Flames! 1949 Dodge Wayfarer

1949 Dodge Wayfarer

We don’t know a lot about this 1949 Dodge; the seller is a person of few words listing the car here on eBay. It’s located in Hampton Bays, New York, and bidding is currently at $500 without a reserve. A mild custom, with what are probably fake side pipes, a visor, and of course the flames, the car still has it’s original 230 cubic inch flathead 6-cylinder, 103 horsepower engine (maybe the flames are a little optimistic?). Electrics have been converted to a 12-volt system with an alternator, presumably for reliability and possibly better lighting. The seller states not only that the 3-speed transmission has been rebuilt, but that the car has a new clutch and new tires. I wish there were underhood and interior pictures; I sent a note asking the seller to add them to the listing (I see they did). All in all I find this one intriguing; I like the overall shape and while the flames aren’t what I’d do, they certainly make an impression. What do you think?

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  1. RayT Member

    Flames, side pipes, dice (fuzzy?) and “custom” air cleaner — looks as if someone hit the J.C. Whitney catalog pretty hard!

    Not exactly the Ultimate Driving Machine, but could be fun for cruising. Best of all, it wouldn’t take a lot of work to put it back in stock trim if the new owner wanted to.

  2. JW

    IMO the seller just spent some cash on a few gobbilty goop trinkets to spice up his mundane family classic. Not a bad car just the sellers way of expressing himself using the car. I love flames but only the ghost flames.

  3. Tirefriar

    Flames aside, black is my favorite color for the coupes from this era. I agree about the cheesy bling mods, those are destined for the local recycling.

    Recently I’ve been looking at 40’s vintage coupes, mainly Ford and Dodge products, with a not-so-distant thoughts of buying one. Prices are right, the wow factor is there and the maintenance/reliability is hard to beat. I’m in the process of scratching my motorcycle itch right now, but hopefully will be in the market same time next year…

  4. Dolphin Member

    A case of beer and a friday night with nothing to do can lead to some strange results.

  5. Matt

    thanks for the comments. I’m actually the previous owner of the car I got it in 2006 when I was 16 I purchased it like that and did the electronics. It ran great had 56000 when I sold it over the summer being unemployed due to a back injury I was forced to sell it I miss it and will Probably never see it again.

    • Tim H

      Hey Matt thanks for choosing a classic over a Honda. (I like Hondas, I have had 3)
      Life most likely will come around to a place where you get to choose again.

  6. Mark E

    Hey, the flames/pinstripes, the air cleaner, the dice knobs…I can imagine this is what a high school kid in the mid-50s would do to a car to try and make it as cool as a tri-five Chevy on a high-schooler’s budget… ^_^

  7. Ed P

    Great car, but the flames need to go.

  8. RockabillyJay

    Putting flames on a grandpa car still leaves it a grandpa car. Could be a nice cheap “cruise night with the family” toy, but thats about it.

  9. DanaPointJohn

    I like flames, but not on this car, as they make it look like a desperate attempt to be cool.

  10. charlie Member

    Relatively few (compared to the other models) were made of this sort of fast back. My sort- of -girl-friend’s father had one. It idled silently, without any vibration, but was essentially gutless.

  11. Jim

    I would change the painted flames to real ones.

  12. gunningbar

    JIM! Yeah!….seriously… we all seem to agree the flames must go.

    • Jim

      That Dodge was ugly when it was new.

  13. Jim Rowe

    Lose the flames …. it looks like a clown car from Ringling Bros……..

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