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Fire Chief Wagon: 1962 Dodge Dart

Fire Chief Wagon

We’ve featured plenty of firetrucks over the years, but this could be the first Fire Chief wagon we’ve ever seen! This Dart was used by Canfield, Ohio Fire Department and is claimed to have only covered 26k miles since new. It is in the traditional red, but apparently has a Police car VIN. The word “Certified” is printed on the speedometer, there’s a Sure Grip differential out back, and there are spotlights on the A-pillars. So, this could just be the coolest Police/Fire wagon out there! It does have a few issues, but we would love to see this one back in service soon. Find it here on eBay out of Altoona, Pennsylvania. Thanks goes to Charles H for the tip!

Dodge V8

As mentioned, there are a few problems with this wagon. The seller doesn’t mention anything about the condition of the engine, so we will just assume that it doesn’t run. That’s the least of the next owner’s concerns though. As is clearly visible in the first photo, this thing is full of rust. The seller is realistic about that though and mentions that this is not going to be an easy fix.

Fire Wagon Interior

You’ve gotta really love a car to take on a project like this. A civilian version of this wagon would probably be stripped of any useful parts and sent off to the crusher, but maybe, just maybe, this one is interesting enough that someone will want to save it.

Certified Speedometer

Classic Police cars have quite a following these days, so maybe one of those collectors would be willing to take on this labor of love? Mopar guys get pretty excited about their special models too so perhaps one of them will want to do the dirty work? The finished product most likely will never provide a big return on investment, but honestly this thing has more history and is possibly even more interesting than the majority of the mass produced muscle cars out there. So, any retired firemen here?


  1. Avatar photo Rex Kahrs Member

    I always thought the face of those ’62 Dodges looked like some kind of mutant platapus. And the platapus already looks pretty mutated anyway!

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    • Avatar photo Glen

      I see it!, I can see what your saying , but I still like them.

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    • Avatar photo krash


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  2. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

    Darned cool! There is nothing mysterious about the police designation, that’s often how communities sourced the Fire Department support vehicles.

    For a vehicle described as having major rust issues it would be great to have some photos of those problem areas. Outwardly it doesn’t look bad so those areas likely include the significant frame/underbody.

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  3. Avatar photo Mike D

    this would be a looker once it is fixed up a good guess would be it is most likely 125K plus all the idle time. if the current engine can’t get up and running, maybe a 360 crate engine with a 4 speed, or a 5 spd OD? . Maybe some fire company buying it and fixing it up for the sake of Nostalgia ?

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    • Avatar photo Walter Joy

      Go something period correct. 413 Wedge with the Crossram

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  4. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    26K – bollox – that alternator!

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  5. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    Tend to forget about arts being bigger in the early years.

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  6. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    While there’s little doubt this really was a fire dept. car, somebody drove the heck out of it, and clearly, 126K miles. I guarantee it didn’t look like this when the fire dept. got rid of it. Sadly, I see nothing about this car ( except the spotlights) that make this special. At this point, it’s just a very tired red 1962 Dodge wagon. Judging by the current bid, I’m not the only one who feels that way.

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  7. Avatar photo George

    Although strange looking, this has always been my favorite style of the Dart.

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  8. Avatar photo Steve

    A ton of work, but also a ton of cool.

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  9. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    With those poverty caps and the sellers word I can believe it was a Fire Dept wagon. What’s weird is the roof rack and rear window wind deflectors. Seems a little fancy for a municipal ride. Too bad someone let it sit outside and rot.

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  10. Avatar photo kenzo

    I agree with Howard A. It has to be 126000 miles. Nothing rots that bad in 26k and the interior is trashed as well.

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  11. Avatar photo John

    First car on here I’ve seen from my hometown! 😱

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  12. Avatar photo Ed Bromley

    Have one of those rusty red platapus wagons. Hopefully will get it restored & put a 440 in it.

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  13. Avatar photo Dan Taaffe

    This car was the Chiefs car. I was fortunate to be raised in the Canfield Fire Dept., with this unit. It was fun to drive, and ride in. I have wondered were this car went.

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