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Fiberglass Project: 1967 Chevrolet Corvette

The C2 (second generation) Chevy Corvette was in its last year in 1967. The following season, the Mako Shark-inspired Corvette would join the world. Nearly 23,000 copies of the ’67 were built of which a little more than a third were coupes like the seller’s car (sorry, no split window!). This was a well-optioned ‘Vette when new, but a lot of it is damaged and the body and undercarriage need lots of work. Located in a garage in the province of Alberta in Western Canada, the Chevy is available here on eBay. You’ll have to beat $8,600 and more to crack the seller’s reserve.

From the collection of photos provided portraying the car in varying stages, we’re guessing this is a stalled project. According to the seller’s documentation, this Corvette has the potent 350 hp version of the 327 cubic inch V8 with a 4-speed manual. It came with factory dual-side exhaust, headrests (rare in ’67), and power accessories (including the windows). There isn’t much of the Greenwood Green paint or tan interior left at this stage. Much of the fiberglass is busted and the seller says the “birdcage” is rusted.

We don’t know if the front clip that’s shown in some photos is the one that came with the car or one that has been outsourced due to an accident. The glass is all there but the windshield and most of what you’d need to put Humpty Dumpty back together again may be present and accounted for. The car has its factory VIN, but the cowl tag looks too nice not to be a reproduction.

Whether or not it matters, this was a Canadian-kept car from the get-go. This means you’ll need to know what’s required to bring it into the U.S. if that’s where you reside. If you don’t mind completing unfinished work, could this ’67 Corvette sport coupe be your cup of tea?


  1. Leonard Mazzei

    This sure looks like a Corvette a friend of mine who has since passed away bought in Saskatoon Saskatchewan with the intention of restoring it but after a while he gave up and sold it to someone in Alberta.

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  2. Stan

    Always liked the smell 👃 of fibreglass for some reason 🤷‍♂️

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    • Ike Onick

      I have heard it tastes like chicken,too.

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  3. Cam W.

    If this was local, I would consider it. I have had multiple C2 convertibles (currently have 2), and always wanted to add a coupe to the collection.
    To most people, this car would cost (alot) more to restore than it would be worth. If you do your own work, and have access to inexpensive parts, this car is a potential project. My view is that cars like this are not viable NCRS gold candidates, but may be built to decent driver or restomod standards. It is in waaay better shape than the ’64 convertible I rebuilt last winter.

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  4. Jerry Bramlett

    What’s being offered for sale here? Is it everything shown in all the photos, or just the fiberglass body with some loose replacement panels?

    The engine isn’t described at all. Nor is the condition of the chassis. The engine appears to be the 300 hp version with a factory air conditioning compressor. So, even if it is included, does the frame VIN match the body VIN and the title?

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    • Jerry Bramlett

      This seller is selling the chassis pictured with this rusty body in another eBay auction, #126188942543.

      Evidently he is building a Modo-Thingo using a different body off a restored ’67 Corvette with factory air from New Mexico.

      His selling approach will probably confuse some who are bidding on just the rusty green body. They may think they’re getting the chassis too.

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    • Leonard Mazzei

      I’m sure this Corvette was once owned by a friend of mine who is now passed on I remember looking at it in his garage years ago near Saskatoon Saskatchewan it had been rolled and he had intended to restore it and I laughed at him and said good luck. Shortly after that he sold it to someone in Alberta and bought a good 66 big block coupe .

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  5. Don

    The picture of the engine is not a 327/350. A 327/350 hp had chrome valve covers and an aluminum intake manifold + a 650cfm Holley carburetor. I had one identical to this – same colors, everything….. breaks my heart to see this.

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  6. dogwater

    I think this car restorable at the right price around 25k

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  7. Leonard Mazzei

    This car was rolled the roof has been replaced look at the pictures on e-bay . I saw this car years ago in my friends garage he bought it with the intention of fixing it up but changed his mind and sold it to someone in Alberta .

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  8. Victor Rand

    8k for a pile of junk? Whatever hes selling isnt worth 1500 in that shape.

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  9. Joe Freeman

    Sorry but from the info available I cant tell whats there and not there how rusty the birdcageis what parts are missing which engine option it came with and whats in it now.

    And if the bird cage is rusty what sorta shape the frame and suspension pickup points are in

    Im pretty sure that the only use for the car would be as a retomod.
    I wouldnt trust the trim tag sbsent documentation

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  10. Frank Sumatra

    I wonder if the guy who insists the engine sits over the front “axle” on C2/C3 Corvettes has seen this.

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