Factory Equipped: 1976 Chevrolet Blazer Chalet Camper


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For all of you that have been looking for a short wheelbase vintage camper, this 1976 Chevrolet Chalet Camper could be for you! Camper equipped from new, this cool camper is still very nice and has loads of potential.  Priced at just $4,995, we think this will make someone’s dream camper. Find it here on craigslist out of Salmon, Idaho.


Nearly spotless inside, this camper looks quite inviting. Although this camper is based on a Blazer, the interior is spacious considering the short and narrow wheelbase. The front driver space, has aftermarket seats with a nice fold down armrest/console. This camper is fully optioned and likely makes for a great modern camper. The exterior has such an attracting allure with its 1970’s paint and graphics. We hope whoever buys this truck restores it to its 1976 glory. The front end looks to have been replaced, and there is some spray paint on the rear arches. We don’t know if this truck maybe has some rust issues or if it was involved in a front end collision. Rust looks to be minimal, as there isn’t any to be seen. Again we assumed the spray paint over the arches was to arrest developing rust.


With the drivetrain being recently rebuilt we think this camper is even more of a smoking deal. Packing a punch from a 400 cubic inch small block Chevrolet V8, backed by a Turbo Hydra-matic automatic transmission, this Blazer will cruise easy.


This Chevy is going to be much easier to navigate than a more modern camper that is much longer than any car. You likely won’t fit a large family in this one as comfortably, but sometimes life is about the journey and the stories made from that journey that are more valuable than the extra space. And let’s face it, the 8 track stereo is a huge selling point right?! Who wants this Chevy camper?!

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    This site continues to surprise me.If I stay here long enough, I’ll see every car or truck I’ve ever come in contact with, which would be no small feat, and this truck is no exception. My old man bought and sold cars in the 70’s and 80’s as a sideline, and bought rebuilders from an auction in Chicago. One day, he came home with this,only it had been rolled. He must have got it cheap, because the camper part was all cracked and busted, too far gone. And this isn’t a standard Blazer either, as the rear portion behind the doors, is opened up to walk thru, so a rear top won’t fit. He ended up selling it, scrapped the camper part. Very unstable( dual rear wheels would help) as I’ve seen several of these rolled. Great concept, though.

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      You’ve seen several roll? There were only 1,780 built so seeing more than one would be impressive.

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        Hi Jesse, perhaps I should make this clear, in the 70’s, I worked for an auto body shop and paint store and I delivered to body shops and car dealers. I saw lots of vehicles being built, or rebuilt ( most famous was I delivered paint to the Excalibur factory in W.Allis, and saw them being built, cool people) Besides another Chevy like this overturned, there were several like vehicles with tall campers that went over at different shops. Also, I would go with the old man to these car auctions, and there were always 1 or 2 Toyotas or Datsuns like this crumpled. And I didn’t actually SEE them roll, but they are very top heavy.

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  2. roselandpete

    I got the impression that this was put together by Chevy. I also wonder why they didn’t go with the dual wheels.

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    • RichS

      Nope, although they were sold through Chevrolet dealers the actual conversion was done by the company that made Chinook RVs.


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    • Chebby

      I wonder why they just didn’t use a short-bed pickup base with the rear cab wall cut out. Better wheelbase for weight distribution, and you wouldn’t have those silly Family Truckster-ish redundant tail lights.

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  3. RichS

    My grandfather bought a ’77 Suburban brand new and I remember sitting in the back of one of these reading books while he and grandma signed the papers. Dick Balch Chevrolet in Seattle, WA if anyone remembers that guy – he would take sledgehammers to new cars


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    • Ray Smith

      I remember Balch big time. He was quite larger than life. Him and his competitor Glen Grant always saying “I can’t eat these cars, come see me today at Glen Grant Chevrolet”. I sure do miss the locally owned car stores. We have a few family owned ones left in the area but they are a dying breed.

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  4. Jeffro

    Can someone let a brother “borrow” about $5000? And possibly recommend a good divorce attorney?

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    • Rob

      The good news is you wouldn’t have to use the couch, you’d already have a nice place :)

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      • Jeffro

        But who would make me sandwiches?

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  5. Greg

    Barnfinds – I can see plenty of rust. When you can see rust in a photo, it’s always 10x worse in person.

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  6. Jim S

    If anyone here buys this, I just happen to have a sales brochure for it. I’m going to have to look around and find it now.

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  7. stillrunners

    There’s one in the Dallas area…..it makes most of the shows…..it’s been on EBAY before but didn’t met reserve.

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  8. Rob

    Growing up my neighbor had one. Bright yellow. I don’t ever remember them taking it anywhere. He had it repainted though.

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  9. Martin Sparkes

    They pop up on cragslist regularly, for similar money and in better shape.

    One of those unicorns that seems like a good idea when you buy it, and then get tired of it sitting in your driveway for all but two or three weekends a year.

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  10. Chad Robinson

    There is a blue one in here in town, daily driver. It’s actually baby blue and white, and the camper looks to be in decent shape. I snapped a pic of it but have no idea what phone/computer it’s on.

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