Fancier Suburban: 1951 Plymouth Concord Savoy

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As a fancier version of the Plymouth Suburban, this 1951 Plymouth Concord Savoy was based on the Concord and it appears to be in really nice condition. The seller has it posted here on craigslist in Fernley, Nevada and they’re asking $6,500. Here is the original listing, and thanks to T.J. for sending in this tip!

There’s something about a two-door station wagon that gets to me, and this one looks outstanding. I don’t see a flaw on the exterior, other than maybe some dings in the “bright” trim pieces and the right rear fender where it’s a little discolored. Is this primer? Two-tone primer? It’s unusual paint or primer, and if it is a two-tone scheme, it isn’t the most eye-catching or snazzy one that I’ve seen. Still, this car looks like it’s in incredible condition. The steel rims are body color, so maybe it’s just faded paint? They say that this car is solid with no major rust, which means that there is some, as there should be after over seven decades.

As with most craigslist ads (99.999%?), there aren’t enough photos and the ones that are given aren’t really that good, sadly. I get it, it’s hard to figure out what a prospective buyer may want to see regarding a vehicle that you’re selling, but a good first step would be to show all sides of the vehicle fully in the frame. Step two would be to open all doors, hatchbacks, tailgates, hoods, etc. Who here doesn’t care what’s behind that closed clamshell tailgate? I sure want to see what it looks like back there. Those folding rear seats that would have disappeared into the floor, the incredible cargo space, everything. I have to believe that it’s nice inside.

Step three is the same as step two: open all doors! I don’t know what in the nightmare camel-fur hell is going on in this photo, but if you can somehow look past that fuzzy stuff, the interior also looks like it’s in unbelievable condition. As a higher-level car, the Concord Savoy had nicer seats than the standard Suburban, but we want to see them, not humpy the stuffed camel mascot or whatever that is. This car appears to have what were apparently options, according to a Concord Savoy brochure: a heater and radio. It looks so nice inside, I wish we could see it.

The Concord was a new-for-1951 model for Plymouth, and the P-22 Concord Savoy was the most expensive model in 1951 for the Plymouth Concord, at $2,182 ($24,500 today). Plymouth was in the #3 sales spot in America, and the company changed up the model designations in 1951. The Concord Savoy was basically the former Special Deluxe, the top trim level, and the Concord Suburban would have related to the former Deluxe trim level. In 1952, the Savoy became its own model in Plymouth’s lineup. The ’51 Concord Savoy had bright trim around the windows, chrome tailgate hinges, and other upgrades, along with armrests for both front and rear seat passengers, rear storage compartments on each side, and the incredibly-nice seating material as seen through the somewhat iffy photos here. The interior looks like new, it sure would have been nice to see better photos and more of them.

In a turnabout heretofore unknown by modern society, even though none of the doors were opened for photos, there is a photo of the engine! That is very good news and we feel somewhat redeemed. This L-head inline-six also looks great – dusty and dirty, but great. Clearly, it has been upgraded with that alternator rather than the “high-output generator” that should be there. It would have had 97 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque when new. It looks good and in one weekend, would look great. Sadly, the seller doesn’t know if it runs. They say that with fresh fuel, a battery, and a carb clean, it would be running, but I would do that first and then ask more for the car. Speaking of that, Hagerty is at $7,700 for a #3 good-condition car, that’s only $1,200 more than this non-running example. They’re at $14,000 for a #2 excellent car and this one could surely be that with some work on the weekends. Any thoughts on this great-looking wagon?

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  1. angliagt angliagtMember

    Deleted already.I always thought these were very
    generic,bland looking cars.
    And what’s up with the stuffed animal with the
    visor in the fourth picture?

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  2. CadmanlsMember

    Looks like a nice old wagon and someone else thought so too!

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  3. Joe Haska

    I had this exact car, I drove it for several years and decided to re do it. I was lucky to have a friend who could do anything with wood. Darrell Mayab did a rendering of what we thought it would look like if it had been a factory option. It turned out amazing. In fact too good, I sold it as I was afraid to drive it. The running gear was all original. I sold it and the new owner took it to a shop, and they updated all the running gear to late model Chrysler. Cosmetically it was as I built it and the conversion was flawless, I even got to drive it. The new owner tried to sell it, but was asking too much. I decided to call him and ask about buying it back. He said he was busy and would call me back, he never did and I haven’t seen him or it since. It was featured in several magazines and David Featherston’s books about Woodies.

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    • Thomas Tuso

      Hi Joe,This is Thomas Tuso,i saw this ad and then scrolled down and saw your comment to the seller.I apologize if I didn’t call back but I probably just forgot??? The Woodie has been completely redone but with contrasting wood.Send me your Cell phone number and/or email address and i’ll send you some photos.Turned out exceptionally nice!! Sincerely,Thomas Tuso

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      • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

        You don’t want to post phone numbers or email addresses in the comments section of any site. That’s a good way to get bombarded with spam.

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    • Ken VranaMember

      Hey Joe. I’d love to see pics with the wood on.

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    • Brian

      I bought the car in the picture. The interiour is wonderful. Older restoration. Took it home and started it up with the 6 year old gas. NO SMOKE! If there is rust I can’t find it. This wagon is so straight I can’t believe it. I would like to know what Thomas did to his running gear since I don’t know if this has the Overdrive. It’s not primered just needs buffing. The stuffed animal was taken to car shows with the old couple.

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  4. Will Fox

    Amazing condition! For being 72 years old now, it’s very solid. WELL worth the expense of restoring! Just try to find another one this nice.

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  5. dp

    Um. This car is still a “4.”
    A “3” is a 20-footer with no mechanical issues.
    Remember “most cars you see at a show are a 3.”

    All that nonsense aside, what’s not to like here? I could see myself hopping the dog for a redeye west to Fernley, making a few on-foot trips back and forth to O’Reilleys, and then driving through to Santa Cruz to relocate.

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  6. Yblocker

    What a neat and rare old wagon, and seemingly great condition, right down to the original wheelcovers, better interior pics would be nice, something besides window glare and a giant ass teddy bear. I’ve always wondered if Chrysler and GM ever tangled over the rights to the name “Suburban “. I’d have to get rid of that Delco alternator, although I’m sure some bozo will come along and suggest an LS swap, in which case, it would fit right in.

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    • Dan

      Hey! At least you get free mesquite beans

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  7. Brent in Winnipeg

    Another of those “if I had money” vehicles.

    I’d love to put a modern Hemi with a six-speed manual in this.

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    • Jon

      # Brent, exactly what I was thinking, along with a little lowering of the suspension, and some one off aluminum wheels.

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  8. GOM

    I vote to leave it as-is, with the exception of the repairs needed to make it a reliable driver. Please don’t chop, lower, update, repower, or otherwise corrupt a remarkable example of a relatively uncommon survivor. These were great vehicles on their own merits. If you want to do extensive modifications to a vehicle, please find something already in need of major work to serve as your starting point. We need survivors so as not to forget where we came from. In many ways, I would choose to have this rather than most 2023 rolling computers!

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    • William James Sr.

      I would rather havs this than ANY new car or truck of today. I would like to see it in person “in my garage would be great” as I have a great dislike for todays uglys. You have to look for the badges to seeif you are seeing a VW or a Caddy.. I am soo glad I lived when I did. We had the best of every thing that I found important in life… Cars Music , good looking ladies and of coarse the love of our beautiful country and our Lord…

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  9. angliagt angliagtMember

    Looks like a loaf of bread right after
    it came out of the oven.

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    • HRJR

      …says the guy with a picture of the world’s ugliest truck.

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      • angliagt angliagtMember

        Hey! – That truck was so ugly,it was cool.

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  10. Mike haney

    If anyone else needs some sheet metal for one of these I have NOS front and rear fenders. Left over from a car I had. Mike 2152728959. Horsham pa. &500.00 for all four. Obo

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  11. Andy G

    Cool wagon. As far as to modify or not I’m for whatever keeps it out n about. On the streets and being driven is where more people get to see these things and appreciate them

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  12. John PrillMember

    Great write-up, Scotty! I know that I will be entertained when I see Your name at the top! I totally agree with your photo critiques…I used to work in a photo lab, and I hate the shots taken through windows that are closed (reflections), not enough photos, and lack of engine photos (this car has one…YAY). Keep up the excellent work! LOL at the fuzzy camel shot !

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    • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

      Ha, thanks, John! You’re way too kind, I make dumb mistakes, more than I should after seven years, but thanks much.

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  13. Bobbie MillheimMember

    Here Here! The car is intact, all of the correct parts are there. Talk to someone who has taken on an incomplete unit and had to almost fabricate components, linkage or fasteners.

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  14. Charles R. Wirt

    My Dad, a Massachusetts guy, traded in the red Plymouth convert as the family grew for a ’49 ugly maroon 4-door version of this, 3-speed G/B, served us well. Quite a memory!

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  15. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    Whatever happened to 2 door wagons?
    Why did Detroit stop making them?

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    • angliagt angliagtMember

      Pinto & Vega?

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  16. charlieMember

    Electric door locks, shoulder belts, car seats, enabling the driver to not have to worry so much about a kid opening a back door and falling out to his/her death. It used to happen, and cautious parents bought 2 door sedans for that reason alone. Same applied to 2 door wagons. My father bought a Studebaker, with suicide rear doors, and a mechanical device that disabled the rear doors from opening from inside, to keep us safe.

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  17. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    I always thought 2 door cars were safer for kids.
    Studebaker had a mech to keep the rear doors from opening from the inside? Never knew that. New cars today have that. Child proof safety system.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember


      Studebaker never offered special mechanical locks to keep the rear doors from opening up while the car was moving, however I would expect there were aftermarket kits to take care of the job.

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  18. Dennis6605

    I agree with Brent and Jon. Update the suspension and drop in a late model Hemi. I would normally put a small block Chevy in anything, but this one needs a Hemi. I wonder if my wife would miss the one in her Magnum.

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    • Jon

      @ Dennis6605

      That was too funny ” I wonder if my wife would miss the one in her Magnum.” her comment ” Honey the Magnum isn’t peppy anymore what did I do? “

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      • Dennis6605

        @Jon Especially since when she bought it newI told she needed to buy the one with the Hemi for resale valve. She bought it new in 2005 and likes it so well she is still driving it.

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  19. chrlsful

    1 of my all time fav wagons (& the call me “Wagonman”) along w/the wolwo Duett (it’s copy). Luv to C this suburban in tin woody style (altho probably never made).
    right sized like 1 I DO own, the fox wagon (’83/6 Ford LTD/Marquis, not crown vic but fox bodied like ‘stang).
    No need to mod anything altho the 5 speed or auto w/OD seems good along w/frnt discs…
    I’d OK the price if run/stop/safe…

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  20. Gary Jones

    Good candidate for an old school Hemi…

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  21. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    @ Jesse
    Then how are you supposed to get in contact with anyone?
    I’ve posted my phone number on multiple sites and was never bomb barded with spam. I’ve even posted here I think.

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  22. ChingaTrailer

    To Jesse and your comment about not leaving phone numbers or email addresses – that’s quite frankly useless paranoia. That people refuse to provide real contact information just leads to more fraud and abuse. EVERY Craigslist ad I run shows my phone number and I never get crank or spam calls. I get scam texts but my ads always say all texts will be ignored and they are. When eBay use to allow it, I always posted my phone number there too. Spam, scam and crank calls just don’t happen, now or “way back then” when we used newspapers and magazines like Autotrader or Hemmings. I refuse to buy any car or part when the seller will not talk to me nor will I sell anything big to a buyer I have not spoken too.

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    • Andy G

      I also will not go somewhere to buy a car or bike if the seller won’t talk on the phone

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  23. Joe Haska

    To Thomas Tuso,
    So glad to see your post, I am always wondering what happened with you and the car. I have head rumors, but no actual facts. I got to look at the car and drive it when the up date on the drive train was finished. I thought it was fantastic, just what I would have done, if I could. I knew you were thinking about selling and fantasized about buying it back. I really loved that car.
    I now live in Phoenix AZ. still building and messing with cars. I would love to catch up with you. My contacts are: 303-668-4994 cell 623-328-9669 mm I live in Peoria AZ outside of Phoenix AZ.

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  24. RMac

    Back in the. 70’s a Buddy of my brother had a door 51 suburban and a 49 business coupe he dropped 413and 4 speed pistol grip shifters into both and post rears but except for wider tires on 15 inch steel rims with baby moons the exteriors were stock both were black and he could outrun almost everything with those sleepers loved them

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  25. Brian Estep

    Will keep it stock.

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    • montagna_lunga

      Hey Brian thanks for your note I remember seeing this wagon and your sayin you got it! Brought back memories we loved our Cranbrook, when my GF left she got the Plymouth and the guy she shacked up with trashed the car and gave her the clap. That was the 70’s for ya…

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