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Fancy Farmer: 1959 Porsche-Diesel 218 Standard

All things Porsche are pretty hot right now and have been for quite a few years. Some vehicles are lagging behind a bit, but tractors like this 1959 Porsche-Diesel 218 Standard are becoming more popular with collectors. This Bavarian beauty can be found here on eBay in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania with heavy bidding and no reserve! The current bid price is $12,300 as I write this and check my savings account at the same time.

There are still 7 days left on this auction and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see this tractor go well over $20,000. This is one of the nicest ones that I have seen if not the nicest. I’m not enough of an expert on these tractors to know if it’s 100% Baden-Baden Beach (or whatever Germany’s equivalent to Pebble Beach is) quality and if it was restored to original-spec standards or if that even matters, but man, it’s nice.

The Standard was second from the bottom as far as the horsepower went in this line of tractors. The Junior, Standard, Super, and at the top was the Master. I ran across some conflicting information on when the 218 Standard models were made. One source, Diesel World, says that the Standard 218 model was made from July of 1958 until June of 1960. Two other sources – TractorData which is usually the tractor bible and Wiki say that they were made from 1957 to 1963 so that’s what I’m going by. If one of you knows for sure, please let us know in the comments.

This beautiful tractor was completely refreshed in Germany, according to the seller. It was with one family for 55 years in rural Germany and was it actually used as an actual tractor for actual farming (what a concept!) until the 1970s when it was relegated to classic car show duty before being purchased by the current seller and brought over to the US. Is this the V-218 submodel? The seller mentions that it has five speeds which a V-218 would have had. The H-218 has chrome trim which this tractor has but it also has six speeds and the V-218 model doesn’t have trim. Again, one of you will know for sure. I can’t come up with anything from the VIN. Maybe it’s the H-218. These things keep me up at night.

The engine is Porsche’s F-218 two-cylinder air-cooled diesel that had 25-hp in the Standard. The Junior model had 14-hp, the Super had 38-hp, and the Master had a whopping 50-hp. I will most likely never own a Porsche tractor, unfortunately – have any of you owned one?


  1. John S

    I love the re-purposed VW/Porsche wheels on the front axle :D

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  2. HoA Rube Goldberg Member

    I get such a kick out of this. Farm tractors generally don’t get much attention outside of the farming community, but the fact this says “Porsche” clearly shows how the public can be bamboozled, it’s just a farm tractor, folks. Don’t get me wrong, I like tractors, operated all kinds, favorite is the Allis D series, but you’d have to be off your cork to spend this kind of money on one. And from experience, air cooled tractors can’t hold a candle to liquid cooled ones, sorry.

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  3. Alan Brase

    If you like cute German tractors, but this is too much, you might look at Bundgartz products. They made one with a 40hp VW engine, but my favorite had a Hach diesel single of about 10hp. It was an ingenious small workhorse witha rototiller on it.
    Not the snob appeal of a Porsche, tho.

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  4. PDXBryan

    I still like my Allis Chalmers Model G better. Even though it is water cooled, at least my G has it’s engine properly in the rear, unlike this Porsche. ;^)

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  5. Jeepster Jeepster

    Great write-up with lots of awesome information!!
    Especially because of that I want to point out that Porsche (and Mercedes) actually comes from Swabia, the neighboring region of Bavaria (where BMW and Audi originate).

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Thanks much, Jeepster!
      “Bavarian beauty” was just a bit of poetic license…

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  6. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Love it, never seen one but love it none the less. I’ve got relatives that are into restoring tractors and driving them in parades and on cross state runs. So far the family has done Fords, John Deere’s, Farmalls to name a few.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if they would give an eye tooth or two to have this one.

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  7. Arby

    I knew Porsche did a wheel stagger on some models but that’s ridiculous!

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    • Steve R

      They were ahead of their time, it took a bit of experimentation to get the look right.

      Steve R

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  8. DougB

    Looks like the one Jake Raby was selling recently, but that was down in GA.

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  9. Myles

    Nice…Where would U ever find parts, if needed ????

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  10. arj

    You better buy one in Europe and ship it over to the USA, i think its cheaper and you have more choice. I live in europe so if you want one please contact me

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