Fender Bender: 1979 Hurst/Olds W30

1979 Hurst Olds W30

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This Oldsmobile may look destined for the crusher, but closer inspection reveals that it’s a Hurst edition car! Olds had been teaming up with Hurst to build special versions of their cars for over a decade by the time this one was built. It wasn’t nearly as hot as the Hurst/Olds before it, but this was about as good as things got in 1979. There were only 2,499 built so they are starting to become collectible too. This one obviously needs some bodywork, but it’s listed here on eBay with bidding starting at $0.99 and no reserve!

Olds 350

The 350 V8 found here isn’t anything to get too excited about. It was the best engine you could get in this car at the time though. You have to remember that in the late seventies all cars were suffering in the horsepower department. Even Corvettes were not all that potent. This car could hit 0-60 in about 9 seconds and do a quarter mile in the 16 second range. Not blistering, but respectable for the times.

His Hers Shifter

Besides the gold accents, the His and Hers dual gate shifter could be the coolest feature here. All of these cars came with automatic transmissions, so the best way to add some excitement was to manually shift. One side of the gate gave you standard automatic operation (hers) and the other side allowed you to hammer up through the three gears yourself (his). It didn’t make things much faster, but it was a lot more fun.

Good Side

It’s too bad about the body damage because all the Hurst specific parts appear to be here and accounted for. Luckily, the seller is including some straight fenders so as long as there isn’t any structural damage underneath, this should be a fairly easy fix. These aren’t super valuable, but interest has been increasing as the earlier cars have gotten out of reach. What do you think – is this W30 worth rescuing?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Javelin Jeff

    I would save it

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  2. Mr. Bond

    So would I!

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  3. Keith

    Most of the damage looks to be on panels that unbolt. Unless that pillar needs a pull, this could be an easy one.

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  4. Kincer DaveMember

    As a lifetime Olds fan I’d save it!

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  5. nessy

    Sure it will be saved. Except for not having T Tops, it looks to be a pretty well loaded up car including the super rare fiber optics option which you can see on the front fenders. This was standard on the Caddys and often seen on the Olds 98s and Buick Electra but to see this option on a Cutlass is really neat.

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  6. jaygryph

    Neat car.

    I’d personally clean it up and detail the interior, then drive it as is.

    I like ratty but rolling old muscle cars and their kin.

    I’m sure however that someone will spend the money to restore this, more money than I would, and frankly it deserves it.

    I hope it goes to a good home, it’s a neat ol’ car.

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  7. Rick L

    Fairly easy and worthy save. Looks like the H/O specific bits are there. Only G-Body you could get a 350 in that year. Buy low and enjoy your investment!

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  8. Chris


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  9. HoA Howard AMember

    Absolutely worth saving. While this may be on the low end of Hurst Olds option list, it is still a Hurst Olds. I think this a little more than a “fender bender”, but it doesn’t look too bad. The problem is, while these Cutlass’s were a dime a dozen at one time, I’m sure most yards crushed their GM intermediate’s. Even though, it doesn’t have T-tops, which I thought all HO’s had, it’s probably just as well, as I believe they all leaked. Great find.

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  10. Rick

    I liked some of the earlier versions of the Hurst Dual Gate, you could lock out the “His” side so that unless you had the key, you were stuck driving on the “Hers” side

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  11. piper62j

    Pull the 350 and slap in a 428.. Save the original engine for the day you want to sell the car.. Do a quick R&R of the damaged sheet metal (maybe pull the A pillar if needed) and go have a ball with this car.. Puff it up while you’re driving it and enjoy!!

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    • z28th1s

      Why would you put a 428 in an Oldsmobile? A 428 is either a Pontiac or Ford motor. If you are going bigger put an Olds 455 in it!

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      • piper62j

        Olds produced a 425.. I fat fingered the 428..The 425 had a higher low end torque output than the 455..

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  12. Dj

    Shame it’s missing the factory aluminum wheels. Still worth saving. And comes with parts to fix it.

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  13. Prowler

    Yah that Olds 428 was a great motor

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  14. piper62j

    Yahhh.. Prowler…. My fingahh hit the wrooonnnggg nummmbbahh… Should have been a 425 c.i..
    Check it out..

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  15. Prowler

    No blood…no foul…

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  16. Wayne Thomas

    LS swap and some body work = SLEEPER.

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  17. DrinkinGasoline

    I have a ’79 in the garage that would serve as a serious parts car. That along with My warmed over ’70 455 Rocket Gold engine, pure fun.

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