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Field Find Project: 1966 Chrysler 300

Not to be confused with the 300 “Letter Series” cars of the 1950s and 1960s, Chrysler introduced a “regular” version of the 300 that was more affordable. These 300s were produced from 1962 to 1971, even after the Letter Series automobile was discontinued after 1965. This ’66 300 looks to have been sitting in a field for some time but has a 383 cubic inch V8 with less than 5,000 miles. The seller believes it’s a restorable project that can be acquired for $3,200. Located in Wellsville, Kansas, this Mopar is available here on Facebook Marketplace.

Chrysler dubbed these cars the 300 Sport Series to help differentiate them from the Letter Series that were still in production. They took the place of the Chrysler Windsor which had its swan song in 1961. While they didn’t necessarily have the same performance set-up as the Letter Series, they had the level of trim that you would expect for a Chrysler-branded automobile. Unlike the Letter Series, the 300 Sport Series could be ordered as a 4-door hardtop in addition to the customary 2-door and convertible.

We don’t know if this Chrysler is numbers matching. But the 383 was rebuilt earlier and it and the automatic transmission have been installed and will need some further hookup. So, in theory, it should run once everything is buttoned up; however, the brakes are going to need some attention. The seller purchased this auto as a project but doesn’t now have the time to put it into it.

While the rear quarter panels are rusty, we’re told the floors and trunk are corrosion-free. The interior, while dirty, is in pretty fair shape, except for the driver’s bucket seat. The trunk contains items that we assume all pertain to the 300, including a fuel cell which we’re unsure of why it would be there. While cash always talks, the seller is willing to consider a trade for a pickup truck. Our thanks to NW Iowa for this tip!


  1. H Siegel

    These are great cars and that 383 should make good horsepower. From what I can see and have read in the listing. With some work getting it running driving and stoping. Then clean it up and drive and enjoy it while attacking the body and paint work. There would be no shame driving it to any Mopar meet. GLWTS

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  2. Ricardo Ventura

    Beautiful model. It seems like a good project and a fair price.

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  3. Troy

    Asking $3200 you can probably get it for $2600 give it a bath and A really good interior detail get it running and sell it for $6,000 and now you have Christmas spending cash or money for your next flip

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  4. Kanak Attak

    Wow this bad boy is awesome 😎 beautiful lines front and back and all angles, it’s a keeper and that patina looks great as is and the price is amazing, I don’t think it’s going to be waiting for a buyer much longer, this sweet ride is going to be gone soon for sure!

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  5. Tony

    A big block is good A 440 would be has been better.

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  6. Tony

    A big block is good, A 440 would be has been better.

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  7. Chuzz Pat

    If I had the money, I’d jump all over that one.

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  8. Dusty Rider

    My dad bought a new ’66 Newport 2dr hardtop, same tarnished gold color and a 383 2bbl. That thing would run down the road at 105-110 no muss, no fuss, except the white lines went by faster. My brother drove it until one of the leaf springs came up through the trunk floor. It had an ashtray the size of a nightstand drawer under those middle ac vents that contained two ashtrays, the lighter and a compartment in between that had slots for coins and maybe could hold a pack of smokes, I can’t remember.

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  9. MikeD

    My grandfather had a 1966 300 that he took immaculate care of. It had all the options including the console shift with large vacuum gauge. It was the car he and my grandmother used for their snow bird trips from Jackson Hole Wyoming to various sunny spots in the Southwest to spend the winters. With around 100,000 miles on it my grandfather passed his cherished 300 along to my dad who was not nearly as particular about its maintenance. Even so, it managed to power along until it reached 285,000 miles, with the engine never having been opened up, and was finally parked on a section of lawn as it was r-e-a-l-l-y burning the oil. Thankfully, in the early 90’s a Chrysler fan spotted it, offered my dad $500 and hauled it away on a trailer where it hopefully was brought back to life and is still plying the highways of the West.

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    • Big H

      My grandfather retired from Dodge main in Hamtramck in the mid 70’s and he always drove 300’s,Newport’s and bought his last Mopar in 83,a gran fury,he bought my aunt a 73 340 duster brand new for graduation,grandpa passed them land yachts down to my dad every 3 years when he bought a new one,dad was a heavy drinker and wrecked almost every one grandpa gave him,but man u talk about some great memories…grandpa always kept a bowl of hard candy in the glove box as did dad,every time I see a Chrysler land yacht it takes me down memory lane…

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    • Kego

      The 1965 300 L was last year for the letter series 300 cars.

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  10. Steve

    Nice style and color, good looking vehicle.

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