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Flipper Find: 1969 Ford Falcon Sports Coupe


Clean, not a lot of rust, a pretty shape, a black plate (for those who care–I don’t), “low miles”, and air conditioning. Oh, and a reasonable buy-it-now as well–somewhat surprising considering the sellers eBay name! This 1969 Falcon Futura Sports Coupe is located in Marysville, California and is listed for sale here on eBay, with a buy-it-now of $3,500 but the seller welcomes lower offers. Price guide here if you’re interested in looking.


The vinyl roof looks pretty sad from this angle. I’m generally a fan of factory hubcaps (aren’t these from a later Ford?) but I think the GT styled wheels like these would really improve the looks of this car. The seller tells us there is some rust in the form of pinholes around the back window. I suspect the vinyl top has held some moisture there to cause it. I think I’d remove the top and fix the rust, but not being a fan of vinyl tops, I wouldn’t have one reinstalled.


There’s that all important black plate for you California folks. I’m not sure whether the poor panel fit between the driver’s side hood and fender is indicative of a problem, or just an example of period quality. The car supposedly has only 39,000 miles, but I’m going in with an assumption of 139,000 and hoping for a surprise if I were serious about this Ford.


Not quite what I had in mind when I saw “ac” in the car listing! Nonetheless, my father had a couple aftermarket air conditioners similar to this one installed on his cars when I was growing up and they seemed to do just fine. Given the poor state of the dash pad, seat upholstery and door panels in addition to the vinyl top, this almost looks like an Arizona sun-baked car. I’m wondering if it spent a lot of it’s life out in the sun in Southern California, despite its current location.


I’m hoping an eagle-eyed and knowledgeable Barn Finds reader can tell us which inline 6 this Ford is. I think from the factory brochure I found it’s supposed to be a 200 cubic inch as it’s the Sports Coupe, but they also came in 170 and 250 cubic inch sizes. I like this car, despite the eBay seller’s name, and I’m interested in what you folks think about it!


  1. ydnar

    This flipper is “California Dreamin'”

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  2. boxdin

    These make great little road racers loaded w all the mustang suspension extras. I have always liked these.

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  3. joeinthousandoaks

    Jamie, kinda cool with it’s ’49 Ford hubcaps. You had me until I saw the straight 6….I guess someone with enough gumption could drop a 302 based crate motor in this with an AOD trans or 5 speed manual and have a pretty cool car. I also think this guy needs to build his Ebay rating a bit before he is crowned king!

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  4. jim s

    this VIN number is for a 200ci per vinwiz.com. i would want to see the underside/trunk checking for rust. nice find.

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  5. mike young

    FYI…for those who “don’t care” about the Black plate. It is provenance. It shows where and when it was registered in California.(ex:Plates starting with “U” and “V”:’67/”X”:’68 and so on) They ran out out letters in 1970… It’s just nice proof. Also the presence alone usually suggests that very few owners have registered it (or it would have long ago been thrown away)

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  6. Marty Member

    Black plates matter! I care about them, and I agree they are part of the car’s provenance, and would keep them with it. I live in Missouri. I bought a cool old Ford truck from Colorado, still wearing it’s original white on green plates with the mountains silhouette on them. Even though they would have made great garage-wall hangers, I left them with the truck because I thought that’s where they belonged and that they added something to (or rather kept something with) the truck.

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  7. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Guys, I have nothing against black plates — two cars we keep have them. And Marty, I agree, neat old plates belong with the vehicle! :-)

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  8. Jason Houston

    By California standards, this is a rough car worth no more than $600. Rust in all the wrong places, missing wheels covers, gas cap, warped interior, fake a/c half removed, 6-cylinder… nothing to seduce someone from the Money Belt to come out here to gather it up.

    The Falcon’s useful sales life ended with the 1965 models. Everything after was just toothpaste.

    This semi-literate flipper IS California Dreamin’! But that’s why God invented eBay.

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