Finally, An E-Type I Can Afford!


While I may really like certain Jaguar E-Types, I think this one is a little small for me! However, it is powered, has a manual transmission (!) and appears to be rust free! It’s located in New Garden, North Carolina and is listed for sale here on craigslist for $1,000. Thanks to reader Ian C. for the find, who notes “I found this while shopping for a golf cart. If I wasn’t working 74 hrs a week right now I would be all over it! Enjoy!” And Ian, I hope you get to rest soon!


I was able to find a few references to this particular type of “Junior E-Type” online. Here’s where Michael Jackson was selling one in 2009. Here is a beautiful one at a specialist, so you can see what it could look like. Similar “toys” have gone for ridiculous amounts of money. Here’s a picture of one that was advertised for 5000 British pounds on eBay. There are newer versions put out by the Harrington company here that are even more detailed and very expensive.


Obviously, the paint will need to be stripped off, and the owner will have to create a windshield, but honestly this should be pretty straightforward to get this little car looking quite nice. The missing trunk lid in these shots is included.


The chassis actually looks pretty cool, and the wheels are fairly decent replicas of the ones fitted to late V12 E-Types. The Honda single cylinder engine is rated at 2.2 horsepower, although there’s something interesting about a rear-engined E-Type powered by a Japanese engine!


While it’s not the beautiful walnut knob I’d hope to find in an E-Type, I’m surprised to see that it has a gearbox at all, let alone one with a reverse gear! Frankly, I’d love to restore this car and give rides in it to kids at our local British car show to spur interest in the hobby. What do you think?


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  1. Coventry Cat

    With a Honda engine, at least it’ll be reliable.

  2. Dolphin Member

    When I was a little kid I would have given anything to have one of these to drive around the yard in. One of the reasons I didn’t have one is that the parents knew that I would take off down the street. The other reason I didn’t have one is that none of us knew that kid-sized E-types existed.

    Anyway….very cool, especially the restored ones in the linked sites.

  3. Mvm

    TOP, realy great find

  4. American_Badaz

    Ever since this popped up for sale I have been of how cool it would be to make it a coupe with a sliding canvas sunroof. But with the hours I will be working for the next couple years, it would just be sitting collecting dust beside my AMC Javelin.

    I do hope someone here can pick it up though, because I would love to see a restoration being done to it.

  5. Pete

    Well she needs little TLC

  6. John K

    I haven’t had a chance to even fire up my Rotax kart for more than two years, in part because a weekend at the track is just getting so expensive. Wish I had a way to sneak it onto the street…Hmmm…..

  7. John

    Just picked up one of these needing full Resto . Never seen one before until now. 2 speed manual transmission with reverse very cool

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