Final Year Model: 1969 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

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The “GT” badge had served the First Generation Mustang well from its early days until 1969. However, the introduction of the Mach 1 that year undermined sales to the point where Ford axed the GT before the year ended. Final-year examples are relatively rare, especially when they present as beautifully as our feature car. A thorough restoration should mean its new owner will need to do nothing but slip behind the wheel and drive off into the sunset. Barn Finder Gunter K spotted this beauty, and I must say a big thank you. It is listed here on Craigslist in Snohomish, Washington. The seller is firm on their price of $50,000, leaving no scope for negotiation.

I find it frustrating when a seller lists a car as desirable as this GT but supplies limited photos and information. The vehicle appears to present well, with its Acapulco Blue paint shining richly. There are no visible flaws or defects, and the panels are laser-straight and rust-free. Considering the car’s recent history, this is unsurprising. The seller indicates this Mustang underwent a rotisserie restoration, although it is unclear when. The overall condition suggests that it was either relatively recent or that this beauty has seen little use since the process ended. The chrome and trim shine as impressively as the paint, with the GT rolling on its correct wheels. The glass is flawless, leaving me struggling to find anything to criticize. I will qualify that by recommending that interested parties attempt to negotiate an in-person inspection. There is no indication of any problems with this GT, but it is a wise strategy when committing a significant chunk of change to any classic purchase.

If the exterior shots leave much to be desired, the interior photos lift that impression to a higher level. They are so dark it is virtually impossible to pick the finer details, although it appears the Black vinyl upholstery and carpet are excellent. There is no visible wear or damage, and the dash looks clean. The car features a Sport Deck rear seat, but it is unclear whether there are other factory options or aftermarket additions. This is another aspect that an inspection could clarify.

Powering this GT is a 351ci V8, with the car also featuring a four-speed manual transmission and power steering. It is unclear whether the vehicle retains its original drivetrain, but the motor would churn out 290hp if it does. If that is right, the journey down the ¼ mile should take 14.6 seconds on the way to a top speed of 132mph. As with other aspects of this GT, the listing poses more questions than answers. The seller provides no information about the car’s health or how well it runs and drives. While the photos are dark, they reveal no signs of long-term problems or fluid leaks. The news should be positive if they accurately indicate the car’s condition.

Had Ford not introduced the Mach 1 in 1969, it is possible that the Mustang GT may have soldiered on until the end of First Generation production. However, it took the market by storm, meaning only 5,396 buyers selected a GT versus 72,458 who ordered a Mach 1. The GT badge would remain a distant memory until the company revived it in 1982 on its Fox-Body model. Considering a sales volume of 299,824 Mustangs across all variants in 1969, the GT represents a tiny percentage of total production. This one looks like a gem, and although the price is at the top end of the market, it could be worth the money if an in-person inspection confirms it is as good as the listing and photos suggest. I’m unsure whether the seller will be inundated with inquiries, but I’ll be unsurprised if it finds a new home. I only wish they’d supplied better photos and more information to make the decision to pursue it further easier. Do you agree?

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Nice write-up Adam. Looks like a desirable car. But…. it’s really hard to tell from the abysmal presentation. Eight hastily-taken photos, one line of text (complete with misspelled words). But the testy “no negogations (sic)” comment is present. I know, I know, there are those who use Craigslist to simply get the vehicle “out there,” at which time the seller will have a stampede of potential buyers at his garage door. Or maybe not.

    This looks like nothing more than a fishing expedition.

    Rant over.

    I had a 69 GT coupe many years ago. One doesn’t see them often.

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    • ScottMember

      Well at least it does not say anything about not “negotiating”.

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  2. Jay E.Member

    It is possible that the seller just needs to get a car gone, but doesn’t have the time or inclination right now to do it right. Rotisserie restoration, snow outside, I’d do the best I could to take photos inside a cramped garage. Since there are two and one needs sold, I’d put a high but not unreasonable price on it and see what happens. It would be tough to get one restored this nice for this price.

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  3. MTBorst

    If i had the $$ you can bet I would jump on this one !

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  4. Guardstang

    Cool thing about the GT pkg that it could be added to any body style while the Mach 1 was only fastback.

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  5. Truckeemtnfords

    As nice as the car appears it is missing the stainless trim on the tail light lenses. Not having those six pieces changes the whole look of the rear and shows that some corners were cut. Who knows ware else he cut corners.

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  6. jim

    Anyways Nice looking car and a 4-Speed

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  7. Golden Stanger

    Only 50 thousand?

    I am holding out two months until 79,999 pricing. 😜

    A nice Stang but lil on high side.

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  8. Seabecker

    I like the car, but the seller’s CL write up and pictures appear to be an example of how not to list a car for sale.

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  9. Howie

    Looks like a non-stock steering wheel.

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    • MTBorst

      Looks like the steering wheel in my high school friend 69 Mach I

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  10. Dave K

    Wonder how much the price would drop if that chainsaw perching precariously on the woodpile decided to roll off and hit the driver’s door?

    I like the yellow ‘70 Mach 1 behind it – must be nice, one nice Mustang to sell and one to keep!

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  11. Suttree

    Were there differences beyond the obvious cosmetics between the GT and the Mach 1?

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  12. Keith

    He has to be asking $50,000 for both since you’ll need both to make one good car

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  13. chrlsful

    might B THE one to have. A fav color, the pantera motor, fastback, year…

    Funny, my ’70 bronk has the same seats~

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