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Fintail Wagon: 1968 Mercedes-Benz 200D Estate

1968 Mercedes Benz 200d Estate Front

Update – This unique Fintail has been purchased by reader Gene B as a Christmas present for his wife. We would like to congratulate them on their purchase and we hope they will keep us updated on their progress. Good luck to Gene B and his family!

Fintails are fairly commonplace, but when was the last time you saw one of these? We are betting never. Only a couple hundred of these were built by coacbuilder IMA in Belgium. Very few are known to still exist today. This 1968 Mercedes 200D wagon is available here on eBay with bidding starting at $10,000 and no reserve. There is also a BIN price of $42k!

1968 Mercedes Benz 200d Estate Side

We understand that these conversions are very rare, but is the asking price justified here? Fintails were great cars, but they don’t really get our blood boiling. The seller is a dealer so they are very enthusiastic with their description of the car. This family hauler has covered 107k miles and has been in storage for many years. The seller claims that there have only been two owners, but it seems they are not including themselves on that list. Luckily there is some documented history included with the sale.

1968 Mercedes Benz 200d Estate Ziebart

Rust is claimed to be minimal because the car was Zeibarted at some time in the past. Unfortunately the previous owner also resprayed the car in a slightly different shade of tan. There is a little rust here and there, but nothing major that we can see in the photos. You may want to get this one inspected though since that is not the original paint.

1968 Mercedes Benz 200d Estate Jump Seat

There are a few cool options here like the Mahogony wood on the tailgate floor and the fold down rear seat. The interior looks good here and doesn’t appear to have any major flaws. Some work has already been done on the front seats, but as long as all the custom stuff is intact, you should be able to source anything else needing replacement.

1968 Mercedes Benz 200d Estate Engine

With a diesel four cylinder, automatic transmission, and extra weight, this thing is not going anywhere fast. This wagon would be best for a Mercedes enthusiast who appreciates the car’s collectability. The Mercedes Museum in Germany thought these cars were important enough to save one for the collection. Does anyone else think this one is special enough to save?


  1. Jeff V.

    Interesting, but 42K……….

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  2. Patrick

    But there’s no reserve also. It could go for $15K.

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  3. Tony

    He’s been trying to sell it for quite some time.

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  4. karo

    1968 was the last year of the W110, aka “fintail.” This I did not know (from Wikipedia): “An estate car version of the 230S four-cylinder-engined car was introduced in 1965 and achieved modest success in certain markets including Germany, Belgium and the UK. The car was actually the result of a conversion carried out by the Mechelen based company Soci??t?? Anonyme pour l’Importation de Moteurs et d’Automobiles (IMA) which was already assembling saloon version of the cars from CKD kits and which was also the Belgian Mercedes-Benz importer.[4] With the reduction in tariffs that followed the development of the EEC, small scale assembly of this kind within the EEC but outside Germany no longer made sense, and assembly of the Mercedes-Benz cars at Malines stopped in 1973, by which time the plant had assembled 78,568 four-cylinder Mercedes-Benz cars based on the W111 and its successor model.”

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  5. scott

    The one and only Mercedes I’ve ever wanted to own.

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  6. eldorado convertible

    this is a nice car from what pictures,but 42k I don’t know about this 1 nice classic 2 enjoy !!!!

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  7. His Royal Flatulence

    When I was a kid in the 60’s and 70’s, an old guy in my grandmother’s Claremont, CA retirement community had one of these. Even then I knew it was rare and interesting. Every time I see one come up for sale I’m reminded of that car, and wonder whether it still exists. It was maroon, and I think it was either a 220 or 230, not a diesel, though I could be wrong – that was a long time ago.

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  8. Dan

    Nice car but I agree it’s rarity and performance relegate it to museum status. I hope it finds a good home in a small museum here in America where it’s even more of a collectible.

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  9. nancy

    We have known the family who purchased it from the original owner, who moved to Westport,Ct. from Austria, years ago. The car was seen driving around Westport for years. The owner had a reputable law firm in Manhattan, and he had a collection of “Fintails”. This was his “Golden Chariot” of which always put a “Smile” on everyones face, as he drove his family around “In Style”!

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  10. Popo

    This is Mercedes BEST KEPT SECRET! What’s an original Gull Wing worth! I’d rather buy this TOTALLY unique attempt, to provide an SUV, back in the 60s, for the WHOLE FAMILY to enjoy! It was WAY BEFORE IT”S TIME! IT’S A GREAT PIECE OF MERCEDES HISTORY! GREAT CAR!! GREAT PRICE!!

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  11. William Cartwright

    Wow – quite unique indeed!I googled this vehicle, seems like only 575 were made!http://www.heckflosse.prod4.htmThanks for bringing this to my attention!WilliamAustin, TX

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  12. William Cartwright

    I goofed – here’s the link w/ the production stats on the finnies:http://www.heckflosse.nl/prod4.htmWilliam

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  13. karo

    Thanks for that link, William. That site on the finnies is really interesting.

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  14. TheHotRodRealtor

    I had a 230s Universal Wagon, 1 of 341. I’d love to have this diesel!!!

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  15. Popo

    William C. the 575 number Fintails built, is the total number of 1968 Fintails, inclusive of the four door sedans etc. There were only 2 of these 1968 Fintail “Universal” Estates built, this one, and the one preserved, in the Mercedes Stuttgart Museum, referenced to, by the link in the current, ebay listing. There are less than” thirty” total , of the three year run, built by IMA , still known to exsist. What a NEAT, RARE , collectible, Mercedes-Benz automobile!!! Have a Great Day!

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  16. Nancy

    I have personally driven this car. It gets over 40mpg! Drives extremely well. Easily drives at posted speeds, on the highway, or around town. I question those people who relegate it, to a museum. Why! Enjoy It! It will easily drive you anywhere and comfortably, for pennies on the dollar. It will drive circles, around any other vintage motorcar. It is not, or ever intended to be a RACE CAR. It drives extemely well!!!

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  17. TheHotRodRealtor

    One of two? Wow, that is amazing, as the 200d was the most converted to custom bodied fin cars. I’d love to see the actual breakdown from IMA. Our family has owned two Universals. I had a ’67 230s in the late ’90s and my father in law brought back a 230 Universal from Germany in the 1960s. He does not recall the year.

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  18. Popo

    The car is no longer for sale! The Ebay” last minute” bidding process, is an unbearable joke, as were the idle comments by wanabees. A REAL COLLECTOR flew in , inspected the car , drove it, and bought it on the spot! He who dreams may never wake up, with the REAL DEAL!

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  19. Nancy

    What a fitting ending, for such a rare piece of Mercedes History! Enjoy!

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  20. KAP

    I have a 230S Universal for sale on ebay now; owned it since 2004 it replaced another 7 seater I was restoring. This one came from ebay and was better than the one I had. For a short time was lucky enough to own two 230S Universals!http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250946888813&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT

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  21. Alex

    It is a cool car, and a 200 Diesel, when tuned right, can haul a**. I had a sedan, that was a bat out of he**.Anyway, on the subject of these Universal wagons, by ‘IMA’ of Mechelen , Belgium, that went into bankruptcy in early 1968 (if I remember correctly)a lot of unproven rumors are floating around.Most likely, because all detailed production paperwork was lost or destroyed back then.Most production figures are speculations unless proven by somebody working there at the time, or rather by Mercedes themselves, who claim limited knowledge.My brother Chris has followed this topic for a better part of three decades and suffice it to say he probably knows all there is to know about them……We currently own a couple of these wagons.

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  22. gene

    I bought this example for my wife for Christmas. She has caught the bug and we will get her back on the road. We are starting with bringing the paint back to “original”. She will not be setting any speed records but she will be getting there in style.

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  23. Mrs. Baker

    My husband and son are enthusiasts and have turned me on to this Finetail. This will be a stylin ride in California!

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  24. Peter Atherton

    I own one of these,a 230,6 cylinder,which was sold new by the dealership for whom I worked for 43 years.Keenan Motors,in Philadelphia,imported them from IMA,and we sold about a half dozen during 1966-1967.I took mine in trade in 1978,and bought it(probably in a fit of nostalgia);it has 87,000 original miles,and is in the process of getting a new floorpan.it is 268 Dark Green/Cognac tex.Interesting note:all, the “fintail”Benzes were equipped with 13″wheels and tires,but the wagons came with 15” wheels,and the trim rings from the then current 300d cars.Makes for a very attractive unit.

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  25. scottski

    I’ve never lusted for Mercedes… but, this, affordable?
    Count me in.

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  26. Maestro1 Member

    I think these were made by Wendler, a contractor to Daimler Benz; they also manufactered specialty vehicles for the company such as ambulances and so on. Eventually DB took the
    Station Wagon process in house.

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  27. Pedro Miguel

    Hi all!

    i have one fintail universal looking for a new owner, in a very good condition.

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