Field Find: 1980 Lamborghini Countach Replica

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As a kid, I used to go wandering through old yards and back-lots looking for automotive treasure. The most exciting thing we ever found was an old school bus. But imagine being a young enthusiast and coming across a car that you had on your bedroom wall as a poster. That is what we have here today, a field find of a Lamborghini Countach, however, at closer inspection reveals its Pontiac Fiero underpinnings. I still would have been excited though, but probably didn’t have the $5000 in my savings to pay for it. However, if you want to recreate that childhood fantasy of having a Lamborghini, then this could be yours by paying a visit to Denver, Colorado, and by visiting the ad here on Craigslist. Thanks to Mark_K for this tip!

The thing with some Barn Finds, especially kit cars is that there is often very little information about the kit, who made it, and how it was pulled together. So it will be a brave soul who pulls this out of its field and decides to take on the restoration. However, given its Fiero underpinnings, you have a better chance than a scratch-built kit on a tubular chassis. If you are into your kits, the best Countach Replicas are built by Prova, which are close to 100% accurate, including on a similar wheelbase. The issue with this one is that it’s always going to look a bit ‘off’ as the dimensions were never correct, to begin with.

So what do you get for your $5000? Well, we can see a fiberglass body, bonded to the chassis, still sitting in its gel-coat and unpainted. It has suffered in that time, with lots of bumps and scrapes, as well as a significant tear in the body on the rear. If you don’t like body gaps, then look away now, as this has one of the biggest door gaps I may have ever seen, also with what looks like a regular door hinge to keep it open. The front glass is in, as well as part of the door glass, but you are going to be searching for or building a lot yourself. The hood is missing which also exposes some rust on the metal work underneath. I would want to get a good look at the underneath of this car first.

Interior wise we have very little. A steering wheel and a dash. We see a photo of the engine, but nothing is said about how it turns. It would be an extremely talented builder to take this project on but if you could take this on and complete it, you would have a very convincing replica that most would not be able to tell apart from the original. So what do you think it would take in order to finish this ambitious project?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    If this is such a great deal at $5,000 why was it tossed out into a field and left there in the first place? Never wanted something in this kind of condition with missing parts anyway so I’m biased on my “not worth the trouble” attitude. Too many better options out there.

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  2. Big C

    This piece is resting in the exact place it needs to be.

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  3. Auric

    Before reading anything, just by looking at that first picture, I immediately said the word “FIERO”!. It is SO extremely obvious that this is a rebodied Fiero, that even if this very incomplete and derelict Fiero/”Countach” were to find someone willing to invest a load of treasure into making it something roadworthy and presentable, it would always be a small caricature of a Countach. Once a Fiero, always a Fiero. May it R.I.P.

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  4. Chris

    Years ago there was a nice looking Ferrari replica on a Fiero chassis in my town. Someone argued with me that it was a real Ferrari, I said sure with a Fiero interior and an automatic transmission, ok.

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  5. Jerry Bramlett

    Maybe you could combine this with the Chevy II shown above and then you would have… absolutely nothing of value.

    Hard pass.

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  6. Troy

    Sitting out in the open weather in a field next to a limo with a different colored fender for who knows how many years what could possibly go wrong.

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  7. Malcolm Boyes

    If you could get it for $500..lose the ridiculous wing and turn it into a Lambofo dune buggy…that might be fun.

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  8. Mike

    At one time I was selling my ‘91 500SL with 77K original miles for $7500. I was told that I was “Crazy! You’re way out of line on your price!” Then the guy offered me $4K for a pristine Mercedes 2 seat convertible. Yes, running, driving, stopping, and I just replaced the brake pads with ceramic pads.
    If I was crazy at $7500 for my Mercedes, then this guy should be institutionalized for wanting $5K.

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  9. George Birth

    What is needed for this one is more money than brains.

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  10. Howie

    I see it is well protected from the weather, not!! OBO? more like any offer.

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  11. douglas hunt

    I mean, if they were giving it away, I might drag it home and tinker …..but it is not anything I would pay for …..

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  12. Armstrongpsyd Armstrongpsyd

    Elliot, Maybe I’m getting old, but I find myself agreeing with Bobhess more and more. I wish I had an archive of all of our comments through the years; I‘d look for patterns and create a couple of nice graphics to see how a few of the members track over time. There’d be several volumes of valuable information in there as well.
    On this one I have to agree with Big C, “ This piece is resting in the exact place it needs to be.”

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    • bobhess bobhessMember

      Certainly agree. I’ve absorbed tons of information over the years from the commenters on BF. The knowledge level is pretty amazing.

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  13. Dick Coutts

    Quite the ugliest piece of scrap seen on Barn Finds in a long time …

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