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Farmer’s 1970 Jaguar E-Type

1970 Jaguar E-Type

Wow, what a beautiful Jaguar! I love the Willow Green paint, it really makes the lines pop. The story that the seller gives is that this car was purchased by a farmer in Arizona, who drove it until they just couldn’t get in and out of it. From their it went into their barn until they finally decided to take it back to the dealer. It eventually found it’s way into the current owner’s hands. It’s had the interior refreshed and new paint laid down in the original color. The engine is said to be original and runs. Much like the farmer, they just can’t drive it anymore and rather than park it in a barn, they want to see it be enjoyed and driven. If you’d enjoy having this E-Type, you can find it here on eBay in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin with a current bid of $11k.


  1. DrinkinGasoline

    Pfft…much doubt involved. Farmer? Jag? Not from where I’m from. Pass, and not parked in that driveway….ain’t no farm. Another Flipper !

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    • grant

      Well, the narrative pretty clearly states that the farmer traded it in, and the current seller bought it after that. No mention was made of it being currently parked on a farm.

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    • Cody

      Pretty lame stereotype. Where I’m from farmers are just like everyone else. They work for a living and try and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Some of them even like nice cars. Modern, classic, domestic, or imports.

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  2. Vegas Vic

    Such styling!
    These Cats tock n roll
    Adore the paint color, retro wild
    Question the engine competency
    Will it last getting a thousand summer miles each year?

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      What is “tock n roll” ?
      Being from Cleveland, I know both, but not “tock”.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      Vic, maybe this a good time to put down the drink and get something to eat and then head for the bed….it’s all good :)

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  3. hhaleblian

    Wonder if Arnold Ziffle rode shotgun.

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  4. Roselandpete

    Didn’t those frames have serious rust issues?

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  5. Francisco

    That farmer was out-standing-in-his-field.

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  6. Vegas Vic

    No drink last night!
    Arthritic thumb pressed wrong key
    Thanks for your concerns!

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  7. Dolphin Member

    I guess it’s just in a used car dealer’s nature to have stories for cars they sell, but there are too many of them about this car for my comfort, but with no documentation offered to confirm the car’s low mileage and servicing to make it roadworthy after those periods of sitting……especially for a car bid to $40K with the reserve not met.

    The body looks better than most but you would want to check it all over since it looks like there might be some filler in the left rear wheel opening.

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    • Peter


      I think I see the (possible) filler you mentioned, in the L.R. wheel well.

      I think I also see a “surface-level mismatch” (my term, just invented it–LOL) between the shutline from the bottom, L.F. door and the first, few inches of rocker panel, running rearward, from the bottom, leading edge of the L.F. door (if anyone can follow my directions–LOL). As if there may be filler there, too.

      The car is too clean NOT to have been repained–you could iron a dresshirt on the underside of the hood and not even it get it dusty, let alone greasy. Where’s the 45 years of oil-mist entrained road dust?

      This car is definitely a candidate for a $300.(?), expert PPI (Pre-purchase Inspection) by a qualified Jag expert.

      Beautifully-subtle color, though–wonder if it’s correct for the car/period?

      Still think the coupes are even better looking than the vertibles, but I almost never like convertibles–unless they ONLY came that way, like the TR6–and even those look better with the factory hardtop option, than the soft top up, IMO.

      But who doesn’t like an XKE, at some level, right? LOL

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  8. Eric Dashman

    At almost $40K now and likely to go higher. Ditch the shade, folks. This is a nice car, no matter what the stories.

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  9. RoughDiamond

    Oh yes, the old Farmer with the Jaguar and a Barn story. Heard it many times just substitute “’70 Hemi Cuda, Boss 429 Mustang, Plymouth Superbird, Pontiac GTO Judge, etc. Just be truthful because when you lie you have to remember to tell it the same each time. Did that one time as a young adult and it served to teach me a hard lesson in life that I have never forgotten nor repeated. Whatever the back story, it does not take away from the Jaguar being a beautiful design and English automotive icon still highly sought after today. That exterior and interior color combination is oh so beautiful to look at and drool over.

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  10. Graham Line

    Knew a farmer in Idaho with a Griffith 400 who used to compete for TTOD at the Emmett Hillclimb and other events. We also had in the club a Lotus 23 with an aluminum Buick V8, a LeGrand/Chev F5000 car, a Morgan Plus 8 and some Minis. Sounds like someone’s assumptions are poorly based.

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  11. HeadMaster1

    If you asked me what color I’d want my e-type painted, Willow green would NOT be it………That’s what I would have said, until I bought a 71FHC. That color just works on the car, and IMHO it works even better on a coupe with a black interior :-) I bought mine in 2005ish for $23k, only had 26,000 miles….I sold it in 2007 for $28k with 29,000 miles. I thought I made a killing……Guess that’s why I’m not an investment banker………………..For the record, I never spent a dime on repairs on that car, EVERYTHING worked, even the A/C, although the clutch was getting a little soft…..

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    • Puhnto

      Only XKE I ever got to drive was that color. It was a beautiful car, and oh my did it drive well! Sigh.

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    • Peter


      Thank you for (apparently) removing any doubts I had about the color being correct for the car/period.

      And THANK YOU for the rear, “3/4 shot” of your XKE! (As I was saying, above, the coupe E-types ALWAYS look FAR better to me, than do the convertibles, and your pic just reinforced–in my mind, anyway–what I already felt).

      For $23K, in 2005, if I were a DA, I’d have to charge you with “Grand Theft Auto,” as I think that sounds like you STOLE IT! Or, at the very least, got a SCREAMING DEAL!

      AND it was an A/C car? And the A/C WORKED? You’re KILLIN’ me, over here! LOL

      How many miles were on yours?

      Stick or auto?

      Six or V-12?

      Who’s got it now? LOL

      Any repairs/repaints to yours?

      Thanks for the pic, and the encouragement (in terms of your low purchase–and selling price, IMO–no offense). You give me HOPE! LOL

      I also appreciate your telling us that the car was reliable and trouble-free, during your stewardship–the inline six is an inherently-durable engine design, almost no matter which company builds it–even when it’s not “under-stressed,” as they often are, in American cars, but were fairly high-performance, as in your E-Type.



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      • HeadMaster1

        Hi Peter,

        My story gets a little sadder concerning my e-type. I sold it in 2007 to help finance the purchase of my wife’s “dream house”…….2007, you know just before the housing bubble burst. Fast forward to today, that house is worth about $75k LESS than I paid for it in 07, and the wife and I spilt in 2012 :-( If there ever was a guy that wished he kept his e-type, I’m him.

        The car was a 71′, the very last run of the series 2 cars, being a high compression 6cly, twin carbs, chrome wires, and A/C. a proper 4-speed of course. When jag switched to the series 3 cars, they were all V12, many were auto, and the FHC (coupe;” was discontinued, only building the longer wheelbase, taller roofed 2+2 model and convertible). I put about 3,000 miles on the car while I owned it, but I drove it all the time, took it out every weekend unless it was over 100 degrees (that A/C worked, as per design, meaning it never could cool the car at those temps). The car had a “Cool Cat” aluminum radiator and 4 blade fans, never ran hot, and I ran it. Over 100mph almost every time I got on the open road. The exhaust sound under load above 3,000rpm was magical…..

        Now here’s one last thing to say about an e-type, something my ex once said that no man would say…..she said that looking down that hood from the pass seat, with the large bulge in the center, and 2 smaller bulges for each fender, she said it reminded her of the view she saw when looking down at her private parts……..LOL………

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  12. stevee

    Some farmers have more style than you might think. The famous pic of the farmer in Junction City, Oregon repainting his Stutz Bearcat with another coat of French Blue– with a roller.

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    • Peter

      Our neighbor, across the street, has 400+ egg-laying chickens, two billy goats, a gaggle of geese, and boards several horses, in addition to haying, and growing his own “truck garden” of veggies, for the local farmer’s market (in addition to owning/operating a siding business capable of handling a 100-unit townhouse complex, AND [personally] operating a farmer’s market food delivery service). Oh–and he does snow plowing, for hire.

      So, in my book, he qualifies as a “farmer.”

      And HE’s got a convertible Jag–admittedly, it’s a much more modern model–early 2000’s, IIRC–I’ve yet to actually see it, as it got hit by a uniform delivery truck, and repainted (black, as original, of course–i.e., the worst color to have to repair). Then it got STOLEN, and recovered, TOTALED due to alleged water damage (the thief left the top down, with a bunch of the thief’s [stolen?] clothes and bedding in it, so that it SMELLED, so the insurance co. totaled it for him.

      But then he bought it back, removed the clothing/bedding, dried it out and found out the car, itself, didn’t stink–the stolen clothing did! LOL

      So he now got retail paid to him, by the insurance co., bought it back for some, smaller amount, and it’s as good as it was before it wsa stolen! LOL

      But he’s not got much free time to drive it.

      But my POINT is–farmers DO have Jag convertibles–even today’s active farmers!

      That said, I, too, will always question any re-seller’s story of the provenance of a collector car, especially when that seller is a DEALER.



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  13. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Growing up in rural Wisconsin many farm kids in high school had muscle cars. I know of a handful that still own there cars from then. Z28’s, BB Chevys, but no Jags.

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  14. Richard V

    Beautiful E-Type, indeed! Having worked on, and owned, E-Types over the years I owned British Car Service in Southern and Northern California, I have always loved these cars. To this day I become depressed over my decision to sell my ’66 Series l FHC that I had completely restored mechanically but upon which couldn’t afford to complete the body and interior work. Divorces sometimes cause us to have to make brutal decisions when it comes to fiscal issues! Damn… One thing I would consider doing would be to replace the twin Stromberg smogged-out carbs and manifold with the triple 2″ choke SUs and try to regain the 20-plus HP lost in post 1967 models. Of course I would keep the original parts on the shelf.

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  15. Tony

    What’s the story with the head lamps on the later models, the ones we have here in Australia are the originals under the perspex molded covers, did the US have a different regulation and make them as standard upright 7 inch sealed beams without the perspex cover?

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    • Richard V

      In a word Tony, yes. The federal regulations against headlamp covers, as well as other safety regs, was instituted for new cars as of the 1968 model year.

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      • Tony

        Didn’t you guys have a regulation against H4 halogens as well, we’ve always had them and never had any regs to control them and they were/are fine. The biggest problem I have now is these rotten lamps in all the new cars, on a flat road coming towards you no problem but if it’s a bit undulating they flare like hell and blind you, our laws state that headlamps must point down and to the left, (yours would be to the right), so as not to blind oncoming drivers, these new ones are the exact opposite but the law is too weak to argue with the major manufacturers so we have to put up with them. Some are about 2 inches round with a damn great magnifying glass lens.

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