Factory Big Block: 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Laguna

Although the 70’s brought about several styling changes, some cars were equally as attractive as their previous models. For instance, this 1973 Chevelle Laguna wagon is a real beauty with its short urethane front end, and simplistic body lines with little in the way of trim. This magnificent looking machine has covered only 79,000 miles in its lifetime and is a factory 454 V8 wagon! Appearing extremely clean and well kept, this tidy Big Block family hauler is offered for $18,500. Take a look at it here on craigslist out of Upper Pittsgrove, New Jersey. Thanks to our faithful reader Pat L. for the submission!

With heavily tented windows, it is difficult to see the interiors condition. Trying to focus on anything other than the beautiful flawless bodywork will prove to be difficult. Some cars of the 1970’s had some interesting styling that would down right cause a slight stinging sensation to the ocular nerve. Thankfully this Laguna wagon is quite pleasing to the eyes, and the simple styling with its “rounded off corners” really make this wagon even more appealing. As far as cool muscle wagons go, this one ranks rather high with its factory 454, air conditioning, and its great storage capacity.

Although in the northeast, there is no evidence of rust, corrosion, or any flaws for that matter. The Burnt orange paint lies on the body wonderfully, and has a lovely depth, with its metallic finish. All of the chrome and trim appears in order, with no rust or dings in sight. Well taken care of, it is rather surprising that this big block wagon has survived as well as it has. With a stunning appearance and a heart of gold, could you resist this sharp big block survivor?

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  1. Steve

    I had a friend in high school in the 80’s that inherited a maroon wagon of this body style (73-77) from his grandparents. Unfortunately, it didnt have the Laguna nose or a 454. I still thought it was a cool car then. his first modification after taking possession was to install an aftermarket Alfine stereo. No typo there. He bought a stereo and upon closer examination, it was an “Alfine”, not “Alpine”. LOL

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    • Jeff

      Lol, I remember seeing those at flea markets, another variation was “Alphine”, almost got suckered myself!

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    • Dave

      Well that would go perfect with ” the heavily tented Windows” on this car.

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  2. Aaron

    What was the purpose of the Laguna nose? It is fairly similar to the stock nose except for grill location and urethane (body colored) bumper.

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    • Dallas Gregory

      For a sportier appearance and to compete with the Pontiac Grand Am which had a similar front end treatment.

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    • kuzspike

      I believe the Laguna option was done for NASCAR, to help make the front of the car more aerodynamic. The 74-76 laguna option was even more aero friendly than the 73.

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      • ACZ

        The 75 and 76 nose was for NASCAR. The 74 looks almost exactly like this one.

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  3. Larry

    Always liked this front end design – smooth and well integrated with the body. The sloping rear design works nicely too – right up until you get to the seemingly out-of-place chrome bumper with inset taillights. To my eyes, it just looks wrong.

    By the way, and unfortunately all too typical of CL ads, I think the $18,500 ask should warrant more than 3 photos and 1 line of description.

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    • rod444

      Needs the rear bumper taken off and replaced with a roll pan to complete the smooth look. Of course dual exhaust cutouts too.

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  4. RichS

    Too pricey, but dang the want factor is high with this one.

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  5. KevinR

    As nice as it looks, it’s really hard to justify the asking price based on 3 exterior shots. It’s even hard to offer much in the way of opinion on it too.

    I’d love to see this car with a floor shifter, center console and the swivel bucket seats. It doesn’t have any of that… I can tell that much from the pictures provided.

  6. Rock On Member

    Steve, like most kids in high school I thought that flipping the air cleaner lid would be the first modification. Nothing sweeter than hearing those secondaries open up on a Quadrajet!

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  7. Steve R

    I seem to recall a wagon that looked similar to this on a Chevelle sight a year or so ago, I’m not sure if it had engine but it did have a fair amount of rust.

    This ad send up red flags. Any competent seller with nothing to hide would have included several more pictures and a thorough description.

    I like this wagons body style. The Laguna front end treatment improves the look of the car immensely.

    Steve R

  8. BiggYinn

    Tented windows? Tinted maybe…. love the color nit the price

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    • Dug McFeeters

      tent / tint — nit / not

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  9. 68 custom

    nice looking wagon with the laguna option and the big block is also nice. 73 was the only year you could order a SS wagon, you could even get swivel buckets and a console. if this wagon is truly rust free with a lot of power options and an immaculate interior then the price may be reasonable, any deviation though would require a price drop IMO.

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  10. sparkster

    Just found the expired listing on ebay. Interior just as clean as the exterior as well as the engine. Copy and paste
    1973 Chevrolet Chevelle Laguna wagon
    about 20 pictures

  11. Big Len

    Thanks Scott.

  12. redwagon

    Does anyone know if that was an original color or a repaint?

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    • mars2878

      ebay listing says it was repainted 5yrs ago

  13. Van

    What a great tow vehicle. Makes a trailer queen not so bad. Or maybe a race car. Turn up the Led Zeppelin, I’m dazed and confused.

  14. JimmyinTEXAS

    The dealer website states 5 year old repaint in original color.

  15. J Paul Member

    Never thought I would be saying this about a ’73 Chevy wagon, but that thing is super cool. There couldn’t have been many of these ordered with both the Laguna package AND a 454.

    Were the swivel buckets, or a console, available on the non-coupe Lagunas?

  16. Peter R

    Beautiful wagon but no power windows or seats and no tilt wheel – hardly “highly optioned” in MHO. Price too high for me but I really like it

  17. CMARV

    Maybe it had a nose job ?

  18. Moparman Member

    Personally, I aways felt “Laguna” was an unfortunate name choice, but as a survivor, I like this car! :-)

  19. Troy S.

    Stop light terror, weekend racer, grocery getter, people hauler, trailer tower,and looking good the whole time all in one package. Now that’s a lot of car! Old fashioned sport utility.

  20. chad


  21. Enesset

    If this had the rear facing 3rd row…..wow

  22. grant

    I had a 73 Laguna S3 in high school. Swivels, console, it WAS a nice car, before I found it. When I got it all 3 rear windows were rusted and leaking. Caught a little air on a rise one night and the passenger seat punched it’s front right support through the floor. Girlfriend wouldn’t ride in it after that and I let it go. It wasn’t pretty but I had big plans for it up to that point. Never knew the Laguna option was available on a wagon. Cool find, but overpriced.

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  23. W9BAG

    VERY nice !!

  24. Don H

    73 454 about 245 horsepower, less then a mini van

    • LucilleCaddy69

      TORQUE, is what these had in spades, especially over a minivan, lol.

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    • Don

      Then\Than, Lose\Loose =Meh!

  25. Jubjub

    Sharp looking wagon. Needs a set of Turbine I polycasts.

    My dad had the three seat, ’73 Malibu Estate version of this car. White, wood and a truly awful and probably toxic vinyl interior. Had a fun, squirrel cage defroster fan in the liftgate we’d stick paper in. The noise would get the parents pretty hot. Not sure if we broke it or dad got sick of us f—ing with it and disconnected it.
    Somebody was always getting car sick it in it.

  26. Utes
  27. W9BAG

    Very nice wagon. My grandparents had a ’73 Monte Carlo the same color: Persimmon.

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