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Few Words: Pair Of Bargain Corvettes!

While I’ve seen a lot of car ads that have a minimal number of words, this ad for this pair of Corvettes takes the cake at 8 words! If you want to read it yourself, check it out here on eBay. Bidding reflects the lack of information as it’s only up to $640 for the pair with no reserve! The cars are located in Enid, Oklahoma if you are starting to wonder about shipping costs.

One car is a 1975 and the other is a 1977, and there also appears to be a front clip included to replace the broken one on the green car. I’ll be honest, I can’t see cosmetic differences between the two cars so I can’t tell which is which. Any Barn Finds readers out there able to tell the difference?

We also don’t know anything about completion of the cars, engine and drivetrain inclusion or anything else about these cars. However, at less than $700 it would be hard to go wrong, even if you end up parting out one or both cars.

I didn’t see anywhere that a rear clip was included for the green car, and it might be a better idea to think of it as a parts car for the other one. I hate “killing” any car, but this would be one heck of a challenge to refurbish, although as for any Corvette, all the parts are available.

Although the ad doesn’t specifically spell it out, my assumption is that the seller included this picture for the burgundy front clip. Whatever you decide, I’d certainly recommend some sort of inspection or conversation with the seller before bidding — how have you readers gone about that in the past? I’ve asked national car club members to do it for me (and they have done so very well) but I’ve also heard some horror stories! Share in the comments, please!


  1. Avatar photo RoughDiamond

    Oh if only cars could talk, what a story we’d hear here. If that locomotive was running we could lay some tracks and put all these carcasses out of their misery with one pass.

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  2. Avatar photo Mr. Bond

    The brown and primer one has “75 ‘Vette” written on the windshield. Might be right.

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Palmer Staff

      Ha! I’m blind! Thanks!

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  3. Avatar photo Steve R

    Parts cars.

    Steve R

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  4. Avatar photo gbvette62

    Besides saying 75 on the windshield, the hood on the Medium Saddle (what Chevrolet called that color in 75) car indicates that it’s probably a 75. The hood with the grill at the rear of it was only used from 73-76.

    The green one (which is not a factory color), is the 77, based on the nose emblem.

    I’m not really sure what else to say about those two Corvettes. I have a parts business, and I don’t know if it would be worthwhile to part them out?

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    • Avatar photo Harry

      This guy is no wordsmith! He ALSO has ads up for a 57 Belair and a 68 Camaro. All the ads starting bids were .99 cents!

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  5. Avatar photo Dave Member

    Looks like a pile of GM carcasses plopped in a dirt floor shed.

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  6. Avatar photo Tom Member

    Sorry I am a Corvette guy to some degree, having owned 4 of them, and it is my opinion that anything after 1972, maybe 1973 is not very valuable and probably won’t be. You will NEVER get your money out of these on a restoration on these even if they are free.

    This looks like a neglected pile of crap and as has been said, quality of any salvageable parts is questionable.

    It will take more time, effort AND MONEY to haul these carcasses away than they are worth AND THAT IS IF THEY ARE FREE. at $640….that is about $640 too much.

    To the owner, part the good stuff out yourself OR just give it away.

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  7. Avatar photo Mike

    Minimal description and horrible, non-helpful pictures. This is a Craig’s List ad posted on E-Bay.

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  8. Avatar photo U.K. Paul 🇬🇧

    He also has a 68 Camaro

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  9. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    I’m with Tom.

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  10. Avatar photo Don Sicura

    The seller could pay you for removal of this scrap and you’d still be underwater!

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  11. Avatar photo Pontiactivist

    Never mind the vettes. I want the 74 or 75 firebird in the picture with the maroon front clip.

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  12. Avatar photo John

    I believe this guy has come up with a brilliant plan to get somebody else to clean his shed out for him and make a couple of bucks in the process. Bring a dump truck.

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  13. Avatar photo scottymac

    Always thought a cheap one of these would be a good starting point to recreate a Fitch Phoenix. Let me go check the bank balance. John wondered if his car inspired the design for the C3 Corvette.


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    • Avatar photo Poppapork

      Let me answer your question- it would not! The Fitch Phoneix was 100% corvair based with the rear flat 6 but with induction changed to webers. Trying to duplicate that with a c3 wouldhave a very poor outcome

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      • Avatar photo scottymac

        I’ve owned nine Corvairs, and have two now, so don’t need schooled on the Phoenix. Starting with the C-3 cabin, mounting the engine where the Corvette fuel tank sits, and gluing on slab panels to the curvier Corvette sides would be a good start, in my opinion.

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  14. Avatar photo TimM

    What makes someone destroy something to the point of being upside down

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    • Avatar photo Tom Member

      Fred, if that is true which I have no reason to believe it is not….., there was a reason for that “one year only green” and it wasn’t collectability or the color of money!!!!

      Hey, let’s make a list of what color I would want to paint my Corvette. Hmmm, I don’t see green here near the top of the list …..or really anywhere!

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    • Avatar photo Poppapork

      How does owning a corvair qualify you as knowledgeable on a custom hand made prototype? I guess Logic does not apply here?
      the c3 cabin does not have a single angle in common with the Phoneix plus it would look huge on a shortened corvair chassis.

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      • Avatar photo scottymac

        THANK YOU FOR YOUR opinion. As stated above, John wondered if Chevy used the Phoenix as a pattern for the C3 Corvette. So… what made him think that if…”the c3 cabin does not have a single angle in common with the Phoneix .”

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  15. Avatar photo Fred

    That Green is a one year only color I believe. 1975

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  16. Avatar photo CanuckCarGuy

    Yikes! A picture is worth a thousand words – fortunately volumes in this case.

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  17. Avatar photo Maverick

    What a mess.

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