A Flock Of Them! 1970-72 Pontiac Firebirds

Jamie PalmerBy Jamie Palmer

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for sending in this flock of Firebirds! They are located in Susanville, California and are reluctantly listed for sale here on craigslist, where the owner blames tax issues for having to let them go. They are asking for $5,000 or best offer for the three cars.

This 1970 was the main car that the seller was working on. It’s equipped with a factory 400 cubic inch V8 and did run and drive before the seller tore it down for refurbishment. The ad states that paperwork exists for this car, so my assumption is that there’s a clear title.

This one is just a body shell. It’s a 1971, and doesn’t even include suspension (it appears to be on top of what’s left of another car). While the sheet metal looks a little crusty around the edges, parts like the trunk lid and even chrome look to be in excellent condition.

There is a usable interior with this car as well.

The #3 Firebird is a roller, but the body is said to be excellent and there are even Trans Am vents in this front fender (that doesn’t mean it’s a Trans Am!) if you are interested in adding those features to the 1970 as you build the car back up. This one is said to be a 1972. While undoubtedly a challenge, I think there are enough parts here to build up a nice car assuming you are willing to put paint, tires and some other parts on the shopping list. Anyone out there willing to take the challenge?

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  1. Bingo

    I think a grouping of firebirds is a gaggle not a flock… or is it a murder??

    • JBD

      It is def a crime!

    • Cattoo

      It could be called an arson of firebirds.

  2. Rock On

    Flock of Firebirds? You would think that they would have flown the coup by now for five grand!

  3. Cubs win

    Buy one done already, looks like a pita

  4. Rod

    This is a sad site which happens all too often. People take on things that for various reasons they cannot complete and they wind up sitting there deteriorating. Hopefully someone does something with these.

    • 68 custom

      If the car is worthy it usually goes away quickly. overpriced or overly rusty, maybe not depends on the scarcity of the car or it’s parts.
      I bet this site helps out a lot.
      If I was selling a car and it showed up here it would make my day.
      not sad at all to me…

      • Rod

        Oops maybe this was typed wrongly. I was saying the cars are a sad site not Barn Finds. I hate seeing cars sitting in this state. At least he is trying to sell them.

    • Jules

      Rod, I think you mean sight, not site! Very different meaning. 🙂

    • grant

      “Sad sight.” Site is a webpage. Sight is something you see.

      • Doug Towsley

        Many people are typing on crackberrys, Ifruits, or Dumfones so hard to tell if “Autocorrect” is at fault, Laziness or a sad indication of the US education system.
        But traveling around the world, you also have to be careful in certain regions and languages. For example in some countries its extremely disrespectful to sit with the bottoms of your shoes up. (Remember when the reporter in Iraq threw his shoe at Bush jr? That is EXTREMELY disrespectful). A fag is a cigarette in the UK, and Sik or Sikh in certain dialects (Turkish and some others) is a slang name for penis. (Sik daga Git means get the F out of here or Go F yourself) But in India its a esteemed warrior class of people. It was interesting while in Turkey to watch news coverage of rioting in India and how they covered the topic.

        Geil in German used to be a crude & Profane form but is common now to mean “Totally cool”.

        The funniest incident was in the UK and I knew a guy, Tsgt Randall Pope.
        He introduced himself to a Irish Catholic girl as “Hi..Im Randy Pope” and she proceeded to slap the holy heck out of him. Randy is horny in the UK (Randy Lass) and she thought he was disparaging her church which is a sensitive topic in parts of Ireland.
        Words have value, Words have meaning.

      • steve

        Site…Is a location (I’m on a construction site)…Not a webpage…But a webpage can also be a location. If your going to call someone out over a typo at least do it correctly yourself.

  5. Rock On

    One letter can make such a big difference!

  6. Doug Towsley

    Not a project for the timid, and certainly not for the Fluff & Buff crowd, but viable deal for the right guy. Those year firebirds are getting valuable and continue to climb so yes,,, make one nice out of it, and part out or sell the rest and recoup some the price easily. The one car looks very solid, so it should sell. But I bet he has a ton of bottom feeders and wheeler dealers abusing him trying to lowball. Painful. (I hate dealing with that sort of thing)

  7. Pete

    I think the guy is a reluctant but motivated seller. I believe he has priced this stuff to move quickly according to his description. Life happens even with the best of intentions we can be beset with events that prevent us from achieving goals that we have set for our selves. I know a lot of old car guys who have their heart in the right place and take on a project with every intention of completing it. They work hard on it and then they have a stroke or a heart attack and just don’t have the juice to complete it or the funds to pay someone else. So they have to sell it at a loss after torturing themselves for years because they are not able to finish it. But go ahead and dog them folks out because your quality of life is better.

  8. Doug Towsley

    Amen Pete! (Thumbs up if i could).
    As they say,, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and to be fair I know a number of projects and people over the years who I just cringed and “WHY!!??!! WHY Did you screw with that?” Some It was just very obvious it was a bad idea from the start. But often I see many projects where there was total love and affection for the vehicle and in many cases the person had a history of successful projects but life got in the way. At our museum and vintage clubs we see it all the time, or often the widows will call with the same scenario.
    I just got an email this morning from a friend in Germany who visits here often and letting me know another good friend is now in the hospital after a 5 way heart bypass, We hope he recovers and soon! But this guy has decades of experience building super cool hot rods and incredible wealth of knowledge.I had heard last month he had just started on another cool custom. He was a door gunner and flew choppers in Vietnam and has a super cool rat rod that is a tribute to veterans. Its got helicopter parts all over the car and he carrys sharpie pens. If you are a veteran,,, you can sign the car. There is thousands of signatures all over it. I am hoping to see him back in his workshop soon, But there are 2 certainties in life. Death & Taxes. May we all hold them off as long as possible.

  9. cudaman

    Here’s a 1976 4-speed all original and stock rotting away. Original black and tan. I’ve been trying to buy it for ten years to know avail…….sad!

    • ronebee

      now THAT is a sin

    • Car Guy

      The 76 455-4speed T/A only put out 200 net horsepower. Install some back dated Pontiac Ram Air performance heads with a more agressive cam and this T/A could perform like its early 70’s counterparts. This was the last year for the 455 in the Trans Am. Definitely worth saving…….

  10. Nova Scotian

    OMG. 5 grand for this?
    Maybe there’s more here than I see, but first thing a buyer is needing to do is secure transportation for 3 dead bodies. It will take a love of the model and an “I don’t care how much it cost” to make one working automobile just the same…my penny pinching thoughts.

  11. ronebee

    “and so I’d run, I’d run so far away” (for $5K no thank you)


    Hmmm… wondering if my wife would like these flower pots?

  13. Car Guy

    The blue “72” roller has a 73 front radiator support which had the indentations for the 73 fender braces that angled from the support to the fenders. If it is a 72 it has been wrecked and repaired with incorrect parts. Or, it is a 73 after all….. I see lots of decent parts but not a complete car using all three.


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