Factory 427! 1968 Chevrolet Caprice Project

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The Caprice was the top-of-the-line Chevrolet for ’68, but along with all that comfort for 6, buyers also had a good choice of powerplants to equip their nearly 18 feet long luxury coupe with, including the large 427, which is how this 1968 Caprice here on Craigslist came from the factory.  It’s still got the same big block under the hood all these years later, and if you’ve been looking for a late 60s example this one may be a worthwhile project, but be forewarned about some interior issues you’ll be facing.  This one’s in the northwest up in Tacoma, Washington, with the asking price set at $9,800.  A big Barn Finds thank you goes out to reader Rocco B. for sending us the tip here!

Some of the car’s better points can be found outside, as the body seems mostly complete and in pretty decent shape overall.  We don’t get word on how much of that green paint is original, if any, but supposing most of it is the finish doesn’t look all that bad to be 55 years old, although someone has sprayed some primer in a few areas.  The panels have their fair share of scratches and a few minor dings, with a bit of exterior rust mentioned in the lower quarters and around the rear window, but for the most part, this one seems like a decent starting point for restoration on the outside.

Unfortunately, the inside is a different story.  The seller mentions that a prior owner parked the Chevy outside for an unspecified period of time with a cheap tarp over it, with the problem being it leaked and the interior sat wet all the time, which resulted in some deterioration.  Down below, the floor areas are showing a considerable amount of rust, but a used rust-free floor will be included in the sale and the floor braces are stated as being in good shape.  The dash looks surprisingly good, but the steering wheel is cracked and those seats are probably all going to need quite a bit of attention, especially if they retained a lot of moisture.

But there’s good news under the hood, as that’s stated to be the numbers-matching 427, the largest engine available for ’68, plus the Turbo 400 is also the original component along with the positraction rear-end.  The car is said to run and drive but probably not for long distances, so the drivetrain will probably benefit from a good going-through by the next owner.  The seller also mentions for prospective buyers to please be reasonable with offers, so at least we know up-front that there may be some negotiating room if you’ve got to have this one.  What is a reasonable price to pay for what you’re seeing here?

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  1. Big_FunMember

    It looks like some Caprice standard features have been pilfered. The running lamps in the front fender edges are gone, replaced by Impala(& lower levels) ribbed filler chrome. The clock is not there, either. Did this have the desired factory Tach & gauges at one time?Evidence of a multiplex or 8-track on front of console, too. No kick panels to confirm speakers. I would like to see pictures of the rest of the interior, including glass. Only Full size ’68 Chevy without vent windows – there are vents in the dash ends (like an A/C car).
    Worth restoring an original 427 car. I have seen loaded Big Block cars like this without A/C before in the SeaTac area. Who knows what else is gone. May have new owner chasing many bits and pieces…

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    • Doone

      The vents in the dash ends were the “new for 68 ASTRO, VENTILATON”. To avoid the vents and cabling of the much better footwell vents and vent windows they replaced.

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      • Zen

        I wondered about those vents thinking it was a factory A/C car until I saw the engine picture. Nice car and worth restoring if the frame is good. I hope it finds a good home and is restored to original, and not made into a ridiculous hotrod.

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      • maggy

        my 68 ss427 z24 Custom coupe has vent windows factory no a/c no astro ventilation built 3rd week of june 1968 .I think it was only the Caprice that had no vent windows..Asked the guy in White Salmon Washington a little town pretty close to Canada who I bought it from who knew the original owner why he didn’t get a/c.
        . He replied why… you might use it 2 days out of the year up here what do you need it for. this Caprice must be sold CL listing deleted.It was definetely worth what he was asking. The 427 complete healthy running is worth 4- 5k. The one year only 427 air cleaner is 500-700 alone.Bucket cores are 500+.12 bolt b body posi is 800-1000.Good frame which I bet it has is 1000-2000 as clean ones are getting scarce.Plus all the other parts.If it was closer I would have made a decent offer and bought it.

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    • Yblocker

      Picky, aren’t we

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  2. Bud

    Low Rider

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    • Sam


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  3. John EderMember

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  4. TomP

    My grandfather had one of these when new. It was black and had a 327 and gray interior with a front bench seat. It was a nice quality car back in the 60’s.

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  5. jrhmobile

    “The car is said to run and drive but probably not for long distances”

    With a 427 under the hood and a 5-gal jerry can for a gas tank, I’d imagine long distances are definitely out. This thing’s gonna need a lot of lovin’ before it’s a solid, steady ride again.

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  6. "Edsel" Al leonardMember


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  7. William Milot

    Had I been notified this one was up for sale I would’ve bought it straight up! I get notified of the stupid over priced junk that isn’t worth anything to me and the first time something I actually want hits town I find out AFTER the auction’s over! Pity! I wonder what it sold for!

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    • JimZMember

      William, I’m pretty sure that BF members get advance listings ahead of the general mail-out.
      Maybe STAFF could confirm?

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  8. BlisterEmMember

    I bought this one. Nice seller who was very honest about the car. Looks to be a fun project.

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    • maggy

      Awesome. I hope you fix her up with the usuals to make it a safe dependable driver and enjoy the heck out of it! Have Cliffords Quadrajets do a mid 70’s 07029297 carb # q-jet (it’s not a smog carb just updated) They will bronze bush the throttle shaft housing in the lower housing also and primary jet it and put correct secondary metering rods for your application,Put an hei in it , bump timing up about 6 degrees from stock , open plug gaps to .050 and beat the snot out of it. Rochester figured out around 1969 that the float hinge pin was in the wrong spot and caused driveability problems.Ask me how I know..Man I would have bought her if she was closer even though I didn’t need her.

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