First One Made! 1982 Lamborghini Countach LP5000S

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Growing up in the 1980s, the Lamborghini Countach was the supercar of my dreams. In fact, I vividly remember attending my local county fair where I popped balloons with darts to win a small mirror etched with the image of a Countach. The car seen here was not only the first made but it was also displayed in the Lamborghini booth at the 1982 Geneva Motor Show! Known by historians as the “Geneva Salon Car” it can be found for sale here on the Gooding & Company website with an asking price of $785,000. What makes this car even more special is the documented provenance along with celebrity ownership. Check out this beauty!

The first Countach’s were powered by a 4,754 cubic centimeter dual-overhead-cam V-12. It pumped out 375 horsepower and pushed the car from 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds and a top speed of over 180 mph. The transmission is a 5-speed manual transaxle with stopping power handled by Girling vented discs sprung by independent coil springs.

As mentioned before, this car has an amazing provenance and ownership history. Not only was it featured in Lamborghini’s display booth at the 1982 Geneva Motor Show, but it is also only one of five with the “5L” logo which designates it as one of the first five produced. There were only 321 of these cars produced, which makes it that much more desirable. According to the paperwork, the car was purchased new in Italy, shipped to Germany, then imported to the U.S. in 1985. Once in the states, it was spotted for sale by Carlos Cavazo, lead guitarist for Quiet Riot. Cavazo admits he was a “relatively careful driver” and only had the car “…to about 150 mph” once.

Unfortunately, Cavazo didn’t drive the car much and over the past 20 years in storage, it has deteriorated and corroded in spots. You can see heavy cracking around the windshield along with the unique wheels being in rough shape.

Along with the documentation and ownership provenance, the car comes with some great extras. There is an unmounted factory rear wing along with an original tool roll, spare tire, and wheel. There are also stacks of factory literature and other paperwork that goes along with the sale. So, what do you think of this car? Will it sell at the asking price?

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  1. Bakyrdhero BakyrdheroMember

    66km. This car was driven and enjoyed, What to do with it now? Restore or leave as is?

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  2. Tracy

    It must be the first 1882 made. The first countach made was 1975.

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    • Jos

      It should be the first LP500.

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    • Robin Tomlin

      And it blew this 12 year olds mind!

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    • PairsNPaint

      The first Countachs didn’t have wheel flares.

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      • douglas hunt

        those were lp400 periscopo, I think ?
        those and these first lp500 sans wing are the best ones for me …..

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  3. Big C

    This car will help you with your Metal Health. For sure.

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  4. Cooter CooterMember

    Come on feel the noise—-wait, did I spell that wrong? ;-)

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  5. Lambo Time

    Hmm can i buy with Bit coin?

    Its nice but my bonus this year and all future and previous won’t help 😉

    I will just watch old episodes of Miami vice to see them driven

    Very nice Lambo look for their time

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  6. Lance

    If only I had a few spare $100k sitting around.

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    • Connecticut mark

      You will need 700k more spare . That 100k will not buy much of this car

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  7. douglas hunt

    Fortunately at 6’2″ I don’t fit, so I need not worry about coming up with the cash for this one, lol [at least that’s what I tell myself]

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  8. pedrow

    A neighbr of mine in the late 80’s near Frankfurt had one. It was always driven slowly by my house and I always ran ran to the window to see it as I heard it coming by (sound that could not be mistaken for anything else). Absolutely beautiful car. He traded it for a flat nose wide body gold-colored 911 with fins on the side (a little on the gawdy side). I love 911s, but always thought that was not a good trade.

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  9. Newport Pagnell

    Deserves a trip to Lambo’s Polo Storico:

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