Final Reduction: 1979 Ford F250 Elk Survivor

The seller of this charmingly used 1979 Ford F250 4WD truck states that they will store it rather than reduce the price further! It’s listed for sale here on eBay with a buy it now of $2,500 without offers. If it doesn’t sell, it will be stored in Shoshoni, Wyoming — or you can pick it up there if you are the buyer!

We’re told that the reason for the two different color schemes on this truck is that it lost — or rather, won — an elk/Ford collision! The red and white front clip is a replacement for the presumably crunched original. According to this site, bull Elks weigh around 700 pounds, so I’m guessing the damage was pretty severe.

What! No finger obscuring the license plate? I guess after surviving a direct elk hit there isn’t much else to be afraid of! The seller also lets us know that you can only select second gear while stopped, there’s some rust on the rear fenders, the driver’s side window regulator needs to be replaced and that one of the two fuel tanks is rusty (but the other one works).

Apart from the steering wheel, the interior doesn’t look too bad. I’m guessing the interior came with the front clip replacement as parts of it match the red and white paint. It’s probably a good thing the front seat was replaced after the elk incident, especially the lower cushion. That’s a four-speed shifter you see.

Although the seller calls this a 6.6 liter V-8, most of us know it as a 400 cubic-inch version of the Ford small-block. What I didn’t know until I was researching this post is that the 400 itself is a derivative of the 351C “Cleveland” family of engines, and it’s actual stock displacement is 402 cubic inches. The ad states that the truck could be driven safely home anywhere  and that it runs strong. I know I have some uses for a truck like this — do you?


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  1. MrF

    Store on, I sez

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  2. 71Boss351

    Agree with MrF. Store on! I wonder how much damage that Elk really did to the front frame.

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    • Tom Henderson

      Zero frame damage. Radiator didn’t even get touched. Just body parts.

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  3. Steve R

    What do you guys want for $2,500? It’s a running, driving 4×4 with a manual transmission. It could be the cheap foundation for an inexpensive beater that can be upgraded over time, as needed.

    Steve R

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    • Otis

      Save your money. There are many better 1979 Ford F250 4WD trucks available for $2500!

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      • Steve R

        Where? That’s not the case where I live.

        Steve R

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  4. bigdoc

    $2500.00 for a 4X4 pickemup? Good buy. Could be fixed as you go

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  5. David Ulrey

    I personally think they are $500.00 too high but at least they aren’t asking a stupid price. If someone offered a solid 2k I personally would take it if I was the seller. If everything checks out fairly solid, $2500.00 isn’t the worst price but 2k would be better.

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  6. TimM

    If I were closer I’d buy it now!! Even with a bent frame I’d put it on a frame machine and pull it out!! The seller is at least up front about the elk hit!! He didn’t have to say that and I’m sure it wouldn’t have turned up on your car fax!! It’s still a running driving 4 speed 4×4!!!

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  7. brettucks

    Not a member of the small block family- totally different block (youre thinking chevy)

    Also ford used the 400 blocks and and a destroked crank to make a 351M (modified I believe) which used very tall pistons.


    3 different blocks…. Im curious if the 351M block was marked 400 – they are dimensionally the same.

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    • grant

      You forgot the most important part, the “M” motors were best suited as boat anchors.

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  8. Dex

    If you read the ad and pay attention to all the issues, you would realize that it’s maybe a $1500 truck, tops! Calling it a inexpensive beater is correct, but not at $2500.

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  9. Jeff T.

    the only difference in 351m and 400m are the cranks,they are smog motors,with the right heads and camshaft they can get up and go hidden potential in these engines,most cleveland perf bits fit them.

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    • Tom Henderson

      This truck is a beast already. IDK why. It’s fast for it’s age and will spin all 4 tires at once. I get that it’s ugly. It has collector value though and I need to pay bills. I will be selling other project potential barn finds here too in the coming weeks. I had appendix surgery last year and need to pay for it, so no more collecting. LOL

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      • Tom Henderson

        If someone wants to make a reasonable offer here, I will consider it, but I am not giving that option on Ebay. Too many tricksters and scammers there.

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      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

        Tom, thanks for chiming in!

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  10. TCOPPS TCOPPS Member

    1232 miles I’d have to drive it home. Last time I bought a classic ford out of southern california and drove it back to Wisconsin…it didn’t go very smoothly, but the cross-country trip was well worth the stress. Just being out in the elements and seeing states from county roads is something we all should do more often! If it were at least regional to me, you’d have cash in hand.

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  11. RH

    Good on the seller as he clearly describes all the work this truck needs. Not a collector vehicle, but as Steve says, it’s an inexpensive beater, just not at $2500. A $1500 beater at best!

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    • Tom Henderson

      If I was selling it for a daily driver, I would agree, but I think this thing has potential to be a show truck, someday for the right buyer. Hopefully someone else agrees or I will just hang on to it and do a full restoration in a couple years. Then I’ll be the guy with the cool highboy, which was my original plan anyway. It’s all good.

      • RH

        FYI – I believe 1977.5 is when the real “highboy” ended

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      • TimM

        Tom would it be possible to get your e-mail or phone number I’m really thinking about getting this truck???

  12. Vudutu

    I lived in Craig Colorado, on Craig street and worked at Craig Ford dealership in the late 70s. My name is Craig, my wife asked when we met how could you leave? I said obviously you have never been to Craig.

    This was a rough town then. We were 6 hours from Denver and 6 from Salt lake.
    We serviced the entire north Colorado, south Wyoming east Utah region and Ford 250s ruled. Every rancher, fracker, rigger, sheepheader everyone drove a 250.
    Rock springs Wyoming trucks were more likely to have bullet holes but everyone was likely to have anatalope, deer or elk encounters.
    Tough trucks for tough people.
    One morning I came in and a Greek sheep herder handed me the keys to his steaming 250 deer stuck in the grill and prounonced I’ll be at the bar, let me know when I can head back home.
    He had it next day.
    Tough trucks.

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    • Howard Collins

      Great story Craig!

  13. Vudutu

    Thanks, actually how I got there was interesting. It was late 70s as I recall and I was working at a Porsche Audi dealer in Colorado Springs, previously I worked at a Ford truck dealer, the economy got bad and I got laid off. Back then you went to the unemployment office and at job listings on microfiche.
    I found their ad for a Ford truck mechanic, thought how can I not go for this, seemed like fate. I called them up told them my experience and they said you’re hired. When I got up there there were three 911s tucked in the back of the shop.
    Turned out the owner was the ex head of Ford in South America who got run out by revolutionaries. His silent partner owned Corona brewery and had this little collection stashed there.
    So 99 percent of my time was working on F250s and 1 percent was curating his 911s. Shuttling them back and forth to the Brown palace in Denver for him and to the Porsche dealer in Boulder for service. Had a great time driving them over the divide on route 40 but got the bejesus scared out of me a couple of times, 911s tend to want to swap ends sometimes.

  14. Jimmy king

    Well, I’ll play!…I believe the “M” series FORD engines cylinder heads would interchange with ” Cleveland ” engines. All very good breathing heads. Simply advancing the cams in them a few degrees wakes up a considerable amount of power…..and as much as I love FORDs the grille in those 1978-79 trucks is one of the worst FORD ever made….a 73-77 grille would be a substantial facelift!

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  15. Tom Henderson

    SOLD for full price to a 20 year old in Michigan.
    paid by Venmo already.

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