Fake Rust: 1957 Porsche 356 Speedster Replica

This 1957 Porsche Speedster replica by Classic Motor Carriages features a number of custom tweaks to create a vintage look that some might refer to as “patina.” All kidding aside, the trend of purposefully making your vehicle look like a neglected antique doesn’t seem to be receding, as this Speedster replica – complete with painted rust – goes to show. Find the kit car with many upgrades and new parts here on eBay where bidding has yet to clear the reserve.

It’s a strange thing to paint rust all over your car, especially when it looks nothing like actual baked-on surface rust that can only come from years of sun exposure and daily use. The seller is fairly candid about the fact that there are plenty of plain-jane replica projects available to buy if this one doesn’t wet your whistle, but aside from the splotchy orange paint, there’s a lot to like here. The staging qualities are impressive, from the luggage to old-school Coca-Cola cooler.

What’s neat about this replica is that the seller has incorporated a variety of actual, OEM Porsche parts into the final creation, like the rear luggage rack, torsion bar covers, rear bumperettes and overriders, and clock, which are all described as original 356 parts. The replica rides on a shortened chassis that benefits from new floorpans coated with bed liner to hopefully stave off future rust repairs. Sports seats are a nice look here; no word if they are OEM Porsche.

The Speedster is powered by a VW Super Beetle dual port engine that benefits from a new clutch, new plugs, new wires, new rotor, new rotor cap, new fuel filter, and more. Also included in the build is an Empi four-wheel disc braking system, but no word on the suspension; the car rides on five lug Porsche 356-style steelies. Overall, this is an interesting build that I’m sure is a crowd-pleaser at local cars shows, but after living in the Northeast, rust – real or fake – is no fun.

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  1. bobhess bobhess Member


    • Jim


  2. That AMC guy

    Nice to know I probably won’t see anything stupider than this at least for the rest of the day.

    • That AMC Guy

      If I had known what was awaiting me later in the day I might not have said that! While I’m not going to get into a detailed rant since this is not the place, leave it to Microsoft to display a level of sheer idiocy that makes this thing look like the epitome of rational thinking and elegant design.

  3. ken tilly UK

    Fake car, fake rust, fake seats? Seems good to me.

    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      The real irony here-if we pay for this fake Porsche with fake money WE get in trouble..

    • Will Fox

      Sounds like it was built for the Trashcanian sistahs.

    • FordGuy1972

      Up here in the Tin-Worm Belt (New England), I see rust on just about everything more than a few years old so why would I buy fake rust when the real thing is abundantly available? Besides, if this car ends up sold anywhere around my bailiwick, the real thing will show up on it soon enough.

  4. Rob

    I can’t afford a nice paint job, what should I do? That’s it, I’ll make it look worse and call it “patina”. From someone that lives way up in upstate New York, we fight to not have rust on our cars and it is always a losing battle, I’m offended lol

  5. BlondeUXB Member

    Enjoy now.
    Save millions for a real project…

  6. RayT Member

    I suppose if you want to build a phony “patina” car, it’s best to start with a Genuine Fake. No actual Porsches seem to have been harmed in the creation of this vehicle.

    The current bid would buy any number of nice real cars. That would be my preference.

  7. Fred W

    Why not take the same money /energy used to fake rust and put it towards a nice paint job?

  8. Rovinman

    All he has to do, is wire-wool the (rust) paint off, leave it for a few weeks, then clear-coat the real rust !
    So what’s so hard about that ?

    • RayT Member

      Not sure how it is where you live, but even the salt on winter roads in Massachusetts won’t make fiberglass cars rust….

      • Rovinman

        I live in Thailand, so Even now in the ”cool” season, (68 F), we don’t get snow, so NO SALT. (Maybe a little Frost up in the hill country).
        Fibreglass cars (I’d forgotten). I met a guy at one of our rallies in Bangkok, who produced 356 shells in Fibreglass (English spelling), who said he’d had some of them stolen and shipped elsewhere. Maybe this is one of them ? ? ? LOL.

  9. Will Fox

    Looking at this makes me wonder how many other “barn finds” I’ve seen that had fake patina…….

  10. sir mike

    Just one question….WHY???????????

  11. Indy-dude

    I must be in the minority, but I actually like it.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      I like it too! This would be fun to show up in at a Porsche driving event or car show. Everyone would get excited until they got up close… It would be fun to watch all the reactions. I’m sure you would get a lot like those above.

  12. Gaspumpchas

    Good commentary. I have been fighting ruaty cars all my life–why anyone want to mimic rust is beyond this ol grey hairs feeble mind. I’m with you, Fred W- take the money spent on the fake rust and put a nice paint job on it-even a wild funky color would be better than this!!!

    • Rovinman

      I always thought that Janis Joplin’s car was the epitome of Car Art.

  13. Joe Haska

    I have done a couple old trucks with the patina look. I didn’t do them from scratch, I just added to the look they already had. They actually looked pretty good
    or bad depending on your polnt of view. Looking back on it , l have to admit my lack of skill as a painter, certainitly didn’t hurt, in this case. I just don’t get all the negativity about it. There is a time and place for everything, but obviously everyone dosnt like everything!

  14. C Carl

    Lose all weight, paint a 53 with a Herbie stripe and blast around on a tight road.

  15. Karl

    You fellows have covered all my possible comments, all I can say is I totally AGREE WHY?

  16. Scott Marquis


  17. Dallas

    Rusty fiberglass… right!

  18. John Member

    What a piece. POS.

  19. S Craig MacDonald

    Why? Because it’s his car and he can do with it whatever he wants. He wanted to do this. If I don’t like it I don’t have to spend a dime on it, give him props at a car show, or copy his vision of what a cool Porsche replica could look like. But the good thing about this hobby is it allows us each to express ourselves. I do restorations as close to factory original as my skill and wallet will allow. He probably finds that booooring. There has to be room for both of us and a level of mutual respect for the time & effort we both put into expressing ourselves. So yes, I respect the guy’s work and skill, even if the final product isn’t my cup of tea.

  20. Randall Scott Arnette

    All the arm-chair auto appraisers would have us believe that stripes and flames are somehow more acceptable than painted-on ‘perfect imperfections.’

  21. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Let us not forget a certain host of a certain show on TV (YouTube?) called Barn Finds who on the roof of a sun-scortched 62 Ford wagon, added powder to the brown paint, and sprayed rust on the roof. Then clear coated it.

  22. AMXBrian

    At least he didn’t do this to a real Porsche

  23. CHuck F 55chevy

    I have one of those, minus everything not fiberglass. I bet this would gather a crowd at a car show.

  24. Arby

    I drove rusty beat up POSs long enough in my life, I don’t need to replicate it now.

  25. DRV

    I like the concept of having An original that is beat up, but this is too much patina, even if it was real. Tone this back to worn out paint and trim and no rust would accomplish the same affect which is to make you think it’s not an imposter.

  26. JOHN Member

    Bama fan, explains a lot!

  27. TimM

    I love it!!! Oh not the car the comments!!!! I haven’t laughed all day and reading the comments I can’t stop laughing!!! My wife thinks I’m insane!!!!

  28. Tom c

    This is no dumber than the money people spend for the real thing .

  29. Eric B.

    Fake rust on a replica? I’ll give you $10 for it.

  30. Stevieg Member

    It isn’t something I would have done to my car, whether a real Porsche or a fake, but I like it none-the-less. Even though I wouldn’t do it or have it done, I would probably buy it.
    A fool & his money are soon parted? No wonder I am broke lol.

  31. JOHN Member

    The way I see the buyer is a guy with a disposable income, probably never wrenched on anything in his life but wants to be cool… to each his own!

  32. OhU8one2

    At least this could be driven without sweating bullets. I like the creativity. Lots of thought put into it.


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