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Extreme Patina: 1942 Henney Packard 4×4 Ambulance

front right

Look what Paul G found! This beast of an ambulance is listed here on eBay in Buckeye, Arizona where bidding is over $5,000 but hasn’t yet met reserve. This looks like it should have been a model for a character in one of the cars movies. There are a number of these Packard ambulances that have been restored, but there seem to be no other all wheel drive versions. It appears it’s mostly complete except for the engine and the owner is including one in the sale. The engine’s condition is unknown though.

right rear

It’s hard to imagine undertaking a project such as this. It could be fully restored for a museum or a private collection. Or, imagine just doing the mechanical work and leaving it looking pretty much as it is, perhaps even mounting the body on a modern truck chassis. It would certainly be unique!


  1. DREW V.

    I would want to thoroughly investigate the running gear under this to determine authenticity. The ride height seems a bit excessive to me, Like the frame wasn’t made to fit this vehicle and the body had to be raised to clear frame members… This looks more like a “Mud Buggy” than an ambulance designed for rough terrain… Who knows, just my thoughts on the matter…

    • Jason Houston

      My thoughts exactly. But I also feel the seller was being 100% up front, and that’s worth a lot in my book. Got a laff out of the guy who wanted the seller’s number before the auction was over!

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  2. Rich

    I was thinking the same thing Drew. Other than that, I absolutely love this.

  3. Dan

    The running gear is out of something more modern and I suspect GM. If you look closely at the dashboard it looks suspiciously like one out of a mid 70’s GMC van and the the speedometer is definitely mid 70’s GM. That being said it is cool.

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  4. TBall

    Already gone, but how cool would that vehicle be to tool around in? Obviously a “Johnny Cash” special, but who cares – it defines cool.+

  5. Lee H.

    Well, the axles I’m pretty sure are from an old Dodge Power Wagon. The best route I can see for this car is to put it back down on the ground with a late model suspension and drive train, then restore the body as an ambulance again.

    • Jason Houston

      I’d, first, be inclined to research it to the end and see what the 4X4 actually had to do with it. But if I had to drop it back to 2X2, I’d certainly want the correct running gear. Otherwise, what’s the point of spending all that money?

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  6. Bobsmyuncle

    I see a ton of potential in this one. Great, camp rig, parts runner, it would be hit at shows, decent work truck, it’s got all bases covered!

  7. Jim Mc

    It would have been great for the last Mad Max movie. Imagine what the ‘vehicles team’ for that film could have done with it…..

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  8. Mark S

    The engine/ trans. that is being supplied is very cool but parts might be hard to get as will the under carriage parts. I’d put the engine on a running stand. Then I’d transplant the body onto a dodge 3/4 4×4 chassie that is equipt with a cumins turbo diesel. Finally I’d restore the body and change the interior to something more SUV in style without the partition and with a back seat. Nice find.

  9. van

    I’m thinking a ww 2 general staff car
    Olive drab flags on the fenders, star on door
    Lots of patina fictional story
    Glenn Miller

    • Jason Houston

      GREAT thoughts, Van. Now that you mention it, the only mickey-mouse crap I would add is a hidden CD player with Glenn Miller playing!

      • van

        Puts me in the mood

  10. Will Calhoun

    This one broke my heart! Had a two wheel drive 42 Packard Hennessey that was straight and relatively clean back in 1976 in Alabama. An explosion took out part of my shop and I had to sell all the undamaged vehicles (of which this was one) quickly to stay above water. Always dreamed I’d find it again and pay an exorbitant price to get it back.

  11. Jim

    The channel iron used to mount the transfer case and brake boster are certainly not factory.

  12. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Will Calhoun– I think you meant to write “Henney”, not Henessey. Please, drive responsibly if behind the wheel of a Hennessey-branded vehicle! One is a well-known coachbuilder of specialty vehicles and the other comes in a bottle.

  13. Bill Wilkman

    You can see where steel structural members have been torched off the bottom of the frame. If this frame is not from another vehicle, then I’d say it’s at least modified from original.

  14. Kieron

    Hi to you’ll
    Over here in the UK if you drove this down the road everything would come to a stand still !!!!
    We have nothing like this nor like many of the fantastic relics of motoring history that you depict in regular people’s yards

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    • van

      We see british magazines with more cars we don’t have than you would think possible
      I think per capita there are more vintage cars in the UK?

  15. Kieron

    With shopping I mean shipping so inexpensive right now I keeping showing these pictures of old cars to my wife But she just says no ! any advice ?

    • van

      Find what she wants and call it hers
      Most wives want more of our attention
      I think I will get more time behind the wheel than my wife in her Jag D-type
      Just hope we can adjust to driving on the right

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  16. Kieron

    Find what she wants and call it hers

    Isn’t everything I’ve got hers anyway?

    • van


  17. Kieron

    I have 1991 SL 500 which I’ve had for about 7 years
    Last summer took to driving it…….big mistake as she’s gotten used to the pleasure!
    A truck like above would put her off wanting TO GO FOR A SPIN

  18. James Martin

    Looks like it has been relisted this time $5900 opening bid and No Reserve – this could be going home with someone very soon and get back on the road!

  19. Kieron

    Your not the James Martin tv chef ?

  20. Bill Parameter

    … Wonder if Truly Nolan has seen this one ???

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