Fallen Fastback: 1965 Ford Mustang

This 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback was a desirable specimen at one time, loaded with good parts and built in far more limited quantities than the coupe. However, this example has fallen on hard times and was clearly put out to pasture long ago. The car is sold as a parts vehicle but does come with a title, 289 engine, and Pony interior with the fold-down rear seat. Find the Mustang here on eBay with bidding over $2K and no reserve.

The Mustang is rough from all angles, and pictures show a shattered chassis blasted apart by rust. The glass has been damaged or removed, and allowed Mother Nature to infiltrate the cabin, damaging the desirable interior. The seats still look salvageable despite this, and the rear seat and C-pillar trim are definitely worth saving.

The seats do still fold down and look better than expected considering the years of neglect they’ve been subjected to. The trim along the C-pillar and below all looks like it will clean up and/or could be restored, and truthfully, the buckets are far from the worst I’ve seen. The seller further notes it’s a 4-speed car with the 140 m.p.h. cluster inside.

Taking all of this together, along with the 289 V8, it really is a shame this fastback ended up like this. At one time, this car had to have been quite a looker and if it was indeed green when it left the factory, it may have even done a decent Bullitt impression (I know, not the right year…) Will this one be harvested for parts or is a VIN swap more likely?


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  1. Mike

    You want patina? I got your patina right here, buddy.

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    • jerry

      what in gods green earth makes anybody think this pile of junk is worth 2 grand? you ain’t going to move it in one piece!

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      • Miguel

        jerry, I would say somebody wants the title and VINs to put on a reproduction car.

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  2. h60memo

    If the roof section is still salvageable, one could convert a coupe into a fastback.

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    • Ian C

      That was my first thought. The roof does have a couple rust holes, but the interior panels look to be great. Very savable. A roof/ powertrain/vin swap would do financial wonders to the solid 6cyl/auto/notch sitting out back. (Yes, illegal, but it happens)

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      • Stilbo

        My first (and only) thought as well. It’s obvious that everything below the windshield is scrap metal. Mustangs aren’t supposed to be U shaped in a horizontal plane unless it’s near a black hole. Find a decent coupe and start grafting a roof on it.
        And be honest.. keep the coupe VIN on it.

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      • canadainmarkseh Member

        That roof is a rusty pile of junk look around the back window. The whole car is worthless. I say crush the whole car as is. I think that this car might be and that’s a big might be worth $60.00 in scrap weight. Sometimes you just have to let them go.

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  3. Rex

    That’s a 66 fastback.

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  4. Mr. Bond

    I thought that swapping VIN’s was fraud. Isn’t that the case?

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    • art

      Mr. Bond is 100% correct. Imagine someone buying an aftermarket body, attaching this VIN and fraudulently selling the car as a true FORD Mustang. A bad, bad fraud to perpetrate on an unsuspecting buyer. Even if the person states he/she will keep the car forever, that is unlikely as things happen, like death, then the car, via the heirs, is sold and it’s a fake. Lawsuit city.
      Those after market body manufacturers should be required to stamp their own sequential body/serial numbers in several mandated locations to prevent this type of fraud from ever occurring. The old car hobby is too valuable to lend itself to VIN swapping and fraud.

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      • Joe Btfsplk

        Perhaps ALL reproduction parts should be so marked to maintain purity?

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      • Rodger

        There are a lot of Cobras and Ferraris out there that have little or nothing left of the original bodies, it’s called restoration

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  5. Dave

    This horse has a broken back. Best to put it out of its misery.

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    • Lee Powell

      Luke and Bo Duke must have jumped it a few times when the General lee was in the shop.

  6. CCFisher

    A bent and broken V8 fastback with a title? “Hello, Dynacorn?”

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  7. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Good for parts.
    God bless America

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  8. Gaspumpchas

    yea Johnmloghry I see some good parts and the seller says its still got the 4 speed in it. rear seat assembly getting harder to get. Not sure I see 2 k worth. And as dave says, this horses back is broken. Least the owner has a sense of humor- Farm fresh….lol. Good luck to the new owner.\

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  9. Classic Steel

    This car is an illegal vin swap awaiting to happen .

    The car is a hardtop with a broken body.

    Ever seen a 289 with a cracked block due to the water never drained out of the block as no one one punched out the freeze plugs? I have on several occasions as a person dumping a car on the field didn’t care..

    Good luck folks as 2000 or more on junk snd 20k will get possibly a 17000 dollar car if the work and reproduction parts, body are-not shotty.😅

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  10. JoeNobody1

    That’s not a ’65 – it’s a ’66…

  11. Jflyer76

    It’s a 1966.

  12. Patrick Elam

    No reserve! No Kidding! In other words, He’ll take what he can get

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  13. Rodney

    Funny everyone is talking about VIN.
    This title is not for this car. It is clearly a 1966. And It’s suspect having quarter panel trim pieces. Early Fastbacks do not have those.
    I’d like to see a picture of the stamped VIN under the hood.

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  14. Little_Cars

    …”The seller further notes it’s a 4-speed car with the 140 m.p.h. cluster inside.” The most desirable part of this field turd, both of which will need rebuilding, recalibration and insecticide to become reliable again. Someone buy this and the red GT convert from last week to broadcast a tetanus shot campaign along the rust belt…

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  15. Cfj

    This poor Pony has been put out to pasture, please leave it there….

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  16. TimM

    $2000 for the car and $20,000 to ship it UPS in pieces when we try to move it and it falls apart!!!

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  17. TimM

    Or maybe take the parts off it and let it go back to the earth!!!

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  18. 433jeff

    Aren’t the Dynacorn bodies a b-budget quality compared to the real thing, wouldnt the dynacorn be more fraudulent as its not a mustang at all? As far as the rebody goes doesn’t it make more sense on a GM car to keep the vin on the rotted carcus and just register the donor and leave both tags.

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    • Stilbo

      Good question… the Dynacorn bodies (I’ve refinished two) are easily differentiated from an original Mustang body for several reasons:
      Stamped panels are more accurately stamped. (I was a stamping plant tool and die Inspector in previous life).
      Those panels are more accurately aligned and located better than Henry’s guys ever did.
      The steel is of a much higher quality as it’s metallurgy is state of the art as opposed to steel produced 50 years ago and is mostly sourced from domestic rolling and finishing plants here in the USA.. pretty sure that the last body had steel from the Inland Steel rolling plant in New Carlisle Indiana.
      And sticking an OEM VIN tag on them is a huge no no but they do come with their own numbers.

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  19. Clay Bryant

    Fantastic game room equipment. Back half recliner material to watch tv by.Sit in the back seat and “neck”. Sound system. Top roof part for “cool lighting” structure. Gauges/trans to sell. All the equipment there for minimum costs. Tired of it, if you did it right, super swap meet material. You have all winter now to do it. All those with “Ho-hum” man caves need not apply……………

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  20. John b

    The ad may say 1965….but the 3 fingered trim just beyond the doors started in 1966.

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    • Miguel

      John, isn’t it possible somebody put that on over the past 50 years?

  21. Bruce Fischer

    I have taken in some rough ones but I would pass on this one.Bruce.

  22. Paul

    I would think it would be completely foolish to buy this car for $2000.
    It’s not a good candidate to restore and any parts that this ship reck could possibly donate, you can buy the same parts only better with the $2000.

  23. Steve

    I don’t know what is more disturbing – seeing a beauty like this nearly returned to the earth in every way, or the asking price, now $2,601 with 33 bids. I agree with the remarks regarding putting stampings on to differentiate between original VIN vs. Dynacorn Frankenstein cars. Buyers deserve to know what is original vs. not, IMHO. If the owners of the companies that supply parts would do this voluntarily, they could avoid some overly-eager-Elizabeth-Warren-nanny-type mangling their biz with Feddy regs.

    • Little_Cars


      EW is singled out as being involved in Federal regulation of the automotive industry, the USDOT, or ones local DMV?

  24. Steve

    Looks like it came from Brokeback Mountain.

  25. Jim in AL

    This car looked like this when it was parked. It didn’t deteriorate sitting in a field. The poor condition is a symptom of the Ohio Road Salt usage.
    If it were in any better condition when it was parked, there would be no reason for the ratchet strap holding the doors shut.

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