Feeling Fancy: 1966 Jeep Tuxedo Park Mark IV

If a Jeep Tuxedo Park isn’t enough of an eye-opener for you, how about a Jeep Tuxedo Park with just 2,965 original miles? Apparently this garage-kept CJ5A Tuxedo Park was all dressed up with nowhere to go; it seems sacrilegious for a Jeep ad to boast that the vehicle was never driven on so much as a dirt road, but that’s exactly what this one does! It’s an incredible find—thanks to reader Matt Williams!—that you can check out here on eBay, where bidding is up to $15,000 with the reserve as yet unmet.

I’ll admit, my first reaction was, “What the heck is a Tuxedo Park?” so if you’re in that boat, know you’re not alone. Really, it’s a vehicle well ahead of its time: one of the first attempts at a fancified Jeep, a great-grandfather of sorts to the leather-lined, navigation-equipped Wranglers of today. Tuxedo Park Marks I-III were option packages offered on the CJ5 in 1961-63; the Mark IV was marketed as a standalone model from 1965-66, available on either the CJ5A or CJ6A wheelbase. These special Jeeps are distinguished by their chrome bumpers and other assorted trim, special full wheel covers, “calf grain vinyl” upholstery, and a cover for the side-mounted spare tire.

In the case of this truck, that cover is striped to match the optional surrey top. Tuxedo Park sales were low, with the CJ6A-based versions being especially rare (only 460 built, according to this informative post), but they still have the claim to fame of having been used in Lyndon Johnson’s 1965 inaugural parade.

The upholstery may have been a cut above, but the interior of the Tuxedo Park was still decidedly utilitarian. The front buckets of this ’66 are supplemented by benches along either side of the rear cargo area, padded with cushions upholstered to match the surrey top. It all brings to mind the pink Jeeps that ferry tourists around Sedona, Arizona, but there’s something much more jaunty about this little guy.

Propulsion is provided by the 225-cubic inch, Buick-designed “Dauntless” V6 sending power to all four wheels via a floor-shifted three-speed manual. The ad says nothing about the running condition of this ultra-low mileage trucklet; I hope that careful attention has been given to those components that can age and deteriorate regardless of (or because of) how little they’ve been used. Still, there’s little to see here, inside, outside, or underneath, to contradict the seller’s belief that this Tuxedo Park “must be considered one of the very best still in existence.” Of course, when it comes to a name as swanky as Tuxedo Park, only the very best will do; are you feeling fancy enough for this dressy Jeep?


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    Looks like the relative or grand son of the original owner took the inheritance and traded the prized family Jeep it to Corvette Mike for a ho hum Corvette I would bet. From driving the Jeep to say a 2002 Corvette what a dealio. I would like to have been there when that deal was made hopefully the family doesn’t see it on ebay and find out Jr.got hammered. Now Mike is cashing in or trying.

    This although unusual is very rare in both build and certainly condition. Not much to do with it other then put it in a museum.

    I mean what fun is a pink Jeep CJ antiquated GM V6 with white wall tires….and only 3000 original miles? Seems fun but you wouldn’t want your friends to see driving a parade float or answering a million questions with the same answer “It was made this way” followed up with really!

    Hopefully it does go to a museum.

    • Mountainwoodie

      I’d be embarrassed to drive that thing. And not much embarrasses me. Well maybe being bareass.

      Like 1
  2. dirtyharry

    Great jeep, but no fun. I guess if you are a collector, it makes sense. Drive it and you ruin the value, don’t drive it and you not having much fun. My jeep has 180,000 miles and we are just getting to know each other. To me it’s like buying a steak dinner and just starring at it.

  3. Mike H. Mike H.

    Nathan, up until about twenty minutes ago I thought you were a great guy and an awesome writer. Now that I’ve seen this I will be forced to challenge my wife on the merits of its ownership. You did this to me.

    I foresee many sleepless nights ahead. Thanks, buddy. . .

    And to you dirtyharry: if it becomes mine I assure you that it will be driven, but sparingly; value be damned.

  4. jdjonesdr

    Jesus, I think I had one of these many years ago.

    Back then I thought the badges and bumpers were all aftermarket stuff. I lived in a community with a lot of Jeep owners (all years) and all my friends were stumped as to what it was.

    Now I know I had something special back there.

  5. jw454

    Yes, this is one of those cars for a person that has everything and needs nothing. As stated earlier, if you drive it you ruin it. What fun is that?

  6. Peter R

    I like these and raised the bidding to $18K – reserve still not met- I think it will go north of $25K. BTW I think you can triple the mileage without affecting the value

  7. newfieldscarnut

    Low miles because they were embarrassed to be seen in it .

    • Loco Mikado

      The Jeep reminds me of a clown car. Maybe drive in parades dressed as a clown.

  8. MattMc

    Here’s the funny part. Go to the Corvette Mike website and they have it listed for $59,900! While these old Jeeps are very popular, that is insane.

  9. RicK

    Had a well preserved ’65 Tuxedo Park back in the early ’90s that had come right off the ranch, had a factory column shifter and a front bench seat, never seen one so equipped before or after. Only complaint was the gearing, 55 mph was about as fast as you wanted to go.

  10. Jack Quantrill

    In the 60’s, when it was safe to go to Mexico, they used to rent pink and white stripped jeeps like this in Acapulco. Much fun! The Famous Y.A. Tittle was late picking up his, and we got it.

  11. Peter R

    I should have looked at their web site prior to bidding. I think you guys at BF should look too. His ask there is 59,900. If you guys still think this is worth featuring on your site (I don’t), this kind of information is useful to your readers and only took about 60 seconds to find once I went to EBay.

  12. DRV

    To add to your Aculpoco VW thing collection….It’s still impressively kept.

  13. Ray Smith

    My dad actually managed to find one of these at a wrecking yard in Seattle around 1980. There was nothing wrong with it and he got it for $500. It was still lettered up with the hotel name. It was Hotel Las Brisas or something close to that. Us 5 kids had a blast in that jeep. Good memories.

  14. Wolfgang Gullich

    What we have here is an alleged low mileage CJ-5 made into a tribute to the DJ-3A Surrey Gala which was only 2WD. Tuxedo Park was largely a cosmetic trim package and consisted of a couple items I don’t see in the pictures: the brown steering wheel and brown vinyl seats.

    I’d steer clear of this one if you want a Tuxedo Park. As a restoration, it’s a nice Jeep, but the collector’s value is lost IMO making it into a tribute to an early 50s trim.

  15. Joe Haska

    It is not safe to go to Mexico, and how do you know that? Is it because of all the bad Mexican people that you know, or have you just heard about that and assume its true, because you can’t think for your self.

  16. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended: Dec 17, 2017 , 5:08PM
    Current bid:US $16,300.00
    Reserve not met
    [ 43 bids ]

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