Eye Candy: 1949 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

Can you imagine what it must have been like to go for years with no new cars? Then, after the war, new cars were still the old pre-war designs for a couple of years. Then, in 1948 all new designs began to appear, like the Hudson Hornet, the “shoebox” Ford and the new Cadillac for example. After years of war and all the hardships, it must have been truly amazing to see and drive the new cars. This Cadillac must have made quite an impression. It was stored for 30 years. Pictures show it to be in great condition except for the rust on the hood, perhaps where the barn leaked. Perhaps the color was a custom color or perhaps it is not original. Perhaps this convertible was restored at some time. There are few details provided in the eBay listing but there is a link to many detailed photos. It runs but hasn’t been started for awhile. There’s no word on any necessary mechanical restoration performed.

The interior appears to be in remarkably good condition. The leather might look really nice with cleaning and conditioning.

It looks complete and original under the hood. This was the first year of the overhead valve engine for Cadillac. It a 331 CID with about 150 horsepower.

It’s rusty on the bottom but it all looks like surface rust. There’s no daylight showing and no sign of patches.

This old convertible sure looks nice from here! It appears complete and original except for the paint color. It looks like a really nice car and is said to be rust free. Whether it really is rust free or not, the idea of driving around in an old Cadillac convertible seems pretty cool.

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  1. Howard A Member

    What a sharp car, The sharpest for ’49, I feel. While the price may make you gasp ( I did) it’s really on par, and nice ones on Hemmings go for $75,000 to over $100g’s, so the market certainly is there. Selling a car like this, is really pretty simple. Very little sales talk needed, it’s that sought after of a car. One of the few cars that actually looks good in wide whites, and sells itself. If you had cash after the war, this is what you drove. Very nice car, and even though there is no such thing as an “easy” restoration, it doesn’t get much better than this. It’s sporty,( looking) yet a tank, and the “split windshield”( last year) seals the deal.

  2. Paul

    The top between the rear window and trunk appears to have issues.
    Great car!

  3. Andre

    Stunning. What a colour combo (OE or not)

  4. 86 Vette Convertible

    What a grand lady that would have been in it’s day. Cruising down the boulevard or highway in style with the top down!

  5. Andre

    That fuel line butchery stresses me out.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi Andre, I’d think a bigger issue would be the odd placement of the fuel pump. ( apparently, that is stock, and what good does a sediment bowl do way up high like that. It’s supposed to be at a low point) I read, the 331 had a history of vapor lock. I wonder why?

      • RoselandPete

        I had a 49 Series 62 and the glass sediment bowl looks right but, in this car, it looks like the bowl has been bypassed with a plastic in-line gas filter which mine did not have. Also, mine had cloth seats.

  6. Joe Haska

    If you don’t love this car , you must not have a pulse. When I look at a car like this, I don’t care about the price, its just too cool! The wheels in my head are turning, trying to figure out , how I could buy this car.

  7. BiggYinn

    If your a car guy who doesnt love this …then check your pulse

    Stunning even with the current issues

  8. Madmatt

    One of my favorite years also! I hope that the buyer for this
    car has money and skills to do it real justice.
    My grandfather had a 49 2door hardtop,
    that he let rot and sink into the ground,in the woods by his house,
    where he had 50 more old trucks and cars,in northern Ohio.
    this was back in the 70,s,if I had been there before he scrapped
    them all,i would have saved every bit of stainless trim I could have!


    Gorgeous car…and that’s before you start restoration. I am so worthy.

    *calculates number of blood donations…and convenience store heists to make purchase*

    • Andy

      Don’t forget, you could donate a testicle for about 30 grand, or so I’ve been told!!!

  10. Mountainwoodie

    The ’49 really is a beautiful car.The vert is icing on the top. Apropos of nothing other than an opportunity to post this beautiful ’66 red convertible I bumped into, showing the beauty of the Cadillac marque through the years, Cadillac really had it going on.

    As for the ’49 that color must be custom or a repaint, no? Is it possible that a white leather interior was oem? Inquiring minds want to know.

    • RS

      Sometimes – like this time – it’s hard to believe the world of difference between car models 20 years apart or so. Consider all the various generations of Caddies there were from ’49 to this ’66, all of 17 years went by and it was a sea change.

  11. Graywolf


  12. Rustytech Member

    This looks like it had a restoration sometime before it was stored away. IMO these late 40’s Cadillacs were among the best looking of all the new models being introduced. My personal favorite is the1948, a little cleaner styling, and the flathead V8 was a quieter and more dependable engine. I never have like 1st year engines, it always seems to take manufacturers a couple years to work out the bugs. This car is fantastic, alas it’s going to be way out of my budget.

  13. John Bauer

    Here is what this car would look like when restored. Same body color and Hartz cloth top, but this one has a black leather interior.

    Like 1
  14. John Bauer

    from the rear…

  15. John Bauer

    and with the top down…

  16. Mountainwoodie


  17. John Taylor

    There is a load of cash to spend on that, personally I think the price is over the top, now consider what it is going to cost to restore that and then wonder if it will be worth the asking price.

    • RS

      Eventually it very likely will turn a profit. These are very desirable cars. Absolute classics. When I was born in the 50’s you could buy a restorable Duesenberg for $1000 or so…

  18. Rustytech Member

    Value is always subjective. I’ve seen restored cars go anywhere from $60k to as much as $130k. For one with owner province. Either way this would be fun to own, and would turn heads wherever it goes.

  19. gaspumpchas.

    The Corleones would love this car!!!

  20. juan

    Here in Argentina there´s only 2 of them (at least registered) a friend of mine rescued one from an impound lot in late 70´s, it only needed a tune up and new paint, darker tone (more like red wine) same interior as the one offered but black top (nerver found out if it was factory but we all think so. it was at least 20 years outside and it still is like new condition), boy we picked up girls with it! (in the 90´s), unfortunately when I found out that was for sale by the time I called him it was already sold (I live 500km from him and we don´t get in touch very often), I lost many cars for being late but these one is in the top of the list.
    I know the other one, it was restored from 0 (it was dumped in a ditch) fortunately the convertible top mechanism and parts were all there nad the car had no rust or crashed, it´s white with black interior and top but itps not for sale.

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