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Fiero Kit: Lamborghini Countach Replica

Do you ever wonder how many replica Lamborghini Countachs exist in the world? I do, on occasion, and if I were ever commissioned to perform a study on this topic, I’d go down several rabbit holes to figure out which vendor made the most convincing replica. From there, I’d see which ones incorporated an engine that showed some creativity, attempting to avoid the typical Chevy 350 powerplant. My final qualifying criteria? How convincing the interior was, and whether it adequately hid its standard production car roots. Then, I’d know from which manufacturer this Lamborghini Countach kit car listed here on eBay originated with, and whether it’s worth the $11,000 listed price.

By my informal assessment code, this particular kit car scores well on the front end, where the headlights at least represent some attempt to mimic the originals. Out back, however, it falls apart a bit, as the integration of the taillamps, rear bumpers, and gigantic spoiler appear slightly forced, with nothing going together quite like it should. However, a competent body man could likely fix the flaws with these kit cars in many cases, and a simple deletion of the rear spoiler would improves its looks dramatically. I’d also step up to a staggered wheel setup to get those rear rollers to stick out closer to the edges of the fat rear fenders.

The seller does disclose that this Countach kit is based on a Pontiac Fiero, which is pretty obvious. The 350 engine is hardly a surprise, either, so this example would score poorly in my matrix of how creative the engine choice was. Your garden variety 350 from a Chevy pickup of the same era as the Fiero would make under 200 horsepower, so not exactly a powerhouse. Paired with a 4-speed manual gearbox, this was not exactly a stirring combo. But it was likely easy to get one’s hands on such an engine for the purpose of this build, and given the Fiero origins, installing anything more exotic than this may have been a colossal pain in the neck.

This Countach replica hasn’t seen a lot of love lately, and the amount of moisture visible in the cabin is concerning. The seats have water droplets om them, and it makes me wonder if the custom seals for those scissor doors have given up the ghost. The seats are attempting to hide their Fiero origins but the leather pattern and “Countach” emblem aren’t fooling anyone in terms of this exotic replica’s humble origins. The good news is any shortcomings in a kit car like this can likely be fixed by an amateur; the question is whether $11,000 is worth the cost of admission to make it into a more convincing clone.



  1. Avatar photo Fahrvergnugen Member

    Kit car? Looks like it came in a big box of plastic Swiss connecting blocks…GLWTS

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  2. Avatar photo Darren

    More interested in what that is behind it.

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    • Avatar photo hugh crawford

      1968 Chevelle I think.

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  3. Avatar photo Sam61

    Wolf of Wall Street provenance?

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  4. Avatar photo Howie

    The more photos i see the worse it gets!! The seller has another one for sale.

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  5. Avatar photo Tommy T-Tops

    What a great car for a 17 year old kid to get into the hobby. I could only imagine pulling up to high school in this..awesome..fix it while you drive it and 350 Chevy as easy as it comes..glwta

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  6. Avatar photo Michael Vickery

    I’d rather have a Fiero. At least it’s not trying to be something it’s not. My reaction to seeing something like this in the wild would be “Really?”

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    • Avatar photo Ronald Amon

      Didn’t Fiero engine blocks have a problem?

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  7. Avatar photo hugh crawford

    Sadly those taillights are exactly like the real thing. Google 25th anniversary countach rear end. Why anyone would want to go to the trouble of building an ugly 25th anniversary Countach rather than an early better looking version is a mystery.

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  8. Avatar photo Alan

    HEMMINGS sold one last month in beautiful shape for $27,000.
    I would love to buy one.

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  9. Avatar photo Kevin Koressel

    I helped my buddy who was trying to get one of these going for a customer and it one of the worst kits I have ever seen, box tubing that was fitted so poorly that when they welded they literally bridged the gaps with weld rather than cut another piece. The owner did put in a crate ramjet sbc but wasn’t so sure the fiero setup would hold up.

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  10. Avatar photo Chinga-Trailer

    I think Tommy T-Tops has it right! Don’t take it seriously as a car for grown-ups – but what a great fun car for a kid . . . except maybe if it was my 16 year old, I’d replace that V8 with an “Iron Duke” 4 banger so he wouldn’t get into too much trouble!!

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  11. Avatar photo luckless pedestrian


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  12. Avatar photo Rob

    If the owner had put a little Vaseline around the lens before taking pictures, it would be indistinguishable from the Lego version.

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  13. Avatar photo Nelson C

    Okay, Mom. I’ll just be quiet.

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  14. Avatar photo Marco

    I would be SO embarrassed to be seen driving this!!

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  15. Avatar photo Bill Toel

    April Fool’s Day isn’t until Monday.

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  16. Avatar photo John Jasper

    Well it’s refreshing to see it wasn’t built on a VW.

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  17. Avatar photo David Frank Member

    A little work with a sawzall could turn this into the ultimate bed for a future car guy.

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  18. Avatar photo OlderGMs4me

    I see two happy days here. Like a boat, the day you buy it, and the day you sell it. Definitely an expensive boat anchor.

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  19. Avatar photo luckless pedestrian

    Ugh… What a weekend… First the Corvette Summer thing, then the Tesla truck, now this… my eyes are burning…

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  20. Avatar photo SCOTT SPANGLER

    I have seen a lot of these kit car replicas, and this is one of, if not THE worst one. The front, the rear, the louvers, the dash, nothing looks remotely Countach. I’d rather pay well upwards of $50-$80K for a fake that would actually fool 8 out of 10 people. This one, I’m afraid, isn’t going to fool 2 out of 10.

    I think I’d buy this, and fit a Fiero body back on, and have a badass 350 powered Fiero.

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  21. Avatar photo 370zpp Member

    Why hasn’t anyone suggested putting this on a trailer and hauling it behind that gorgeous Tesla pick up?

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  22. Avatar photo H Siegel

    I have always liked the super car wannabes like this. Once again I have to say if I was a younger man I would be a bidder. Actually I would drive it just the way it is and have some fun with it. For those that would criticize or make fun I say to each his own. GLWTA

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  23. Avatar photo Frank TA


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