Faded Glory Project: 1979 Chevrolet Nova

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The Nova (originally Chevy II) was a mainstay in the Chevrolet line-up for 18 model years (1962 through 1979). It was a conventional rear-wheel drive small car (liquid-cooled front-mounted engine) versus the Corvair that preceded it by two years (air-cooled rear-mounted motor). The final generation debuted in 1975 and the car was retired mid-way through 1979 to make way for the FWD Citation (Chevrolet management probably wished they had kept the Nova).

About 97,000 Novas were built in 1979, the lowest number ever for a model year. Three-quarters of them were grocery getters with an inline-6, with the rest having a V8 engine. The seller says there’s a 350 cubic inch 8-cylinder under the hood of this car, but no photos are provided. Nor is there any mention of its being numbers-matching or even running for that matter.

This Chevy looks to have worn some sort of American flag paint job a one time. Barn Finder Mitchell G. brought us this tip and refers to it as “old faded glory” which seems to fit. We assume the body is okay on this Chevy, but we can’t talk about the interior, either (no photos).  We do know that it has an automatic transmission and comes with some extra parts (perhaps they will help you to get it going).

Located in Reading, Pennsylvania, this likely project is available here on craigslist. $3,500 is the asking price and that’s subject to “or best offer” It could be the basis for an interesting unrestomod or you could restore it to original specs, although the last generation of the Chevy Nova hasn’t been as popular as the bunch from 1968-72. But they were good but uninspiring automobiles.

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  1. Joe

    Unless they converted square headlights to round, my guess is it’s prior to 79.

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  2. Nelson C

    This looks like a bit of work. Where is the ’79 front fascia with the rectangular headlights and horizontal grille? Not that it matters for this beater.

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    • Terrry

      It’s a beater with a heater (hopefully one that works). As uninspiring as these cars were, they were far better than their replacement, the front drive Citation X-body cars.

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      • Nelson C

        I’ve driven many of them myself. That was always my mom’s first requirement in a car. That tells you her generation.

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  3. Wademo


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  4. PRA4SNW PRA4SNWMember

    Looks like someone’s parts car leftover, now that their project is done.

    It kind of surprises me that B.F. would feature a car like this. 6 exterior photos taken from far away and a 1 sentence description. I have personally sent over dozens and dozens of more worthy vehicle than this, as I’m sure many other have done as well. I don’t bother with anything like this, figuring that there are much better discussion-worthy vehicles out there.

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  5. Mike S

    Loved my 79 Rally Sport!! Only problem was finding a new grill.. it was a Hurst rental originally. Parents bought it in ’80 and handed it down to me. Originally had a 250, TH350 and posi trac 4.10 rear diff. Before I got it, a 350 from a Monte Carlo SS (86 I believe) was dropped in with a TH400. Only problem I had was the unibody that got twisted launching it at the drag strip.

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