Fishbowls For Everyone! Three AMC Pacers.

Like finding someone who loves to chow down on anchovy ice cream, finding someone who is gaga over AMC Pacers is a Herculean task. Fortunately for this seller here on craigslist in Mendota, Illinois, he has already found a home for two of the five Pacers in his collection.  The three cars he has left in his collection, which is unfortunately being liquidated due to health reasons, still offer a good value for collectors who desire something a bit unusual for their Saturday night cruise in.  Priced from $1,375 to $2,690, these three ran when parked a year ago rarities offer a pretty affordable entry into the collector car world. Thanks go to our friend Rocco B. for this fantastic fishbowl find!

First up is a 1975 Pacer hatchback with a D/L package, which was an upscale option that included  Navajo print seat inserts, a wood grained instrument panel, and some extra chrome bits and pieces.  Of the remaining cars, this one appears to be the easiest to return to the street.  With 84,000 miles on the odometer, this one still likely has a lot of life left in it.

The interior is in fair shape, with some fraying on the front seats, but the back seat looks pretty good, as does the dash.  With a thorough cleaning, you might be surprised with the improvement.  The owner says that all of them have inline six cylinder engines and four of them have automatic transmissions.  This one appears to be an automatic, and is priced at $2690.

Next up is this groovy 1977 Pacer wagon with just 49,000 miles on the odometer and what appears to be some unfinished bodywork in the drivers side rear quarter panel.  Painted in Sun Orange and priced at $2500, this little cruiser is pure 1970s (bell bottoms not included).  The wagon version gives you a bit more room than the coupe and the lines are a bit more appealing than the “fishbowl on a skateboard” look that the coupes have.  Not that there is anything wrong with that….

Finally, for just $1375, we have my favorite of the three.  Sold on a bill of sale, this 1975 Pacer, again with the D/L package, is the one I’d want.  While it looks rather forlorn sitting on some homemade looking steel rack, this car oozes potential.  This car would immediately go into my shop and come out transformed into a replica of the bright blue, flame adorned, Pacer made legendary in the movie Wayne’s World.  Being the kind of guy that is detail oriented, I’d even install a licorice dispenser to the headliner to make it just right.

Are you ready to party on with one of these icons of 1970s style?

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  1. DrinkinGasoline

    Quote: “Like finding someone who loves to chow down on anchovy ice cream, finding someone who is gaga over AMC Pacers is a Herculean task.”
    Don’t be too quick to pull that trigger Jeff :) There is plenty of support for the Fishbowl/Greenhouse Pacer in the AMC world.

    My Father purchased a 75 during the fuel crisis era and my Mother hated it. She was embarrassed. She drove the 72 New Yorker. Dad would fill up the Pacer once every two weeks while the Chrysler was at the gas station weekly. Two years later, the Pacer blew the head gasket and Dad parked it in the garage. He refused to part with it. When I came home from the Air Force years later, it was still there. I pulled the head, cleaned up what I could and took care of the fuel system requirements. The Pacer fired up. I cleaned up the brakes and took it up to the local tire dealer and had 4 new cheap skins installed. I drove it on and off as a second vehicle for 2 years until someone stopped Me at an intersection wanting to know if I would sell it. Long story short, I sold it and it ended up being restored. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Somewhere, I have Polaroid’s that Mom took of Me working on it.

  2. boxdin

    Great future collectable and cheap to get in and play with.

  3. Oil Slick


  4. CFA

    I wounder how much would it cost to tint the windows ????

  5. ChevyTruckGuy

    I love the pure ’70s swanky/quirky/groovy vibe of these cars. I’m a hardcore GM guy, but would certainly not mind having an AMC or two in my garage. When I was a kid, one of our neighbors had three AMC’s of various vintages, parked in the driveway. A Gremlin (Levi’s Edition), a Pacer, and a Matador Coupe (looked like a UFO to me!!). No matter what you think of AMC (especially the ’70s cars), you can’t say that they weren’t afraid to be bold and ballsy!!!

  6. geezerglide85

    I had a ’78 wagon, 232 six and a 4 speed stick. It was an AMC service reps car I bought when it had 4000 miles on it. Bright blue with the blue indian blanket interior and set of Keystone Classics. I could get 30mpg’s on the hiway loaded with camping gear. I’ve probably owned about 40 cars in the last 45 yrs. but that was one of my favorites.

  7. Mr. TKD

    If there are THREE cars, how can FOUR of them have automatic transmissions?

    • Jeff DeWitt

      He started with five cars, two have been sold, these three are left.

      • john

        Who’s on first? …. I know,’s late. A wonderful female friend of mine in Atlanta bought the Navajo print model Pacer when new. A fine friend . A fine car !!

  8. rmward194 Member

    Mendota, IL is my hometown, born and raised there. Good people, farming community of about 7,000 people. Just too rural for my taste. The owner has some another interesting business for that area, a chauffeured Rolls Royce limo service. I can’t see too many people going for that in this small town.

  9. Joe

    Don’t want to hear all the Pacer jokes or nicknames. A well maintained one is a joy to drive. If you care what other people think, you won’t be happy with a Pacer. AMC could have some some things better, used better quality materials in the interior and carpet, less plastic in the dash but overall they innovative.

  10. Bradley Clark

    Love ’em or not, an iconic automobile in American automotive design.

  11. Tom S.

    Hatchback, tall greenhouse, huge windows – I love ’em.

  12. stillrunners lawrence Member

    What most have said….one of the loved ones from AMC….ahead of the curve….thinking out of the ebox….made a spelling mistake…but it looks good !

  13. chad

    Want the “wagon”…

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