Finned Survivor: 1960 Cadillac Fleetwood Series 75 Sedan

This Beautiful Fleetwood was originally purchased by a Mr. Brown promptly after getting out of the Army. Mr. Brown got married,  and together the Browns cherished this Cadillac as the couple was “particular” about keeping this elegant beauty garaged. Thankfully their habits maintained this Fleetwood, although this Caddy does need a little help. Ready to drive, this Fleetwood may be a simple project really only needing some fine cleaning, and some interior work. Bidding has currently reached $3,025. Find it here on Enlisted Auctions out of Stuarts Draft, Virginia.

Beneath the lengthy hood lies a 390 cubic inch V8, that has recently been revived, and is in healthy condition. The engine bay is orderly, with nothing appearing out of place. There is some minor dust, making this Cadillac look as if it would clean up nicely. Unfortunately the Odometer reading is not listed on this heavily optioned Cadillac.

So here is where this big beauty reveals it issues. The carpet is in rough condition, needing to be removed and replaced entirely. The headliner, has also fallen, and ripped, needing the same treatment. The door panels aren’t the best, but they are manageable.  The dash has a minor crack above the gauge cluster, otherwise the dash is in nice shape. The steering wheel is nice and crack free. Considering the mechanicals, and the exterior look nice, this Cadillac could be a relatively simple project. Improve the interior, and this Fleetwood would be a 95% car.

The long and sleek body is wonderful, and appears flaw free. The chrome, and trim is a little dull, but there appears to be no rust there either. With an appealing shine, the paint has a lovely luster, with no obvious damage, or rock chips. Rust seems to have completely missed this finned beauty. With a gorgeous exterior and an interior that needs some help, would you pull the trigger on this nice survivor?



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  1. PaulG

    Looks like a nice car, but several areas of concern pop up when viewing the auction site pictures. What appears to be a wet or damp storage has caused rust and mold to form inside. Look at the lower portion of the drivers side door panel.
    Also, the odo shows 13101, obviously around once; maybe more.
    Don’t forget the 10% buyers premium on these types of auctions.
    All in all, a worthy candidate for a restoration, IF the bidding stays reasonable
    33 days to go…

  2. whippeteer

    Probably only around once most likely. There is a service tag on the auction website for service at 30,056 miles. The seats have had a bargain basement recovering, most likely in vinyl. The back seat is not shown.

  3. MH

    Same seller as the t bird. Flipper?

    • whippeteer

      Flipper/Auction House it looks like.

  4. CCFisher

    Fleetwood 75, or Fleetwood 60 Special? I thought the 75 was the limo.

  5. jeff6599

    All series 75 cars had the extended wheelbase and were either formal sedans (without divider window) or Limousines (with divider window). This car is not a series 75 and your reporter, Brian, should have caught that.

  6. Dolphin Member

    It looks like the seller or the auction house got both the model and the VIN wrong.

    This site [] indicates that the VIN in the auction listing does not correspond to the format that Cadillac used in the early 1960s.

    Best not to spend money based on the claims of this kind of auction house without confirming them first.

  7. Woodie Man

    I had a 1960 Series 75 Formal Limousine formerly owned by Mexican President Miguel Aleman chased out of his country for having , I think, a French mistress. I started a small limo business back in the early eighties before limos became the rage….got tired of customers looking to pay in something other than coin of the realm; not to mention the other shenanigans going on in the back of my then pristine limo. I sold it to an unassuming fellow who turned out to have the most amazing collection of cars, limos, tvs, radios etc…..a real collectior. He had a vineyard in northern San Diego county near Lawrence Welk land. Last time I saw it I was astounded it was throttled.

    • Luki

      Mexican Presidents get respect for having a French girlfriend especially if she is smokin hot. Someone got that story all wrong.

  8. Phil Maniatty

    This is not a Fleetwood. It’s a series 62, the base model Caddy.

    • Ron Member

      Right you are, Phil. It’s the bottom of the line not the top.

      • Phil Maniatty

        It’s not even a de Ville!

  9. Rustytech Member

    I like these better than the flat top’s like the one earlier this week, but I have the same problem with it. Where do I find room for it without building a warehouse?

    • Mike H. Mike H

      Different strokes. . . I myself would rather have a flat top.

  10. Mark S

    Looks like another flipper that got some old guys car for cheep

  11. Fuanito

    Fleetwoods had power front vents. This car lacks of them. It must be a Sedan deVille

    • Phil Maniatty

      Fuanito, if it was a Sedan de Ville, it would have the Sedan de Ville script just above the side molding, near the rear of the car. The absence of that script is what led to my opinion that it’s a base level Series 62.

      • Fuanito

        True, but to my understanding, the Series 62 cars were not equipped with power windows, and l may be wrong in that. Any correction is welcome. Thank you

  12. gardener

    The car is a wonderful car to start with.I would have so much fun in a boat of this size,both of my girls say they would drive it and be proud of it being different not the same as all the rest at school.I think with a little work it would be a blast to own and drive for years to come.And besides if two teen girls would drive it to high school and collage it’s got to be cool.

  13. Gear Head Engineer

    I checked out the web site. Looks like a local estate auction house. Probably a small staff, selling it for the family. I don’t know if they are trying to mislead, or if they are just uninformed.

    Either way, I like the car. I have a soft spot for ’60 Caddies and I’m a four door guy. Not a fan of black cars but this one looks good. I would want to look at it in person before bidding. Factory A/C equipped is a plus. The seat upholstery is way out of place and I’d have to tear it out and start over. Which I guess is true of the entire interior.

    This one is tempting, especially at the current price. But I’m not going to sell off my ’64 Lincoln ragtop to make room for it.

    – John

    • Clay Byant

      John, where did you find a 64 Lincoln “rag” top…..?

      • GearHead Engineer


        Ragtop as in convertible. Not the VW version of ragtop (fabric sunroof).

        I’ve had my Lincoln for over 15 years. Every year I think about replacing it with something smaller, but my kids threaten to revolt so I keep it. Fun car – great to drive down the highway on a nice day.

        – John

    • Clay Byant

      John, apologies here. BIG TIME. It was early in the morning and I had a real “brain flutulance ,lol I had a 61 back in 70 when I got home from Vietnam. Had a 59 Retractable and that was my first, and sadly last thought that night. You are blessed with a great car. Wish I had mine back. I have a 62 promo I’m looking at right now getting ready to sell. Even lookin’ at a promo is inspiration.

  14. Jubjub

    School bus called…wants its seat back!

  15. Phil Maniatty

    Fuanito, you are correct that power windows were not standard equipment on the 62 series, but I think they were available as optional equipment.

  16. Ben Yoder

    Hey guys! My name is Ben. I am with Enlisted Auctions. We are so grateful for all your help in identifying this car. We had posted the engine code as the VIN. The listing has been corrected with, what we believe, is accurate information. Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions. All the contact information in on the website. We have a few other pretty cool cars that were consigned to this auction as well.

  17. David

    This is not a Fleetwood..and moreover it is not a Fleetwood 75. Good Heavens folks…please learn the differences.

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