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Fire Sale: 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS Project

By 1964, the Impala Super Sport (SS) had come into its own. More than one-third of all Impala two-door hardtops made that year were SS models. In terms of engines, the Impala SS could be ordered from mild to wild, although the 327 V8 was a common choice. This project has been listed here on eBay with no reserve! Bidding has reached $6,600 and the car is located in a garage in Bloomfield, Indiana.

This 1964 Impala SS, black on black in color, looks pretty nice until you see that the rear portion of the car was the victim of a fire. We don’t know the extent of the damage, but if it’s only cosmetic, this could be a nice restoration candidate. The ’64 Chevrolets were the last of the line from the 1961 redesign; for 1965, they would be reworked and become even more popular. The 1964 had a rounder and smoother look than the 1963, which gave the impression of it being a bigger car, but it really wasn’t. The Impala continued to be top model that year and represented 890,000 out of 1.6 million units produced for 1964. 155,000 were Super Sport Impalas like the seller car. Thanks, Hagerty, for a rundown on the ’64 Impala.

We’re told this Chevy has been in storage since 1995 and a fire occurred around 2017 that cooked the back third of the car and singed the paint off the roof. The rear window is missing, likely another casualty of the blaze. The seller does not provide any undercarriage or inside trunk photos to show the damage, nor any of the interior that would show the back seat. With all the backlights burned out, how bad did the fire damage the wiring harness? As you have to pay to list a car to sell on eBay, why not take and provide those images?

If numbers-matching is important to you, then this car may disappoint in that there’s a 350 V8 under the hood, an engine that wouldn’t come along until 1968. The seller says it ran recently and sounds good, but the transmission will need new seals from sitting so long (Powerglide?). We’re told that it was a good driving car before Smokey the Bear failed to do his job properly. The seller mentions that there are no stress cracks in the rear quarter panels, which would be of interest to those concerned about integrity due to the fire damage. The seller says he doesn’t have the room or time to do anything with the car, so off it must go.

In nice original or restored condition, this would normally be a car worth north of the mid-$20’s. However, I don’t have a feel as to how much to deduct for the engine or fire. Also, the seller mentions that the title is clean, so the incident must not have gone through insurance or we’d be talking about a salvage title instead. What would you pay for a car like this?


  1. Avatar photo GCS Member

    Trunk got warped. Would like to see trunk and back dash pics. Sad that it got cooked.

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  2. Avatar photo Doug from MD.

    If I was in the market for a 64 I’d roll the dice on this. Of course I’d have to see in person but what my eyes see are possibly workable. If the price is right a deal in imo.

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  3. Avatar photo local_sheriff

    Actually 185.325 SS ‘palas were made for ’64. That includes L6,V8,HT and ‘vert models. It’s interesting to note it has both the 327 crossed flags fender badges plus engine size designation which was not very common.This one was most likely a fairly nice example prior to the BBQ, but should now be regarded (and valued) as a resto project.

    Expect replacing the trunk lid and rear body harnesses, the last goes all the way forward. Probably also the extensions going to the C-pillar dome lights. These are all easily and cheaply available pieces totaling only $250. It’d be more interesting to know the condition of the rear inner fender/trunk area metal body mounts; this is were these ‘palas rust. Bent RH quarter panel will need a massage/replacement, trunk lid, backlight +++; these plus all trim are easily available at decent prices, however expect spending thousands of $ in parts only to make it sweet. I don’t doubt it’ll drive again though

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    • Avatar photo Bill Mac

      The fender engine size emblem only came on 327 and 409

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      • Avatar photo Chuck Dickinson

        No, in 64 the CID call-outs were used ONLY on 409s. The cross-flag emblem itself noted a 327. Just the V for a 283. That changed in 65.

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  4. Avatar photo tony di mondi

    $5 tp $900 car $10K to get it running . then it still looks like hell.

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  5. Avatar photo Maestro1

    $ 1000.00 maybe where it sits after a close inspection.

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  6. Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

    Barbecued Impalas. WTH?

    A friend and her husband had a ’64 SS with the 327 when he left Pensacola as a newly minted Navy pilot when the car was new. Like all the hotshot pilots of the day, and even today, what you drove on the ground mirrored how you saw yourself. She talks about that car to this day.

    Amazing that someone has bid 10 K for this. . Talk about a can of refried beans. The sellers name, maybejunk2you, couldnt be more appropriate.

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    • Avatar photo Steve RM

      And there’s no feedback percentage. Strange.

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  7. Avatar photo Steve Clinton

    With Thanksgiving coming up, remember, never use your trunk to smoke a turkey!

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  8. Avatar photo 70kingswood

    actually regarding the 350 it was first available in 67 only in an 67- SS350 Camaro. and yes it had the large journal crankshaft.

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