Fifty Year Nap: 1963 Corvette


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This Corvette is listed on eBay and ends Monday. Bidding is over $15,000 and reserve has been met. It has not been driven since 1984. There is no rust underneath, but that’s about the end of the good news. Thanks to Doug B for the tip.

right front

The front end is original, but the headlight doors have been mudded over and then there’s that interesting scoop.


Most of the interior is there. At least there’s no moldy carpet to deal with.

no engine

Here’s the engine hole. Because it won’t be numbers matching, one can use their imagination to choose an engine transmission package.


It certainly looks nice on this end. How high do you think the auction will go? This could either be a high end restoration or perhaps install an engine, tranny and an interior and enjoy. It will also need electrical, suspension and brake work but could it still be a relatively affordable car? What do you think? If it is truly rust free could it be a good start for a project?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Stang1968

    Sorry guys but I couldn’t find a “contact us” link on the main page. You should look at who your banner ads are with- several times recently when viewing the site on Android phones, I’m browser hijacked and told my phone is infected… Fortunately I’m knowledgable of spoof alerts and what not, but wanted to let you guys know.

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    • grant

      Me too. I was thinking it was a buggy app but I haven’t loaded anything recently. As for this car, someone ruined the front end.

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      • David

        The front end is still stock. The original lights are still there under a layer of bondo.

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  2. Rock OnMember

    As long as there is no original engine or transmission, may as well add an extra set of tail lights!!!

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  3. Dan Skopp

    “Queen” and Freddy Mercury said it best, “Another one bites the dust”.

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  4. MikeG

    Would the Mona Lisa be more inspiring with a inoperable hood scoop? I think not.

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  5. RandyS

    @Grant. We scoff at it now but glassing in the pop-ups and running the smaller “euro” 92x150mm lights in the grill was all the rage in 1978-82. It was done to many a C3 also.

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  6. richard

    man….flare it out..paint it black with rainbow glitter flake and put a ls drivetrain in it

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  7. ccrvtt

    Man, those Keystone mags really make a statement! Not a good statement, but a statement nonetheless. Now where did I leave my ‘Members Only’ jacket…

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  8. Mr. Bond

    Are those Fuel Injection Emblems on the side? Could this have been a Fuel Injected car?

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  9. 68 custom

    no mention of fuel injection in ad. I would think that would make a huge difference in the value of this car.

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  10. scottymac

    Sorry, ccrvtt, maybe I’m stuck in the past, but Keystones will always be one of my favorite wheels.

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  11. Jug

    The phoney hood mesh which was original to car is also missing..

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  12. JGeezerMember

    I might go for it just to get “Drumb brakes”, they must be pretty rare.

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  13. stillrunners

    50 yrs…..some body see’s something if it’s over $15,000…..

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    • Neil

      Got 21 K for it. Someone must have some deep pockets for the resto.

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