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Field Finds In Oklahoma Going Quick!


When it comes to finding a cheap project to put back on the road, I wouldn’t normally recommend buying a field find. It’s not that they can’t be great projects, but having not been protected by a barn or garage, they tend to have been baked by the sun and left to the worst mother-nature has to offer. In the case of these Oklahoma fields, I can make an exception, as they were in a barn until just a couple years ago and are just so cheap. They are actually being offered on eBay, but bidding is still low with less than a day left to go. These could be some great buys!


My personal favorite is the Gremlin. It’s a ’73 with a floor mounted manual and A/C! The seller claims it’s been parked in a barn for most of it’s life, but it hasn’t been run in about 10 years. It looks looks solid, but sun baked. These are easy little oddballs to work on, so it could be a great buy, especially with the current bid of $720! You can find it here on eBay and is still parked in the Talihina, Oklahoma field.


Parked just a few feet away from the Gremlin is this massive Chrysler Newport. This thing is a boat, but actually looks to be in decent shape. The interior is still nice and body looks straight. It was parked in the same barn as the Gremlin and was moved to this field at the same time. The seller hasn’t tried to start it, but admits they don’t know how to open the hood. It looks like it would actually clean up extremely well and has a great look to it. It’s listed here on eBay and has only been bid up to $500! It might be worth getting just for parts!


If you’re looking for something bigger than the Gremlin, but smaller than the Newport, their ’76 Monte Carlo might hit the sweet spot. It’s still big, but no where nearly as long as the Chrysler! This one runs and drives, but apparently it doesn’t want to idle and the seller can’t get the open on it either. I’m surprised with bidding on this one, as it’s only to $280! That seems quite cheap for a driving car that actually looks to be in decent shape. If you are a fan of this Monte Carlo and want to throw in a bid, you can find it here on eBay.


The last vehicle the seller has isn’t out in the field, but parked in a barn. It’s an ’83 Jeep CJ7 and is said to be ready to drive! It has been the seller’s personal driver, so I assume that means it didn’t come from the same previous owner as the Chrysler and AMC. Being a driver and not parked out in the field, bidding is quite a bit higher than the others. It probably helps that it’s a Jeep and is considerably more desirable than the other three. It has been bid up to $3,500 and can be found here. So which of these four would you want to have? Personally, I’d take the Gremlin or the Jeep.


  1. hhaleblian

    I want the bus! What a great track ride!

  2. John H. in CT

    For $500, I wonder what’s under that Chrysler’s hood. At least a 383?

  3. Mark P

    Ditto on the bus! Great for tailgating.

  4. ccrvtt

    While the bus is admittedly way cool I’d rather have the Gremlin. I saw one locally about 20 years ago that had huge tires on the back and a light bar with 4 off-road beams mounted. It had a killer stance and terrible paintwork. Looked a little post-apocalyptic, as in Mad Max, and likely to get you a ride in the bus eventually. Just one of those cars I’ll never forget.

  5. DAN

    I haven’t tried starting I also don’t know how to open the hood so no motor pictures sorry

  6. Chris

    Man, pass me the keys to that Monte and mind yo’ own bidness! I love these big ol’ GMs. Takes me back to my youth in the 70’s. My mom had a very long term relationship with a great guy that had a silver 2nd gen Monte Carlo. Good memories in that car.

  7. Bingo

    In this day and age an EBay rating of zero (0) is kind of odd

  8. S Ryan

    First thought was wow a cheap Monte. Then I looked closer. It’s damn near a convertible as it sits. Wow.

  9. Mark S

    To bad the tin worm has attacked the monte as it would have been my pick. These were nice cars in there day. They kind of remind me of what you’d get with a late 1960’s Impala.

  10. Tj

    I’m confused the gremlin and the Newport are in okie, but the mc and keep are in ark? That’s some sized barn!

  11. Howard A Member

    I’ve found, generally, when people say it’s been outside for only a few years, it really means, it’s been outside a long time ( more than a few years) With exception of the Jeep ( clearly parked inside with the bird crap on the seats), these cars are pretty shot. Someone put a LOT of miles on the Gremlin, but would be the best of the bunch, just because it’s so odd AND rare. Jeep too, can never go wrong with a Jeep of any kind. And I agree, the Monte was a nice car, my uncle had one. I remember, the doors never closed right on that car. Yeah, and what is the deal with the bus. Kind of creepy, I’d want nothing to do with it. Maybe The IH (Navistar) S series behind it though.

  12. Mike D

    well guys, the gremmy, the Chrysler and the Monte are sold.. it should have been easy to pop the hood on the Chrysler as I think there is no hood release on the inside ( which is why he can’t figure it out) of course the photos are down, would have liked to have had a closer look at the Gremmy, and the Monte , but, alas, too far away for me, and no $$ to boot


    Pro Mod Gremlin! Blown Hemi- Wow!! Probably bend the body on the Grasshopper!

  14. Rolf Poncho

    The Gremlin will do yes G-Wolf u got the rite idea a blown hemi or gm will do 2

  15. Maria

    That 76 Monte will need work looks like, I’ve always liked the body styles of these and the size.My first car was a 76 Monte Carlo 350 standard engine,was a great dependable car for about a year,then lost interest in it as it developed a routine of not wanting to start. I had to finally give it away for a more dependable vehicle that would not eat my money up to get it repaired again. I only got $920 for it and it was in way better condition than this 76 is. If anyone else had the same problem with their 73-77 Monte Carlo please message me,feedback is welcome sure would like to know more about yours.

  16. Marty Member

    The 383 was the smallest engine the ’66 Chrysler was available with.

    (This one sold at $1250, 10-11-16)

  17. Johnmloghry

    I once owned a 74 Gremlin X 258 straight 6 with three speed manual on the floor. Ugly as sin, but a great car, I put a lot of miles on that little car. Drove from Seattle to Texas to Utah and a lot of miles along the three year ownership.

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