Corvarri?!! Ferrari 365 Daytona Replica

In the land of automotive replicas, there’s a thin line between a high-end recreation and someone’s forgotten backyard concoction made with old Fiero and Firebird parts. This “Corvarri” seems to be the former, with lots of money spent to incorporate some details that make it more sympathetic recreation of an original 365 Daytona that sells for boatloads of money today. The seller notes that the original builder poured about $20,000 into its design and assembly before an untimely car accident took his life. Find the replica here on eBay with a suggested opening bid of $7,000 and no action yet.

The desire to build a kit car in such a fashion that it closely mimics the original is a fascination I’ve never quite come to understand. While the motivations are obvious – few of us can walk up and buy an original Ferrari Daytona, and they never officially made a convertible – I would just do it as cheaply as possible, as you’re still going to fool most non-enthusiasts. However, once you start pouring real money in as the original owner of this replica did, it becomes a slippery slope. In this case, the builder welded in a Triumph TR7 windshield frame to give it the correct rake for a Daytona and incorporate side vent windows, just like the real deal.

As you can see, the original builder was documenting his progress with the Corvarri to ensure the next owner or visitors to a local car show understood just how much work went into it. The incorporation of the bodywork from a Triumph TR7 is further explained, along with the original donor car Corvette that brought it to life. The eBay listing does show photos of a custom dashboard that mimics the original Ferrari piece, which I’m assuming was fabricated from scratch. Other details are actual Ferrari components, such as the turn signals which are stamped with the familiar Carello markings.

The engine was never re-assembled, and the Corvarri is largely in a state of half-completion. The small-block Chevrolet engine was rebuilt but the intake and valve covers haven’t been installed. The seller notes the engine will come with a set of Dellorto carburetors and a special manifold to mount on an SBC, and pictures also show a pair of Ansa mufflers that again, mimic the style found on a real Ferrari 365. The amount of work done here is impressive, but there are some gaps – such as not having an interior – that the next owner will have to fill in. Overall, if you have to own a replica, this one looks like it’s off to a good start.

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  1. Ken Jennings

    If it fools the know it all country club set and then you are able to upset them with the truth, money well spent.

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  2. Frank Sumatra

    No “Corvarri”. Plain and simple. No. Do not sully the great tradition of America’s True Sports Car. And while I’m here, quit calling those little sauerkraut can Opels a “Poor Man’s Corvette” Got it?

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    • JMB#7

      Yes, Yes… As a kid I hated the “Plastic Pig” Corvette, and loved that sleek little Opel GT, (1968-1973). That would put it in production during the C3 Corvette era.

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  3. Jaydawg7 Member

    When they took picture 11, they accidentally captured an image of the fabled chupacabra.

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  4. Steve Bush Member

    First, why didn’t the original builder choose a 1975 as a donor since it was a factory convertible? Maybe just a typo/error? Second, pics are awful with none of the whole car or side profile. And finally, probably way too much money to finish for what end?

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    • SubGothius

      These Daytona replicas are entirely custom-fab’d bodies, rather than a modification of the stock ‘Vette bodywork. I’d guess the donor car had body damage too expensive to fix, so it made a good proposition to just scrap that body entirely and salvage the chassis by fitting this replacement body to it.

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    • Bultaco

      The replicas on Miami Vice were McBurnie replicas. Probably the most accurate and highest quality of the Daytona replicas. Ferrari sued them out of business, but they pop up for sale once in a while.

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  5. Walker

    Weren’t these known as the “Miami device” after the one used in Miami vice back in the 80’s?

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  6. Elanguy

    When I saw the headline I was hoping it was built on a Corvair. I liked the Corvette better than this replica, but if they could make the Vette look like a Vair, they would really have something.

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    • tompdx

      I thought the same thing, and how hilarious would that be – with all of the mid-engine Ferraris – to use a rear engine car as a donor to a front-engine Daytona.

      • Joe Padavano

        Um… “rear engine”???

      • SubGothius

        Joe, if this were built on a Corvair donor platform as Elanguy hoped, it would be rear-engined just like that Corvair.

      • Joe Padavano

        Got it, I missed that Corvair reference originally.

  7. Jeff

    Beware the engine is not correct, the oil fill on a 1976 vette was on a valve cover and does not have a filler tube in front of the intake manifold.
    The last year for an oil filler tube in the front of the manifold was 1968.

    Be very careful purchasing a pig in the poke (parts donor vehicle) This is a parts menagerie nightmare.

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  8. Tom71mustangs

    Jawdawg7 – you’re killin’ me with the Chupacabra comment. Hilarious and true.

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  9. JMB#7

    Likewise, I was hoping that it was based on the Corvair. The Corvair was a truely innovative car.

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  10. Joe Padavano

    How did the writeup on this car not mention Miami Vice…

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  11. Maestro1 Member

    I think it’s an interesting idea. Somebody has a substantial number tied up in this thing, and someone should follow through. I’m sure everyone here knows that as a result of the Miami Vice Clones a bunch of puppies started manufacturing bodies/interiors for Corvettes. Many were awful. I sat in one that was excellent, did not drive it, and my objection as with all Corvettes is
    that from an ergonomics standpoint one is sitting in a hole. I like sitting up in a car, where I can see all its corners. So I am attracted to larger cars even though I do have several British sports cars, where one sits low.
    An interior for this car would be an issue. You will need someone who really knows what they are doing to get something as a attractive as the exterior design. Someone buy it and good luck. It will take time and money. But when completed i don’t think you’ll be disappointed. And don’t worry about any criticism.

  12. Don Sicura

    I’d love to take this one on, but not for 7K

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  13. don

    Should have called it the Ferrette (ferret) ; Corvarri as has been stated, sounds like it was Corvair based

  14. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended:Jun 11, 2020 , 9:11PM
    Winning bid:US $7,850.00
    [ 3 bids ]

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  15. Laurence

    I would like to wish the buyer good luck with the project, and not to give up along the way, as these projects usually wind up being more work, and costing more, than planned. I would strongly recommend real centre-lock wire wheels…but be sure to give them REAL BORRANI KNOCK-OFFS. This one expensive but crowning touch will truly help to make this replica look like the real thing, because having the TR-7 windscreen and small side wind wings already, push this replica way beyond a McBurnie, in terms of looking real. A very realistic-looking replica that is well sorted-out will command a very decent price and be an excellent investment. All the best to you!

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