Few Produced: 1967 Ford Bronco Half Cab

Located in Springfield, Nebraska, this baby Bronco is a shell of its former self. Currently, it sits at a bid price of $1,275 with no reserve. The VIN is listed to research, and it does have a clean title. It is uncut and the frame is said to be solid. You can view more on the eBay listing.

No miles are listed because there is no engine in the vehicle. It could have come with either a straight 6 or a Windsor V8. It does not look like the transmission is in the vehicle, but the seller has a 3 speed available. The listing states that the rocker panels are original with very little rust.

There is not much to note about the interior. The seller lists that there are doors, but the condition of them is not well. It has no top. It looks to have been stored in a covered place, but the floors are still rusted. A more positive note to what would be an interior is the dashboard is in-tact.

The pictures almost make it look like a roadster trim rather than the claimed half cab. Bronco experts can chime in to clarify. As you can see, there is no grill to the truck. A pile of parts is available for the truck, including headlights. There are options for this truck, you just have to be creative.

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  1. Todd Zuercher

    The VIN is U14 so it’s a half cab. Originally a six cylinder truck.

    • Jeepster

      1986 – 1991 attending WKU, the campus service/maintenance dept had around 10 half cab bronco’s. Wonder what happened to them …

      never really thought about it until now –
      and reading Ralph’s comment below !

  2. Classic Steel

    One sadly only can see half a vehicle here too with missing parts😟
    I like broncos of this era so maybe someone can bring it back to life at the low price or make a mod 😜

  3. Mountainwoodie

    ” Clem….you better put whats left of that there Bronco on Eebay today or yer sleeping in the shed…..” ” And dont give em a lot o pitchers…..they might not bid……those damn suckers…….”

  4. jdjonesdr

    “A pile of parts are available……….” So they wanna sell the stuff they pulled off the truck separately?? Seems kinda dumb to me.


      Did you read the auction text? The seller clearly states that the parts go with the body, no extra charge.

  5. canadainmarkseh Member

    What a pile of horse apples half the truck is missing and the other half is rusted out. This is a lost cause and best sent to the shredder to be made into re bar, or garden shovels.

  6. Jimmy

    Well you would have a clean slate to work with but after getting it together and running you could buy a restored 35K one and be better off.

  7. Ken Member

    Hank Kimball called. He wants his Bronco back.

    • Ken Member

      Hank: “Somebody stole it. Well, not really stole it. More like borrowed it so they could strip it and sell the parts on the black market in Pixley. Well, maybe not Pixley. More like Crabwell Corners. Huh…I guess they really did steal it.”

      Oliver: “Did your mother have any children who lived?”

  8. KevinLee

    What little is left, and in poor condition, I don’t think mileage is a factor.

  9. half cab

    I once paid a $100 for a roller (no motor trans or T-case)that was in better shape then this but that was back in 1989.

  10. Ralph

    These are quickly becoming the Porsche 911 of suv’s…….and I don’t mean that in any kind of positive way BTW.

  11. Matt steele

    Half cab looks more like a quarter of a Bronco

  12. Mike

    Uncut fenders. I’m in!

  13. Darrun

    This is a steal, unless the bidding soars at the end of the auction.. Follow the Bronco market for awhile. This is an amazing start compared to most of the 35k Bronco’s out there.


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