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Fire Fighter: 1965 Dodge D200

1965 Dodge D200

This old Dodge truck has an interesting past with time spent serving as a forestry vehicle and then helping out at a fire station. It was parked for 16 years after that, but not before the original inline-six was rebuilt. It has since been pulled out again and cleaned up with lots of work done to make it road worthy. It still needs some attention paid to the bed and body, but with such a cool look to it, I think it deserves the work. Find it here on the Iowa Garage Sale Facebook page for $4,500. Thanks goes to Jim S. #2 for the tip!

Dodge Inline Six

As already mentioned, the engine was rebuilt before the truck went into storage. It looks clean and seller has just replaced the fuel system. New tank, lines, and carb all went in and now it runs great! A V8 would be nice, but this should be more than enough for those weekend trips to Home Depot.

Clean Interior

The interior is basic, but someone obviously spent a lot of time detailing things in here. Dirty old barn finds are fun to think about, but sometimes the reality is not so great. A lot of the dirty work has been done here so you can focus on the problems areas (like that rotted wood in the bed) while you drive and enjoy this truck.

Extra Brake Lights

The extra brakes lights bothered me at first, but then I remembered my little fender bender from the other day. Not that a couple of extra brake lights would have helped, but any safety precaution that you can take on your classic is probably a good a idea. This thing is not only fun, but functional! Sounds like a purchase you can justify.


  1. Walter Joy

    I liked the CSS ones, with the 426 Wedge in it

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  2. Bobsmyuncle

    No brainer in my opinion. If it was local it would be mine.

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  3. randy

    Kind of pricey, but a nice looking truck just the same.

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  4. Fred

    Makes you wonder what one would look like if done up kinda “Retro Lil Red Express” style.

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  5. Lee H.

    Those aren’t brake lights on the tailgate, just really cool reflectors. These old Dodges are great trucks!

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  6. JW

    Well I’m screwed, I’m not a fan of facebook so they won’t let me view it since I don’t have a account. No big deal.

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  7. Mark E

    If I was going to buy a pickup, I’d buy something like this. I need one so infrequently that it would be cool to have something you could also take to car shows! ^_^

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  8. Howard A Member

    I agree with JW, nice truck, but do you want to sell it or don’t ya’. Not everyone has Facebook (GASP). Nothing wrong with the slant 6. Tons of low end torque, and still a shred of economy. These were just the best years for trucks across the board. Can’t go wrong here. Not many around that look like this.

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  9. DENIS

    Sorry Guys, but that thing has a face that only a mother could love. Stepside longbed 2wd. You could spend $50G and it still wouldn’t be purty….

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  10. jim s

    looks like a work truck to me. why just on facebook, i think that would limit their buyer pool. great find.

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  11. Birdman

    I’d buy it…. Rebuilt Slant 6 leaning tower of power! 2wd! Stick shift! New fuel system! It don’t get much better!

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  12. Dan

    This is the second thing that I want from Iowa in just 2 days. Drive down pick this up and then throw that Arkley on the back.

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  13. geomechs geomechs Member

    Oh those 17 inch wheels, don’t they take your breath away? Definitely a work truck, but you won’t be able to work it to death; you’ll have to kill it.

    I agree with you guys about FB. That can be a serious time waster although I’m on it more for the different car, truck and tractor pages. I had two ‘friends’ unfriend me because I’m such a racist pig; my wife unfriended me because of all the car, truck and tractor stuff. Lots of pictures and stories to share. A lot of trash too, just got to sort it out and punt it.

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