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Flipped: 1941 Chevrolet Pickup


I thought this old pickup listed on eBay looked familiar. It was written up by David Wilk in June and made quite an impression. It was listed on craigslist at that point with an asking price of $9,500 which seemed like a very high price to most of us. It’s now moved from Englishtown, New Jersey to Farmingdale, New York. Well, now you can buy it for only $16,500! Oh, wait, too many zeros! The seller says he bought it from a friend a few years ago. Well, the hubcaps are shiny now.


  1. Howard A Member

    And around and ’round it goes,,,doesn’t surprise me, but am a little disappointed. Be nice if this truck settled down for someone, and not an object to make money on, several times over. People in NY piss away a lot of money, so someone, I’m sure will pay this. They don’t care if it is $7,000 dollars more now, they know they just want it. I guess everybody’s happy.

    • Eric Dashman

      Thanks a lot, Howard. That’s a pretty broad brush to tar all of us (17-18 million) with :-). But hyperbole aside, it is disappointing that neither owner did much to this nice old truck. I know that many on BF revile flippers, but that’s the way the car business is run. Used car dealers go to auctions and get stuff on the cheap and turn around and keystone the purchase. New car dealers give you pennies on the dollar for your trade in and then either flip it or send it to auction. We may regret that old metal is treated the same, but a buck is a buck. Let’s be charitable and project that they were using the profit to restore another old classic. I feel so much better already with that thought in mind.

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Eric, I had a wonderful 5 months in NYS, but the fact remains, they aren’t very frugal, at least compared to N. Wisconsin. And you’re right, it’s the nature of our system to make money, apparently, by whatever means. I just wish someone would use and enjoy this truck for what it is, a ’41 Chevy!

  2. waynard

    nucking futs

  3. seth karpen

    Work less than five miles away if anyone wants more information or pictures

  4. Ck

    Ok it may be 9500.00 worth of nice BUT 16.500 REALLY ????? Not in my eyes I wouldent pay it thats a lot of money for patina. If im paying 16.500 for Anything it had better have freakin shiny Paint.That old Chevy from the other day with the fake patina was just as kool as this truck for much less .But as we all know there is an Ace for every seat .and I’m pretty sure someone’s gonna be sitting in this one.

  5. Rustytech Member

    I would be more generous than the “one to many zeros, but $16,500? Looks more like $3,000 to $4000 to me. Patina is one thing, this has holes!

  6. JW454

    Well, there is some added value since we last saw this one but, 7K is a lot. This seller’s plans may have been to make it a daily driver and then found out, it wasn’t as much fun as it sounded at first. Who knows. We also don’t know how much they paid to acquire it. Either way it looks like they’re looking for a healthy profit.

  7. stevee

    Well, maybe the seller could make it better by: Re-chrome the bumper and the grille, and make all the stainless look good. Re-upholster the seat, make the interior clean and attractive and habitable for.. your spouse or your date. New tires and paint the wheels. NOW the patina has a frame, like all good artwork!

  8. RoughDiamond Member

    Let’s see I count from June to October being 4 months so the fact that the Seller states he purchased it from a friend several years ago already shows he is not trustworthy. According to an article I read online a few months ago, there is a growing disturbing trend in this country and supported by some polls where the belief is that regardless of what someone says or does, as long as it does not harm anyone and they can get away with it, it’s OK.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Especially when profit is involved, somehow that makes otherwise sketchy behaviour acceptable.

      EDIT – sure enough Bill proves me right below, “capitalism” excuses all.

  9. angliagt

    I HATE dishonesty – especially in the car world!
    I hope that it comes back to bite him someday.

  10. Neil G.

    Karma will visit this flipper…

  11. geomechs geomechs Member

    There’s nothing wrong with the buy and sell game, until it comes down to flipping. It’s just plain gouging, no more, no less. At least the vendor should be honest about it: “I bought it a few months ago and now I’m looking to make a massive profit.” The sad part about it is that he isn’t breaking any law. The upside is that it is going to be less likely to fall prey to a butcher’s torch.

  12. Bill

    I don’t understand all the griping. If you think it’s too much, don’t buy it. Somebody out there will pay the price and if they don’t that’s not your problem, either. The seller is out to make some money and if he does, that’s capitalism at work.

    • AMX Brian

      The problem is at one point we were all uneducated enough in the car enthusiast crowd to believe people like this flipper and through experience and possibly getting screwed on a deal we’ve gotten skeptical and possibly pessimistic about any kind of deals like this.

      It’s the dishonesty that ruins it for everyone.

      My body-man had to fix a mustang like this where the shop before my guy took this mustang owner for a loop and a good chunk of change. He spent thousands on a mustang convertible, only to find out that it wasn’t even together. Then he basically put double its value into it to finish it.

      Granted he could have walked away, but being scammed on the classic car of your dreams is crushing.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      If you are passionate about the hobby you want to nourish it and see it accessible and enjoyable for others, and into the future.

      Someone WILL buy it, and a precedence will be made and on it goes.

      And the hobby becomes a marketplace, and those of us in the lower income brackets that have truly invested ourselves in the hobby for the hobby’s sake are left in the lurch.

      There have been some great articles addressing this from the Porsche world. The ‘driver’s car’ that enthusisasts can’t afford to drive any longer.

  13. Roger

    Buying & selling to make as much money as you can is fine ( as long as no misrepresentation of what it is ) . What the shop did to the Mustang conv guy is sickening and that guy will get what he’s got coming to him at some point ( Karma or a pissed off guy with a tire iron ☺) . I always just assume whoever I am buying something from is lying, misinformed, or an idiot in general. I leave in up to me to do the due diligence and inspection of item. Sad, sure – but that’s just the world we live in now. Can’t depend on many to look out for you when they can’t even look out for themselves lol.

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