Flathead V8 With Patina! 1949 Ford Coupe

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The 1949 models were the first new cars offered by Ford since the end of World War II. The 1946-48 versions had been retreads of their pre-war cars. Because of pent-up demand, Ford would build more than 1.1 million automobiles that year, including this running 2-door coupe. It’s rough around the edges but could be a daily driver with just a little bit of work. Located in Roy, Utah, this vintage runner with a flathead V8 is available here on eBay where the bidding has touched $3,575 with no reserve. Our appreciation goes to Larry D for another cool find!

The new design would become known as the “Shoebox Ford” due to its slab-sided styling that integrated the fenders in with the rest of the car. These cues would run through 1951, including the “bullet-nose”, before the car was updated again the following year. Mechanically, the Ford was largely the same as before, with the engine choices being between the 226 cubic-inch L-head straight-6 and the 239 Flathead V8, the latter having an output of 100 hp and is the motor in the seller’s car.

As the story goes, this old Ford had been sitting in a carport in Idaho since 1976. The seller had to do a few things to get it running again, including the following:

  • Changed all the fluids
  • Cleaned out the gas tank, and rebuilt the carburetor and fuel pump
  • Tuned up the engine, including plugs, wires, and distributor cap
  • Performed brake job with new wheel bearings

With a new battery, we’re told it drives just fine but the tires are ancient, so they’ll need replacing before venturing far from home. Open the doors and you’ll find new floor coverings and seat covers, although the latter looks like aftermarkets over top of the original materials. There is a little rust here and there on the body and the paint is weathered with that “patina” look that appeals to some folks. It looks like the kind of car you could soon be using the Ford for weekend outings and car shows. They’re only original once, so I’d only fix what needs fixing and leave the rest alone. The seller has a video of the car running if you ask for it.

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  1. Bob C.

    Hmmm, the hood looks like there was once a Ford crest there, which would suggest this is a 50, unless it was replaced at some point. The 49s had FORD in block lettering.

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    • Dan Motley

      And, no gas filler pipe through the rear quarter panel. ’49 had it, ’50 had a door to hide it. This car is a ’50!!!

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      • robert lewis

        but the trunk hinges are correct…wonder if the fuel flap was business coupe special….maybe a late build in 1949
        nice car

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      • anav8r

        Dan. that bump under the horizontal “tail fin” is a profile view of the exposed filler cap.

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      • Gene Calvert

        it has a gas filler pipe through the rear quarter panel

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    • eddie054

      Nah, 49′. Exposed gas cap, exterior trunk lid hinges, pointed parking lights. My dad had a 50′ and I learned the differences many moons ago.

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    • Rick

      Wish we could see the interior from the passenger side. The ’49 had push-pull heater and defroster controls while they were side-to-side sliding levers on the ’50.

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    • Rich

      If you look at the door handles you’ll note it’s a 49. The 50 and 51’s both had a “button” beneath the door handle, where the 49 was a “pull-out” type.

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    • Gene Calvert

      The 50 had a hooded rear license plate cover on it and the front grill parking lights were different, The 50 was my first auto at 16.

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  2. sir_mike

    Thats not patina…it’s surface rust.Nice Ford though.

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  3. brad

    49 had pull type door handles and exposed gas cap. 50 had push button door handles and flap covering gas cap

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  4. Robert Ward

    This one is a 49 … The 50 had a wrap around grill … and push button door handles …

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  5. bobhess bobhessMember

    The ’50s also started the “ad more chrome and junk” to the front of the cars. This is a nice clean design inside and out. Paint it and drive it.

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  6. Anav8r

    It’s a ’49 club coupe or business coupe (back seat or not). I learned to drive in the family ’50 Custom Deluxe Club Coupe (3 on the tree with OD).
    I couldn’t convince dad not to trade it in for a new 57 Fairlane 500. He didn’t want me driving to high school, I guess.

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  7. flynndawg

    robert mitchum and thunder road come to mind… i live close to thunder road in east tn…

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  8. Old Donnie

    It is a ’49. I had one many years ago and learned the subtle differences between the ’50 and ’49. Mainly the tail lights and the trunk deck handle on the rear and the grill and hood ornament on the front.

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  9. matt

    nice car !!

    good luck to the new owner !!

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  10. EggsactleyMember

    One of my earliest memories as a child is my father attempting to teach mom how to drive 3 on the tree in a ’51.

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  11. Robt

    Nice car.
    Would love this as a daily driver. Sure it needs a few safety upgrades for the modern road. And no I don’t mean ac, pb, ps, pw or any of that other modern crap. Ok, disc brakes in the front and maybe a USB port somewhere but that’s it. If s fix the rust as needed.
    Nice car.

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  12. Ward William

    I am loving the optics of this car bigtime but a drivetrain swap would be required for any sort of daily use or trailer towing.

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    • anav8r

      William Ward, I’m sorry, but if you want to “tow”, buy a truck.

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  13. Christopher Gentry

    Wasn’t the ford that started ThunderRoad a 50 ?? Least Bobby called it that. I too am in East Tenn. Grew up driving 33 , the ThunderRoad in the song. Used to sing it while driving on 33 in a 65 Fairlane (close as I ever got ) but I enjoyed shooting the Gap at Cumberland just the same if you get it, watch out in Maynardville , union co sherrif will get ya.

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    • flynndawg

      every other business in maynardville… (what few there is), is named thunder road such and such… and if legend is close or correct he wrecked on bearden hill…

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  14. Christopher Gentry

    Out on Kingston pike , just outside of Bearden they made the fatal strike. Sadly for us knoxvillians I understand most of it filmed in Asheville NC. ??? No idea why

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  15. Gene Calvert

    It is a 49, my first auto was a 50. the 50 has a hood over the rear license plate , push button door handles, different grill and park lights, and a door over gas cap.

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