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Field of Dreams? Chevy and GMC Truck Projects

If you have a hobby like car or truck collecting, it’s helpful to have lots of land and some steel buildings on your property. Of course, it can get quite dangerous, too, as your collecting can get out of control given you have unlimited access to space to stash more vehicles and parts. The seller of this collection of 1947-1954 Chevy and GMC trucks here on craigslist is looking to sell it piece-by-piece or unload the whole thing if you’ve got some empty acres to fill.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Ken for the find. No specific vehicles are profiled for sale, but the seller does mention he has a complete truck for sale for $1,800. Everything else is in between, it seems, a complete truck or a parts truck. He has four one-ton duallys and five 1.5 ton models for sale, with a grand total of 26 trucks on the property, which likely includes plenty of carcasses. Photos show a field full of trucks with just their cabs and no fenders, so there should be something for everyone.

The parts stash is equally massive, and impressively well organized. I see spaces like this and realize the craziness in my own garage is not due to being a messy person but because I don’t have nearly enough space for all the crap I need to hold onto for future projects. This seller is clearly farther along in his obsession, and the impressive level of organization should make it possible to ask for specific parts you may need for a restoration.

While the stake body is the one for sale, I like that Suburban-style truck in the background. The seller doesn’t mention whether these rarer bodies are up for grabs, and I’m guessing they’re not given the emphasis on one ton and 1.5 ton models. If you’re near Athol, Idaho, go check it out; if you’re looking for a truck project on the East coast, feel free to check out our Barn Finds Exclusive listing for a bumper crop of project trucks in Georgia.


  1. Ken

    Advance Design heaven. I love these things more than any other trucks ever made. I could spend days digging thru those parts boxes. 😎

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  2. Al

    Curious as to how many trucks to the acre can you raise?

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    • Brakeservo

      Depends on a lotta things, soil, rain, growing season etc. Proper fertilizer too! This part of the country must be good for raising old trucks though, ’bout nine years ago traveling across central Washington, prob’ly near Starbuck (the town, not the over-priced brew) I came across an even bigger collection of similar trucks . . .

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  3. rojo

    My Cider house rules. Rule number one. Everything runs. Everything is registered in a state where all vehicles over the age of 25 are registered as Historical vehicles. Insure if it’s value is over $20K. I have 23 vehicles not including antique tractors all fit these requirements. Really not that expensive. Getting the vehicles? Simple long life in which you never pass up a good deal. Keep your hand up at a auction as you look like you know what your doing. Gets you in trouble sometimes. A good hiding place for them if you have a wife who says enough is enough and the next one you buy get a attorney to go with them. For instant this barn 40 X 180 holds a lot of stuff. Got bored one time and restored a U-Haul truck.

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  4. Chevy Guy

    This is literally a field full of my dream trucks. I love 1949 3100s.

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  5. Mountainwoodie

    Wow! Just wow! Might have to move to Idaho.

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  6. steve e

    Bought a grille and bumper from him for my ’54 Chev 6400 formerly a fire truck. Great service, a true old car enthusiast gentleman.

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  7. walt

    u’all loose, here’s a real pickup

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  8. John Williamson

    Walt, I’m nuts for 35 36 Ford pickups, spent a whole summer when I was 13 cruising all the parties with a friend who had a 35 p/u with an Olds engine and louvers like yours. great truck.

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  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    Looks like a nice selection. I’m somewhat partial to the larger trucks, probably because I ran a lot of them years ago. They all look great after some TLC.

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  10. Howard A Member

    I never cared for the Advanced Design trucks, I was more of an IH fan in these years. Still, it’s fun to see a bunch of the same kind of truck in the same place. Seems a shame the seller, who clearly has done this for a while, is bailing out. AD’s are really popular today, and some ambitious person could have a go at this and probably do alright.

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Howard. Advanced Design never appealed much to me either. I liked the Art Deco ones before that, and the Task Force afterwards. Advanced Design was OK but too much like a jellybean for me. However, lots of people differed with us. And yes, I liked the Binders too…

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  11. Walter Kielbowicz

    Great bunch of old trucks. I would like to know if any trucks or parts are still available here in 2020. If any one knows, contact the Nor’East Chevy/GMC Truck Club and we can bring it up at our monthly meeting as to where these are to see or purchase parts. Thanks


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