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Flathead Fun: 1932 Ford Roadster

1932 Ford Roadster

The seller of this hot rod Ford doesn’t offer much in the way of information. They claim their flathead powered roadster runs and drives without issue. That’s about all the information they provide, but they do encourage people to contact them for more info, so perhaps they can give you more history and detail if you message them. Personally, I’d love to have this roadster, it just has a great look to it! If you’d like to have it too, you can find it here on eBay in Claremont, California with a current bid of $49k!

1932 Ford Roadster V8

Clearly, I’m not the only person that would love to have this Ford. Of course, ’32 Fords are quite sought after by the hot rodding crowd and it’s easy to see why. Period built speed machines with original patina are also in high demand right now, which could help explain some of the current bidding for this one.

1932 Ford Roadster Hot Rod

This Ford is a little too rich for my blood, but that won’t stop me from dreaming about it! Just imagine how awesome you’d feel cruising in this thing, with the top down and the flathead V8’s exhaust note filling your ears. Now I really want this thing. So do you think that feeling makes this ’32 Roadster worth $50k+?


  1. Healeydays

    That’s cool

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  2. jeff6599

    Absolutely. This is a true investment car. Take the money out of your 401k and buy it. Your net worth in ten years will be at LEAST $10,000 more than it would be if you don’t buy it. This you can enjoy, just look at it, rub against it, even lick the bugs off if you like. You cannot do that with any other form of cash or securities investment and know from the getgo that you will be wealthier when you choose to cash out.

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  3. Rob

    $49,900.. Reserve Not Met.. btw, anyone notice that a couple pics show different rims, and a 2×2 manifold vs the single?

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    • Rocco

      Those were the racing days of old. People probably changed carb set-ups all the time.

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  4. Wayne

    Maybe but which are you bidding on?

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  5. Mark S

    I noticed that in some pic’s you have wire wheels and some pic’s you have solid wheels. Wonder which you get or is it both. Does it come with or without the hood? For an over $50k car I would think it would come with all the goodies. This is a fantastic car but sadly it out of my league nice find.

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  6. Healeydays

    Talked to the seller and he says that what’s in the picture of the dual carbs is what is being sold.

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  7. brakeservo

    It’s current bid of $49,900 but “Reserve Not Met” with over seven days to go – that means he’s having his friends and relatives bid it up – any serious bidder won’t enter a bid that high so early in the auction. The seller is not fooling anybody.

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    • Moises

      Hi I’m the seller. I was happy to list my 32 roadster on eBay. Deuces continue to have an impact past present and I anticipate future. It’s not a shiny car per say. It performed nicely at the Colorado dirt drags. I look out for it. I don’t see it as my personal possession. Part of looking out for this particular deuce is to put it out there with all its imperfections. These parts have taken a toll over the years and I’m doing what I can to preserve its traditional style presentation if u will. Someone will buy it eventually but for now I will do what I can to preserve it. Thank u so much for ur participation. It means a lot. Wish that each find ur dream project and also get to enjoy ur present vehicles.

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