Flippers Keepers: $400 Nova Already At Auction!


Earlier today we featured a Nova convertible that the seller was only asking $400 for. It hadn’t been on craigslist for long so we expected it to go quick. Well, either the seller decided they could get more or someone is already flipping it here on K-Bid. That could be a quick turnaround if it’s the later, but you never know in today’s crazy classic car market. Bidding is already double the original price, so someone if going to make out alright here. Thanks for letting us know about this Greg!


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  1. Dr. D

    I notice that the Craigslist ad has been marked “flagged for removal” — if the seller removes it I think it usually says “This posting has been deleted by its author.”

    The bidding on this car at K-Bid started September 12th — I am wondering if the Craigslist ad was a scam, if somebody grabbed the pics from the auction and put up a phony Craigslist ad. Another indicator is that even though the car was said to be located in Minnesota, the Craigslist ad was in the Detroit Metro Craigslist.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Good point Dr. D. You very well could be right. Sometimes scammers rip off photos and try to get people to send them money through craigslist. It will be interesting to see what the car actually sells for.

      • Bingo

        I had my hopes up yesterday when it was in Minnesota. Must be a scam.

    • Paper Smog

      If the ad was posted several times in a row, that’s a good reason people flag it. Also, other people selling cars sometimes flag posts at random to bump their own listing up in search; eliminate other options, possible sell their car faster.

  2. Jesper

    It can’t go much higher, than now.
    It realy looks bad

  3. Jumping g

    I would never look at or even buy a car from a seller in any downtown big city.. most are scams or the cars are stolen. Always do your homework.

  4. Dan

    Pfft I hope nobody buys that scrap metal now.

  5. redwagon

    craigslist advert from yesterday was in st louis park, minnesota and the k-bid location is also st louis park. not sure where folks are getting michigan from.

    trunk not as rusted as I thought it would be. much of this shows as surface rust. underside shots would be helpful.

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    • Dr. D

      I may have been both unlcear (and possibly just wrong) in my previous comment — the location of the car in both the Craigslist ad and the k-bid auction listing was St Louis Park, Minnesota.

      However I swear when I wrote that, the Craigslist ad I saw that was flagged, was posted in the Craigslist for metro Detroit, rather than the Craigslist for Minneapolis.

      Having said that, I just looked again at the link in the previous Barn Finds feature . . . and the flagged ad is in the Craigslist for Minneapolis.

      So I don’t know what I was thinking. I promise I wasn’t drunk when I wrote it!

  6. Dolphin Member

    The car is on an auction site with a new seller called “Collector Minnesota” at 3250 Gorham Ave., St. Louis Park, MN. Part of the description says:

    ”The owner’s son knows everything about the car and would be happy to discuss it with you. Call Michelle at 612-819-7859 and we will give your number to the owner if you have a question. We have the keys at the showroom so stop by and have a look.”

    It sounds like the seller put the car with a small time auction seller, which is handling the sale. Never heard of that site. I would have gone with Ebay for probably way more exposure. With a start bid of $5 it would have sold, probably for more than it will sell for on the K-Bid site.

  7. al8apex

    K bid? Is that like Kmart?

    Seriously? Who the f would put anything on some obscure site?

    • Dave Wright

      There are many smaller regional sites that are very popular in specific areas…….we have one in Idaho that is larger than eBay. When I looked at this site, it talked about the areas it covered.

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  8. Greg f

    Your right Dave K bid is big an legit in the Midwest. I bid and bought things and in some auctions you don’t even have to give them your credit card number.


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    • Doug Towsley

      I would happily support any site that gives FeeBay a run for their money, the sooner theres a contender, eBay goes to great lenght to buy them out or shut them down. but sooner or later (we can hope) something emerges. And we all will be the better for it.

      I have no direct opinions on this other than at $800 its still pretty cheap, Most everything is availible to restore or rebuild it. I had a 63 SS and a 64SS (And a 1972 Ralyl Nova).
      The early ones had some serious engineering flaws and shortcomings but can be a cool car and its shortcomings addressed. As a Convertible, its VERY desirable. Look up the values in Old Car price guide.

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  9. Tom S.

    This car was in my neighborhood under a tarp over dirt.I was aware of the car and always hoped to see someone in the yard to ask what was under the tarp. Well 20 plus years later, I saw a tow truck backed up to the car and stopped to check it out.The car will need a lot of work but can be restored.

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