Fabulous Fox Body! 13K Mile 1986 Mustang GT


They don’t come much cleaner than this! This beautiful restovivor 1986 Ford Mustang GT (there was one high-quality respray, so I can’t in all good conscience call it a survivor) has been owned by a collector that is now selling off their entire collection–and this once has been saved for last because the collector loves it so much. It’s for sale here on eBay where bidding has just pushed past $10,000. The car is sitting there waiting for you in Nacogdoches, Texas.


Ok, all of you that have already started writing that these wheels are from a later car–you’re right. However, the original 15″ 10-hole mint wheels come with the car as well, although they do not have the original tires on them anymore. So there. Fox bodies seem to polarize folks–you apparently either love or hate them. I’ve driven a 1985 race version in a couple of endurance races (Atlanta Motor Speedway and Daytona) and I’ll tell you that car endeared Fox bodies to me forever. They are light and small compared to more modern machinery and somehow just feel “right.” And this one sure looks RIGHT!


The gentle rake is perfect for this car. My only problem with a car in this stellar condition with miles this low is that all I’d want to do is drive it! Just look at that beautiful paint!


Just in case you think the interior will let this car down–it won’t. I’ve liked the look and feel of these seats. Ford actually stopped using Recaro seats in Mustangs four years before this one, but it’s obvious they learned a lot while they were working with those wonderful hiney-holders.


Here’s another shot. The seller tells us that literally the only issue with the car is that the R12 air conditioning system needs recharging. Honestly, I’m surprised that a car that is obviously so nice doesn’t have working air conditioning. Something else that surprises me is a lack of under hood pictures. Those should be easy enough to get before bidding, though. And that’s what I wish I were doing! Since I won’t be, let us know if you will!


  1. Howard A Member

    Ok, folks, pay attention,,,THIS is a low mileage car. Note, no worn shifter, no pedals with worn rubber, although, I am a bit nervous about the numbers on the odometer not lining up, ( especially this low, telltale sign of a “turn back”) and again, 30 pictures and not 1 of the engine or underside. That would tell the whole story. I had an ’88 5.0, and I think this car still had the carburetor, but still no slouch. Nice car, not the best Mustang ever, ( I liked my ’95 better) but a fun car none the less.

    • Clinton

      I owned an 86 GT and it was equipped with factory fuel injection.

  2. Don E Member

    hmmmm, and a repaint with ultra low miles …. yeah

  3. Todd Zuercher

    First year of fuel injection. One of my favorite cars – I had one for a year about 6 years ago. Those seats didn’t agree very well with me although they looked nice. The Sport seats in my E30 318is are more to my liking.

    • Jett

      Automatic equipped 5.0 cars had had fuel injection starting in about 1983. 5 speeds ended carb use after ‘85.

  4. dj

    Its a nice car dont get me wrong,but a dime a dozen.I find these cars online all the time and not worth much money.Just like the mustangs now and of the 60s unless its a spiecial edition like a Boss or SHELBY or something like that.They built millions of them and are very common.

  5. dirtyharry

    Questions: I have the same ones about the odometer, lack of any mileage documentation or shots of the dirty side. The indicated mileage works out to less than 500 per year. Regardless, an awesome find that would be real fun to use as a daily driver, if the price is reasonable. I don’t see many of these in great shape, even with questions.

  6. BillB

    I don’t think there is a “1” in front of the 13,477, but given the paint wearing off the console lid and the excessively dirty and worn carpet in the back seat area, there has to be about 50K more on it. Maybe it’s just someone with a heavy hand using the wrong cleaning solutions, but it warrants an inspection.

    • Rob'sGT

      That’s not paint wearing off the console lid. It’s a reflection from the dome light, and the same amber hue can be seen elsewhere in other shots. There is, however, a scratch on top of the lid.

  7. JW

    My son had one of these and he beats hard on his cars, it lasted him around 4 years before sitting in may garage waiting on a restoration that never happened so I sold it and sent him the money. He said it was by far the best handling car he has ever had. He would love this one but I’m not telling him because it would end up in my garage.

  8. Skip

    Nice, gorgeous little car, and it’s here in TX! I love the small Mustangs. Texas DPS ran the downsized Mustangs back in the ’80s but I haven’t seen one in quite some time. I had a ’74 Mustang Ghia years ago, but the poor thing had been mistreated, so it didn’t last me very long.

    I wouldn’t mind finding one of the ex-DPS Mustangs.

  9. Rustytech Member

    Ok, it’s a nice car but even with the light wear on the pedals it could be 113k. I bought a 1979 about 15 years ago that had over 120k and inside it looked new, the paint was bad, the conv. Top was bad, it looked dreadful under the hood, but the interior was perfect. I only paid $500 for it, it was my commuter car for about 5 years and the interior was still perfect. My point is check this closely before dropping alott of money on it. Great looking car anyway.

    • z28th1s

      They didn’t make a convertible Mustang in 1979.

      • Rocco Member

        Not even “Pace Cars”? Just asking, ’cause I didn’t know that. I do remember ’82’s had ‘verts.

      • z28th1s

        They didn’t make any factory Mustang convertibles from 1974-1982.

      • Rocco Member

        WOW! Thanks. The new ‘vert I saw at the dealer was probably a ’83. I never was a ‘vert guy anyway. Must be why I’m ignorant on the matter.

      • Jett

        It may have had a vinyl top, a la the ghia model?

  10. Dolphin Member

    These bodies are one of the best designs ever—-really well proportioned, the right size overall for a 4-seater, and even the design add-ons like the black trim look good on it, and I usually prefer to do without that stuff.

    Lots of good comments about the presentation of the car: no engine, trunk, or underside shots. There are too many repeat static body shots. Also, I agree it’s likely that the ODO has gone around or been rolled back because the numbers are definitely out of line, and no documentation of mileage.

    The seller gives us too much hard sell, so this is one you have to drive to make sure it feels like reasonably low miles, and then make a decent offer. Trouble is, there are already 31 bids to $12K after only 2 days and the reserve not met.

    I would prefer to save up some more cash and look for a good Saleen. Some have sold on Ebay lately for not much more than this car is bid to so far, and maybe less than this car will sell for if the reserve is hit.

  11. Mark

    I know folks tend to shrug off odometer fraud, but it’s a felony punishable by up to 7 years in prison. It tends to hit the people least able to afford it. Recent data says the average loss is $4,000 per buyer. Most auto dealers will avoid pulling this scam, because they can easily lose their license. It’s more likely to be individual car flippers (aka, ‘curb stoners’) since they have no license to lose and can simply claim ignorance. If it’s supposed to be a private sale, but the seller’s name is not the name on the title, assume they are probably lying about other things too. Ditto if they are a flipper but posting under the ‘Owners Only’ section on Craigslist. An interesting story: I used to sell auto parts on eBay, and was partially responsible for their creation of the Vehicle Purchase Protection program. That was back when thieves fished for deposits online by “selling” cars and vehicles that didn’t exist- remember that? We helped chase them off eBay, but they landed on sites like Auto Trader. So I hounded the respective web masters until they posted warnings and tips to avoid fraud. It’s still necessary to exercise a little common sense, but at least now people are better informed. [climbing off soap box]

  12. SSPBill

    Out of curiosity I looked at the seller’s other auctions and they have 2 other cars listed. There is another ’86 GT (with only 3k mile!!!). It sounds like this is the other car mentioned. The 3rd car has what seems like reasonable mileage. I would think the mileage is coming from the owner not the seller. No engine or underside photos in any auction. I’m not buying the mileage either however as a very nice restoration is possible with parts from places like 50Resto. I’m guessing the owner isn’t selling these last so much as they are the last to sell. As an owner of an ’89 SSP Mustang a can tell you you can’t get out of what you put into a Fox restoration. Ever since the 2003 model came out the potential for value on Fox’s fell through the floor. They have made some steady progress as of late but not enough to restore in my opinion. That why mine is a driver and I will keep it that way.

  13. Adam T45 Staff

    The GT was homologated for International Group A Touring Car (saloon car) Racing. They weren’t particularly successful as the formula had an engine capacity/weight/tyre width formula that saw them run with a high minimum weight. They were relatively indestructible however. The attached is the car developed by Australian driver Dick Johnson. This car competed in Australia and New Zealand in 1986, and is still around today in original (as raced) condition.

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