why folks who do take care of their classics ask, and get, what we consider crazy money. I do admire the brass of someone able to ask for anything over $100 for this future washer and dryer set.

    • Rabbit

      I need a tetanus shot just from looking at it.

  8. healeydays

    Sad! This is my favorite of all the Camaro body styles. Love to have one, but this one is too far gone for me…

  9. spodeeodee

    I grew in that part of Ohio and the condition of the Camaro is what we called “Mint” for the area.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      Exactly! My parents bought a brand new car in ’71 and my dad sold it in ’77 for $300 and it was a rusty mess. Ohio salt is terrible.

  10. Jeffro

    $9800! What? Huh? I’d only pay that if this car can turn into Bumblebee from the Transformers movie.

  11. Rabbit

    Judging by the way the door bottoms stick out, I’d bet those are gone too. Love the 2nd gen F-bodies, Especially a real RS, but a shame they were rot boxes.

    • Rabbit

      Looking closer, it appears the quarters have already been replaced once, & according to the plate the original color was Nevada Silver.

  12. jw454

    Sadly, this one’s expiration date passed long ago. Some of those “Whis Kid” T.V. shows makes people think you can easily restore a car like this in a few weeks. For the average guy, this would take several years and deep pockets full of money.
    I don’t think you could break even on it if you got it for free. Too bad… it was once a very cool car.

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    This hurts my head thinking of the work and worries this car would bring.

  14. Joe Backer

    I don’t know if we’re all living in the 80’s and 90’s car pricing. Can this really be what rusted, beyond gone restoring automotive prices are now? This seller/owner high as a kite? The outstanding sure bet is your going to be in the hole wasting money on a bad foundation of the purchase.

  15. Dave Member

    Squanto, that’s fu##ing funny! “future washer and dryer set” Ha Ha! I’m going to use that one here at the shop from now on!

  16. don

    sad, it is junk at this point. :(

  17. Steve R

    The transmission in the trunk isn’t even a Muncie, it’s a Saginaw.

    Steve R

    • ACZ

      Muncie was only used in the Z28 or SS.

  18. JW

    This is a sad sight to see for a very desirable car at one time in it’s life.

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  19. AMCFAN

    This car looks as if it was restored several times and was obviously parked as it needed another. Then waiting around for NPD to offer a replacement body (hehe) or until reality set in. The seller has been the owner for the last number of years or a new owner/flipper. Either way although very energetic is fishing for an offer.

    Who knows what it will take to buy. Sadly some idiot will buy this with no idea on what it will actually take to restore it to a point of making it a safe driver.

    If I were to predict the future I would say the poor person with stars in their eyes will quickly turn to rust. Once each piece removed will reveal bad news to the point the remains are stripped down and only about 20% (generous) is actually usable, If I were to guess it will never hit the road again.

    To think recently I passed on a 71 Javelin for under $4000 because it needed quarters is pretty sad. It ran and drove and the mechanicals were sorted. I already have three. But in comparison there are more Chevy enthusiasts and they certainly are a different group that even though there were a million like it made morn the loss of even one pile like above. There are those who have restored much worse because it is a Chebby. Still more amazing to think these cars were pigs in the Trans Am series.

    The Javelin ruled the series for three years in a row and were unbeatable. You would think that would resonate today. But no we are having a discussion on the fate of this rag!

  20. redwagon

    yup, 1971 camaro in lt trim with a split bumper up front that has lived in ohio all its life (likely), has a non-original trans installed, potentially a non-original trans in the trunk, true mileage unknown, and is rusted like crazy in places i did not even know rust would attack on these bodies (horizontal line on both sides where b pillar and rear quarter meet) and the seller wants how much as a bin? run away. run far, far away.

    i hope a high school kid does not buy this. or a dad looking for a project with their kid. disillusionment to follow shortly thereafter.

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    • Rabbit

      The seam should be at the top of the B pillar, not the bottom. Those quarters have definitely been replaced with cheaters.

  21. KevinW

    I guess this car shows why they call it the Rust Belt!

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  22. Steven

    I’ve seen worse and they rebuild them.. As its fact that 74 thru 81 Camaros’ you can make them look just like a split bumper one with a total kit from Classic Industries that show Gearz oh MavTV channel he is working on a 81 to make into a 71 split bumper as total kit includes all parts front fenders , front clip bumper lights as inner fenders all
    The same , you can get the rear kit as well from Classic Industries in California and everything is American made of Quality material.. These Split Bumper Camaros’ have double and triple in collector value.

  23. Steven

    Most likely those body rust is from Bird crap where its set, look at the inner fenders engine area ? Black paint from the factory, Dan Short would jump on this one and turn it into a real show piece then turn around sale it for $60k or more.. I say its a bargain for the price an strip it down then Bead Blasting with plastic beads or even those blasting units built in Texas..

  24. Importer1980

    It blows my mind how someone would allow their classic to deteriorate to this level, and then try to sell it for top dollar. This car in this condition is worth about $1,000, if that. And that’s only if you could get someone to buy it. A shame

  25. AMCFAN

    Yeah Steven. Thanks for that info. That’s what everyone needs is another incorrectly restored ,catalog induced, (wiped out credit card) restored clone!

    I suppose because someone decides to make something and sell it for a profit in mind. There will always be those who think they too can make money by buying the cheaper 74 and up variations. Then cash in. That is what makes the world go around. No thanks.

    Sounds like the makings of a new reality TV show I hope not to see. CLONE WARS!

    • Steven

      Hey AMCFAN your kind nonsense talk is that cheap talk.. Get out of here! Dude your cheap if you wasn’t then you wouldn’t be saying that!

      • AMCFAN

        Steven, I think the consensus with the group has spoken.There are vehicles that even though to some are desirable. The effort and cost just isn’t feasible to restore it. Common sense (hopefully you have some) steps in and you simply have to walk away.

        But if you are that into rust and making clones more power to you. Pony up and buy this rig and save the world haha.

  26. Jason

    It’s worth $500 max and it would take around 50k or more to restore. I would pass.

  27. michael streuly


  28. James Herbert

    This generation Camaro was known for using cheap steel imported from China from 1970-74. Cannot stand up to the salty roads in the northeast. I would check out the shock pillars too. I had a 74′ with the same rust issues and the towers were completely shot! Very expensive restoration!

  29. ACZ

    What’s really a shame is that this car probably sat outside for years and had any number of folks asking to buy it. I can see the owner saying “Not for sale! I’m gonna re-store it.” This happens to all too many cars because of the ignorant people that own them.

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  30. Steven

    71 Z28 as it was done last year

    • St. Ramone de V8


    • GP Member

      I don’t think your going to take the car above and make it look like this car and make a profit, Unless you only charge about 1.75 per hour and get one heck of a parts discount. I’m with AMCFAN.

      • Steven

        I didn’t say I would do that, I’ve got enough projects in the bag now besides its crop dusting season and dirt track racing.. That Yellow Car in this post will be left to someone else!

  31. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Still rare….and as a mopar gear head….a good donor shell/car should be found…like the 70-73 bodies.

  32. Darren

    Left it outside to rot and pulled the 4 speed out??? Person should be shot!

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  33. Rolf Poncho 455

    To much rust ill pass on this one !!

  34. RoselandPete

    Unless this is a Frankenstein car, I don’t think this is a 71. The 71 RS that I had back in 71 had a 2-spoke steering wheel as does the 71 RS that I now own while this car has a 4-spoke wheel with “LT” in the center. The LT didn’t come out till 1973. Also, my 71s didn’t have pocket doors as this one seems to have. Another also, it says “LT” by the rear spoiler which makes me think this is a 73 at the earliest.

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  35. 408interceptor

    Check out the orange 70 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler I posted on here a few years ago. After the owner passed away last year efforts were made to clean up all the junk in the yard, but the Cyclone was left untouched, apparently not for sale, slowly rotting into the ground.

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  36. jaymes

    im sorry, asking that kind of money and too lazy to even run a vacum through it, sad

    • AMCFAN

      The seller is playing it safe. He doesn’t want to suck out the floor pans haha

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  37. Sam

    I’m on of them guys that like mocking up a car that has all the bells and wisles.I have a 1971 Nova it was a 350 car with th 350 trans bucket seats AC power steering drum front brakes..Now it has a 1968-70 Impala 427 400 trans Bound a 1969 SS AC fiber glass factory fire wall unit its brand new Heater core and AC core and lines.Have a 1972 4 door front clip with heavier springs and sway bar It came with PS and disc brakes and PB.Plus i added another touch found a 1968 SS center console with the horse shoe shifter.My Floor boards have no Cancer in them.with the 1968–72 horse shoe shifter it takes a cable instead of cutting up a nice tunnel.I put a standard column in it.It has new door pins and brass inserts.Trunk has rust.Put a new seal around truck opening all glass is good.Dash has not been touched.Its a almost complete car.I put 15X7 front ralleys and 15X8 rears has caps as well.I like putting a car to gather as mock up so that the builder has the options.To restore to factory or restore to bad ass.My way would only need a 12 bolt or a 9 inch and a few other parts to make it a sweet dream build Have more pics

  38. Steven

    Yeah there are reasonable priced early 70’s Camaros’ online for sale without any rust or minor surface rust.. Best places to look is the southwest away from where road salt is used in the Winter months!

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  39. Fiete T.

    I can get a ’76 Trans Am “Black Bird” from a customer (who is the original owner, BTW) for $12K. Fresh paint, no rust, never wrecked, interior spotless…

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