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Finally, An Affordable Firetruck!

1978 GMC Firetruck

Every boy, er… man wants a firetruck! This 1978 GMC Sierra 5000 E-One is listed here on craigslist in Phoenix, Arizona and is priced to sell at $4,000. There’s only 9,635 miles on this functioning firetruck and it has a 350 gallon water tank. What would you do with it though?

The CabinHere is the 3 person cab for you to cruise in, parade in, water the livestock, water the vineyard, or maybe get to a fire so you can put it out? There is a 4 speed transmission with drive and pump capability. The tires are said to be in good condition as well as the functioning emergency lights and siren.

The pump is said to be a 250 GPM model. There are 2 attached 1 inch hose reels too.

Lots of Storage

The multiple compartments on both sides will provide the much needed storage.  It is not clear if all the gear on the truck is included.  If it is, we don’t see how this deal doesn’t make sense if you have a need/want for a firetruck.



  1. Howard A Member

    IDK, the reason fire trucks generally have such low mileage, is they are good for one thing,,,,fighting fires. Not sure if that’s on your agenda on a daily basis, but most people I know who bought fire trucks, never did anything with them, and they sat. If you DO fight fires a lot, I suppose this is a good deal.

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    • bob

      And the engines have a lot more run time than is reflected by the low mileage .

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      • Mark E

        You’re right about that, Bob. At a fire it just sits and runs for hours, pumping water. Would be helpful if there was a hobbes meter on it and maintenance records would be nice too, of course.

        Thought I was a genius thinking of a water truck for a ranch but that was already mentioned. Other than that and fire musters I can’t think of a possible use…

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    Well you could drive around southern California and water lawns for 30.00 a crack, lol.

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi Steel, hey, you’re not too far off. During a visit to LA. to see my kids, I thought of that. I think the crisis has passed a little, but rest assured, it will get hot and dry there again. Not sure if you are familiar with Cal. pricing, but for a lawn watering, I’d add a 0 to your $30. :)

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  3. jim s

    looks like a low cost pickup to me. sell off all the fire equipment. mount a pickup bed and put the truck to work. hard to tell from photos if it is just rear wheel drive. great find.

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  4. stillrunners

    Sounds like a good buy….SteelCrazy had a great idea….and Jim S….kinda looks like a 4 wheel drive – if – that’s a better buy….

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  5. Booya

    Great thing to buy and donate to some Guatemalan village or something.

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  6. 1969Deuce

    My friend Jack is an M37 and Power Wagon collector, and purchased a fire truck built from an M37 a couple of years ago. A bill was in the NJ legislature to support private companies doing controlled burns for land holders to control wild fires. As a retiring state forester and fire fighter, he had plans to make that his post retirement career. Unfortunately the bill died, but with increasing fires and dwindling state commitments, businesses of that type have promise. This would be a good truck for it. Many of them built by forestry have a second engine for the pump to cut fuel usage and keep engine hours low.

    If I was going to water a farm or ranch, I’d look in to a M149 Water Buffalo trailer at 400 gallons, or mount a civvy tank on a similar military frame that would do off road very well. That’s a $400 – $800 solution that can be pulled by the truck or tractor most guys would have.

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  7. Pookie Jamie

    With the big water tank, I’d clean all the sediment out and open up a side business filling swimming pools.

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  8. Todd Zuercher

    A ranch or small housing community could use this for sure. Seems like smoking (no pun intended) deal to me. Joseph City is Nowheresville- probably one reason it’s still for sale.

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